25 energy storage application scenarios

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In addition to the increasingly mature wind farms, photovoltaic power plants, thermal power plants and other supporting energy storage applications, various power shortages and large power consumers have become the best applications of energy storage technology.

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1. Data Center

Shanxi Luliang Smart Energy Project takes the “Tianhe No. 2” Luliang Cloud Computing Center as the main load target, builds a green cloud computing center powered by 100% renewable energy, and explores the integration of energy Internet with strategic emerging industries such as cloud computing and big data. model, and then demonstrate and promote. The project plans to build a 5MW/20MWh energy storage system; 5MWp photovoltaic 50kW wind power generation, 10 60kW DC charging piles, and 10 AC charging piles.

2. Cold Chain Logistics Park

The first phase of the project of Nanning Zhuangning Food Refrigeration Co., Ltd. plans to complete the research on the core technology of user-side energy storage, and construct and put into operation a 250 kW/500 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage demonstration project, which will effectively reduce the cost of electricity consumption and improve the The intelligent electricity consumption level and safe electricity consumption level of agricultural product cold chain logistics enterprises, and the use of scientific and technological innovation to promote the high-quality development of western modern agriculture. At the same time, the project will build ice-storage air-conditioning energy storage, photovoltaic power generation, electric vehicle two-way charging stations, virtual power plant applications, etc., to create a new model for the China Southern Power Grid Comprehensive Energy Zone.

3. Distribution network area

On September 15, State Grid Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd. independently developed a 100 kW/270 kWh platform area storage and charging integrated device, marking the official launch of the first domestic energy storage and charging solutions for a series of problems in high-load platform areas. use. Aiming at the problems of insufficient construction of power supply and power facilities in old residential areas, difficulty in increasing the capacity of transformers, and no DC charging piles in residential areas, the integrated device for storage and charging in the Taiwan area is developed based on the utilization of new energy batteries, integrating dynamic capacity expansion, peaking, power quality management and charging in the Taiwan area. The integrated solution provides a new solution for reducing the cost of distribution network transformation and improving quality and efficiency.

4. Line side

On September 11, State Grid Yueqing City Power Supply Company Hongqiao Town line-side energy storage project was officially put into operation. The energy storage system is 1MW/2.088MWh, and can send 1000 kWh of electricity per hour when running at full power. It is currently the first in Zhejiang Province. A line-side fixed-point energy storage project. The energy storage power station is integrated into the 10 kV line side of the distribution network, and precisely cooperates with the power supply line. During the peak summer period, the mode of 3 charging and 3 discharging is used to participate in peak shaving and valley filling, which can effectively avoid line peaks and meet the needs of the power grid. normal operation requirements. As the practical application of energy storage system on the distribution network side, this project solves the problem that the rigid investment of traditional power grid development needs to occupy a large number of channel resources, cable equipment and resources of upper-level substations, and promotes the transformation of the power grid from “source-following-load” to “source-driven” interaction”. Its commissioning will effectively alleviate the problems of difficult power grid transformation and upgrading, poor power quality and low power supply reliability in Xixi Industrial Zone, Hongqiao Town, Yueqing.

5. Multi-site integration

Shixin Road was originally planned to be an electric vehicle swap station. On the premise of not changing the original overall layout, Hefei Power Supply Company made full use of the current basic resources of the power grid to build the first photovoltaic power station, energy storage station, 5G base station, electric power grid, etc. in the province. A “multi-station integration” project integrating the functions of car charging stations, data centers, and swapping stations. The rooftop photovoltaic power station, energy storage station, electric vehicle station, etc. of this project form a “micro-grid system”. The photovoltaic power station with a capacity of 88 kW generates about 84,000 kWh of electricity throughout the year, which is used for the data center, 5G base station and other equipment in the station; 1.34 On the one hand, the megawatt energy storage power station guarantees the balance and stability of the power supply, and at the same time uses the evening charging and daytime power supply, which plays a certain role in “shaving peaks and filling valleys”.

6. Shore power for electric ships

In June this year, Three Gorges Electric Power and the Three Gorges Navigation Bureau reached a cooperation, and decided to install photovoltaic modules on the Three Gorges Maritime Barge 607, supporting shore-based energy storage devices and electric boat charging interfaces, to ensure clean energy power for the barge and electric boat charging. Three Gorges Electric Power introduced domestic advanced charging and storage technology. On October 12, the solar energy storage and charging smart energy demonstration project invested and constructed by Yangtze Power Three Gorges Electric Power successfully passed the acceptance inspection in the Three Gorges Dam area and was officially put into operation.

