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KHLiTech(Keheng lithiumbatterytech), we are committed to creating a rechargeable ecological green cycle environment. We use non-combustible, non-explosive lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) deep cycle batteries to provide stability for various RVs, ships, golf carts, solar energy, etc. Reliable battery power.

Today’s LiFePo4 battery is a trend, it has a longer life than lead-acid batteries, more worry-free management and a more ecological future.

We believe that it will still bring us more surprises.

Battery Applicaitons

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Recreation Vehical (RVs)

// Battery solutions for RV, caravan, schooner

As a long-term travel camper, a trustworthy battery can help you get through dark nights and give you more energy. Keheng lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is safe, environmentally friendly, fast charging and long service life. it is definitely your best choice.

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Marine machine

// Battery solutions for cruisers, sailboat etc Marine machine

Helmsmen and anglers hope to spend as much time as possible at sea. Our Keheng lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)battery can store 3 times energy than traditional lead-acid batteries in the same volume but our Keheng LiFePO4 batery’s weight is only 1/3 of SLA battery. Click for details

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Golf Cart & Scooter

// Battery solutions for golf carts, tricycle, scooter

Maybe you should get a better LiFePO4 battery. It has the same size as a lead-acid battery, is lighter in weight, and has several times the energy of a lead-acid battery. It’s easy to replace and gives you the ultimate super fast charging. Built-in BMS protection system, effectively protect your battery, balance the cells, and greatly extend battery life

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Solar Storage

// Battery solutions for solar energy storage project

Frequent power outages and high electricity bills can be unfortunate for those families who experience this phenomenon. Whether you are an off-grid home or a user with frequent power outages, Keheng lithium battery can always provide you with the safest, cleanest and most efficient energy storage battery when you need it. 

Understanding AGM Batteries vs Deep Cycle Batteries

Understanding AGM Batteries vs Deep Cycle Batteries

Among the deep cycle batteries, rechargeable lead-acid batteries come in many types and are often used to start the vehicle and operate as an engine, as well as for emergency lighting. AGM batteries have been around since the 1980s, and perhaps most people don’t know what AGM stands for. In this issue, we will discuss what is special about AGM batteries and how to use our AGM batteries reasonably!

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What does DOD stand for in a battery?

What does DOD stand for in a battery?

As a battery pack that stores electricity, it can provide power sources for a variety of needs, including solar energy, wind energy, powered cars, ships, drones, etc. When we buy batteries from merchants, we often encounter 80% DOD or 100% DOD marks, so what effect does it have on the batteries we use?

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Can New Aluminum-Sulfur Batteries Beat Lithium Batteries

Can New Aluminum-Sulfur Batteries Beat Lithium?

Many people even long for a more affordable battery to replace the current status quo of expensive lithium batteries. However, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have done it, and they have created a new type of battery-aluminum-sulfur battery.

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power the RV

Power the recreation vehicle (RVs)?

Upgrade the marine

Upgrade the marine machine?

Renew your Golf carts

Renew the golf carts and scooter?

Store the solar energy

Store the residential solar energy?


If you want to choose the right lithium batteries for your particular application,free to contact with us.We provide the expertise to help you get best battery solutions!


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