7. Oil depot

The 2×250kW/2×600kWh container energy storage system constructed by Nanjing Mitre Energy Technology Co., Ltd. passed the completion acceptance and was officially put into operation. The project is located in Fuwan Oil Depot, Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. After the energy storage system is put into operation, it can realize peak shaving and valley filling of electricity, and use the peak-valley electricity price difference to reduce customers’ oil transmission and electricity charges. The dynamic adjustment of power can also be used as a backup power supply, which will greatly improve the power quality and reliability of customers. The container energy storage system is closely integrated with the original power system, and has functions such as anti-backflow, peak shaving and valley filling, anti-overload, maintenance lock, and demand management, which ensures the stable operation of the power system.

8. Business District

The smart energy storage power station of Beijing Lanjinglijia user-side commercial complex of Narada Power is located in the North Third Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing. 170 square meters. The energy storage system is connected to the busbar of the power distribution room of the shopping mall on the 400V low-voltage side, and the expected service life of the power station is 10 years. On May 22, 2017, the energy storage power station realized the management of capacity electricity charges and electricity charges in home shopping malls, which solved the inability to expand and transform the lines of home shopping malls, as well as the pain points of impacting the power grid caused by the charging access of electric vehicles. Peak filling and valley smart energy storage services, and can also participate in power demand side response.

9. Hospital

In order to improve the safety of electricity use, improve the utilization efficiency of electricity and cope with the power shortage during the peak period of electricity consumption, Peking University International Hospital finally signed a 2.7MW energy storage power station project in the form of an energy management contract using social capital. In the early stage, a photovoltaic power station of 0.58MW has been built, which can be used in combination with an energy storage power station to smooth the power generation output of renewable energy, improve the controllability of power generation, and enhance the utilization efficiency of renewable energy. In the case of municipal power failures that cannot be supplied, energy storage power stations, photovoltaic power generation combined with emergency power supply support equipment: diesel generators, UPS, EPS, etc., can greatly improve the power supply guarantee capability. Store electricity during valley hours (batteries), supply power to electricity loads during peak hours, and use the “peak-valley electricity price difference” to reduce electricity bills for power users.

10. 5G base station

Shandong Mobile Jining Branch uses the characteristics of “peak-to-valley” of direct power supply electricity price to use energy storage equipment for the first batch of 26 base stations. Peak electricity consumption, reduce electricity bills, and achieve “zero-cost” backup power. On the one hand, this solution solves the problem of energy storage in the computer room, and on the other hand, it can save electricity by “buying” the electricity at the “trough” of the electricity price at night, and using it at the “peak” of the electricity price during the day. When the utility power fails, the battery can seamlessly switch to supply power to the load. At present, the first 26 base stations are expected to save more than 200,000 yuan in electricity bills annually.

In addition, China Tower requires the winning bidders to spend no less than 43% of the winning bid in the China Tower Communication Base Station to invest in the energy management business of energy storage and backup power contracts based on peak shaving and valley filling, and the winning bidder is expected to share the profits The highest is about 0.7 yuan/kWh.

11. Tunnel

Fujian Province is a mountainous area with many tunnels and long mileage. The annual power cost for tunnel lighting is quite high. The construction of energy storage system in Pengshanling Tunnel can not only make use of the peak-valley electricity price difference to obtain economic benefits, but also replace the traditional tunnel UPS power supply system as a tunnel backup power supply, and the function and stability are further upgraded compared with UPS power supply, which can enhance the stability of tunnel power supply . According to statistics, the charging is about 12390KWh in 30 days, and the discharge is about 11750KWh. The total income in 30 days is about 4560 yuan, and the average daily income is 152 yuan. Based on this calculation, the 10-year operation of the Pengshanling tunnel energy storage system will save about 500,000 yuan in electricity bills.

12. Island

Cheniushan Island is home to residents and militia guarding the island, as well as mobile signal transmission base stations, maritime radar stations and other electrical equipment. In this island power consumption scenario, conventional photovoltaic power generation or wind power generation cannot be used as an island in this scenario. Provide stable and reliable power. State Grid Jiangsu uses the energy management system to precisely coordinate and control the power generation, energy storage, and power consumption conditions, and flexibly allocate the connection methods of each user, realizing the “source of 50 kW wind turbine, 30 kW photovoltaic, 100 kW diesel engine and 450 kWh energy storage”. – grid-load-storage” coordinated control and economic operation. The off-grid smart island microgrid not only solves the problem of electricity and water use for island residents, but also provides a power supply guarantee for the development and protection of islands and oceans, and also provides a technical model for the construction of smart island microgrids.

13. Rail Transit

On the morning of September 26, China Railway 22nd Bureau Group Guangzhou Huangpu Tram Line 1, the first domestic tram project using the “super capacitor + lithium titanate battery” hybrid energy storage and power supply device technology, was completed. The supercapacitor of the line system has a capacity of 9,500 Farads, and the charging is automatically completed when the vehicle reaches the station between passengers getting on and off. At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with a lithium titanate battery, which can compensate the power supply for the vehicle in emergencies and emergency situations, which greatly improves the emergency capability of the vehicle operation. Due to the use of “super capacitor + lithium titanate battery” as the traction power supply of the energy storage device, there is no contact net in the interval, which greatly reduces the “spider web” in the urban air. When the vehicle is braking, more than 80% of the braking energy is recovered to the super capacitor to form electric energy storage, which realizes energy recycling and achieves high efficiency and energy saving.

The ground-mounted supercapacitor/battery hybrid energy storage device independently developed by Beijing Jiaotong University was tested on the Liyuan Station of the Beijing Metro Batong Line. The device can not only recycle the regenerative braking energy of the train, but also use the energy storage device to pull the train to the subway station in an emergency when the power supply system suddenly fails. During the night bicycle test, the energy saving rate of each trip can reach 20%; during the normal operation of the subway, the average energy saving is 1500 kWh per day on weekdays, and the energy saving rate is 13%; and the average energy saving rate is 900 kWh per day on weekends, and the energy saving rate exceeds 17%. .

14. Offshore oil platforms

Shanghai Guoxuan Wuyang Ship Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guoxuan Hi-Tech, has won an order for a 1790kWh containerized energy storage power station for the 2018 project of the National Key R&D Program for Smart Grid Technology and Equipment.

This project is “Key Technology for Reliable Operation of Offshore Multi-Platform Interconnected Power System”, which is led by CNOOC Research Institute. The application in the CNOOC system is blank.

Offshore oilfield power grids are typical island power grids and have no electrical connection with onshore power grids. At the same time, the power supply capacity of the offshore oilfield power grid is small, and the load capacity is large. The moment of starting a large load and the power grid failure will cause large frequency fluctuations. In order to ensure the stability of the power grid in the case of N-1 fault, a relatively small amount of energy storage can effectively improve the frequency regulation performance of the power system and keep the frequency stable.

15. Petroleum Exploration

China National Petroleum Corporation Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd. Changqing Underground Technical Operation Company had bid for the off-grid lithium battery energy storage system transformation project. Due to the field operation of the oil and gas testing team, it mainly relies on diesel generators for power supply, and there is no reliable fixed and continuous power supply. Economical power supply. The plan uses a cost-effective lithium battery energy storage system to solve the problems of discontinuous power supply and power consumption bottleneck. According to Polaris Energy Storage Network, Xi’an Jingwu Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd., Hebei Electric Cube New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Qinghai Green Grass New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid in the end, and will jointly provide 27 sets of test oil and gas units to retrofit and install off-grid. Type lithium battery energy storage system.

16. Coal mines

In September 2020, the National Energy Group released a public tender for the research and implementation of coal mine energy storage power supply in Xinjiang Energy Electromechanical Management Center. The project is located in the 110kV substation of Hongshaquan Coal Mine of Xinjiang Energy Company. It mainly studies the application of energy storage systems, including: when the power grid When there is a fault on the side or the power supply needs to be stopped during normal maintenance, the battery system converts the DC in the battery system to AC to supply power to the user side through the energy storage converter on the load side; and during normal operation, the user side takes the power from the grid side. The time period of electricity and the time period of battery energy storage are reasonably allocated by the system controller according to the peak, flat and valley periods of electricity billing.

17. School

In August 2020, Qinghai issued a tender for the rural Jixiao off-grid energy storage photovoltaic power station project in Qumalai County. The project owner is the Qumalai County Education Bureau, and state-owned funds funded the design of a safe off-grid energy storage photovoltaic system for primary schools.

18. Military Camp

The first military-civilian integrated renewable energy local area network project invested and constructed by the Power Construction Group New Energy Company in a border plateau camp in Xinjiang was launched in August 2018. The project mainly builds photovoltaic, wind power and energy storage power stations, supporting the construction of transmission lines, emergency diesel power stations and intelligent micro-grid management and control systems. After completion, the energy self-sufficiency rate will exceed 90%, making it the largest renewable energy local area network in China. We will initially build a green, low-carbon, safe, efficient, and sustainable plateau modern energy system.

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19. Government buildings

In November 2018, it was reported that the Sunshine Home Photovoltaic Energy Storage Power Station was settled in the government building of Lujiang County, Anhui Province, becoming the first application of photovoltaic energy storage projects in government buildings. The installed capacity of the power station is about 6 kilowatts, and the Sunshine Home Photovoltaic Energy Storage System is used to achieve off-grid independence. power generation. It can generate more than 6,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year, delivering a steady stream of clean electricity to the building.

20. Pastoral Ecological Park

On December 5, 2018, the owner Shanghai Yuhaitang Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. officially handed over the appraisal certificate. So far, the Chongming Samsung Pastoral “Internet +” smart energy demonstration project system of Shanghai Electric Power Station Group has been fully commissioned. The demonstration project is a tailor-made smart energy project integrating “wind-solar storage and charging” for the unique ecological environment, development planning and residents’ needs of Xin’an Village, Sanxing Town, and is an important part of building a world-class ecological island in Chongming. During the day, the CIGS thin-film photovoltaic power generation is stored in the cascade utilization power battery. When the lights are turned on at night, the electricity in the energy storage system is released, and the buildings with local characteristics such as the Straw Hat Forum and Haitang Zuoan are lit in sequence. So far, an upgrade and transformation of rural energy with renewable energy, energy storage, and energy management systems as the core applications is kicking off.

21. Banks

On November 3, 2018, the 1MW/2.56MWH energy storage system of Shanghai China Merchants Bank Building was successfully connected to the grid. This project is the first energy storage project on the user side of a building with commercial application in Shanghai, and it is also the first energy storage project built by a domestic financial enterprise using its own properties. The project is funded and constructed by China General Nuclear Power New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (“CGNPC New Energy”), the building owner is Shanghai China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Zhiguang Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhiguang Energy Storage) provides the project Comprehensive solution. The project is located in the center of Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The construction site is China Merchants Bank Shanghai Building, covering an area of ​​103 square meters. It provides energy-saving services for Shanghai China Merchants Bank Building by using the “peak cutting and filling valley” model.

22. Hotels

Beijing Lafayette, which was constructed by Kelu Electronics. The Castle Hotel 1MW/2MWh energy storage project is an energy storage project for peak shaving and valley filling applications. It is the first energy storage power station built and put into operation in the international procurement project of 500MWh energy storage facilities. It only took 45 days from order confirmation to delivery. .

23. Football Club

In November 2018, according to foreign media reports, the British Arsenal Football Club began to use the 2MW/2.5MWh Tesla battery energy storage system. The energy storage facility can participate in electricity market transactions by participating in electricity demand response, helping football clubs to cut peaks and fill valleys and save high electricity bills.

24. Zoo

In October 2018, foreign media reported that the San Diego Zoo in the United States will build a 1MW/4MWh battery energy storage facility, which will reduce energy costs by charging the battery when the electricity price is low and discharging when the electricity price is high. to a minimum.

25. Police Station Mobile Police Room

On October 18, 2018, it was reported that the photovoltaic off-grid energy storage system of the mobile police office in the southern business district of Meilong Police Station, Minhang District, Shanghai, which was independently designed and integrated by Miang Photovoltaics, was successfully completed and officially started to generate electricity. The photovoltaic installed capacity of the project is 8.1kW, using high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon 300W solar modules, equipped with C12V series valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, which can be used for daily office use of the police office for 2 days after the mains power is cut off. This is the first container police office + photovoltaic off-grid energy storage power station system in Minhang District, Shanghai. On the one hand, it provides a good power supply guarantee for the police office, and more importantly, it plays a benchmarking role in creating social benefits for energy conservation and environmental protection.


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