Traditional automated guided vehicles (AGVs) were the only option for automating internal transportation tasks, they have pre-set routes within their work environments. Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are also sophisticated, flexible, and cost-effective, they can adjust their route within their pre-set work environments. But both of them need the battery, Keheng lithium battery obviously have big advantage in lifespan and endurance time, Keheng’s performance and safety tested lithium solutions offer the power and energy densities, fast charging, and multiple protection to power the industry-leading design goals of original equipment manufacturers and the performance and productivity demanded by AGV/AMR outfitters and equipment owners

Featured Product of Keheng AGV & AMR batteries

8 Reasons To Choose A Lithium Battery For Your AGVs

4000cycles@80%DOD, 5-10times longer than lead acid batteries.

The lithium weight is 1/3 weight of AGM batteries in case of same capacity.

Keheng LiFePO4 battery self discharge rate is less 3% of total capacity within 6 months.

The fast charge rate can reach 0.5C, which can realize full charged within 2 hours.

No need add distilled water or acid, the battery are completely no need maintenance

The battery have function of Over charge protection function, Over discharge protection function,Over current protection function, Short protection function, Cell balance function, Temperature detection function, etc.

LiFePO4 lithium chemistry are very stable and have no case in explosion.

Design the battery size are same as previous AGM mold, can replace the old lead acid battery very convenient

AGV &AMR lithium battery

With the new energy gets more and more popular, the lithium battery step into the AGV/AMR market with the benefits of high cost-effective, small size, long cycle life and fast charging. Compare with the lead acid battery, lithium batteries are more capable of meeting flexible, high efficiency and energy-saving needs of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle). Keheng, as one of the early entrants into the AGV lithium battery industry in China, Keheng has been focusing on the research, design, production and sales of the battery solutions for electric AGVs/AMRs, industrial vehicles and special devices since 2018, and providing customers with overall solutions for lithium battery applications.

Why Choose Keheng As Your AMG & AMR Battery Manufacturer

Support RS485 / RS232 / CANBUS/ bluetooth solutions, support active balancing solution, romote control solution, and independently developed battery self-heating scheme and load scheme.
  • Top quality Battery cells: We use lithium iron battery with top brand cells such as CATL,EVE, REPT, BYD etc, good stability and more suitable for industrial vehicles;
  • Rich R&D experience: Keheng focus on the R&D of power batteries and industrial vehicle field since 2008, with obvious advantages in product performance and high cost-effectiveness.
  • Strict quality control: For our factory management system, we adopt ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001, and we’re certificated with IEC62619 on several product models.
  • Smart Battery System: Our AGV lithium battery adopts smart BMS and cloud management system, with more intelligent, more simple to use, time-saving, trouble-saving, stable and reliable.

How we help You differ from Your Competitors

AGV as one of the modern intelligent industrial vehicles, safety and reliability is the priority. Keheng always insist on the high quality for the AGV/AMR lithium battery system.

Customization Service

According to different technical requirements of customers, we provide mature and stable application solutions.You design it, we make it!

Product Delivery

Our delivery time is 15-25 days for bulk order, for samples, we can finished at 5-10days for standard product. For non-conventional models, we can suit your needs from both design and delivery times.

Customers Service

Customers are the first, whether for the pre-sale, sale and after-sale process, we actively cooperate with customers to solve the project.

AGVs Lithium battery applications

The lithium battery is widely used in AGV carts, lithium forklift battery, logistics robots and other equipment.

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CE, CB, UL, KC, FCC, BIS, IEC62133.

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AGV Battery Definitive Guide - What benefits can lithium batteries bring to AGVs?

With the development of the network now more and more convenient, warehouses are implementing automated picking goods, then at this time there is a need for AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots). They can better help the warehouse to realize fast and efficient sorting of goods. Then these robots need to use the power supply should be how to deal with it? This article is the AGV battery definitive guide!

What are the types of AGVs and AMRs

What is an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)?

What Is An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)​

AGV primarily stands for Automated Guided Vehicle, which is capable of performing all types of repetitive tasks unmanned and is usually used in material handling. It ranges from the traditional type of wire guidance to advanced models based on laser or vision navigation systems, AGVs come in a variety of designs and functions.

What is Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR)?

AMR primarily stands for Autonomous Mobile Robots, which can handle work tasks more intelligently than AGVs. They are usually able to navigate autonomously, avoid obstacles, and are often used for more complex tasks and environments. No human interference is required.

What Is Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR)​

The main categories of AGVs are:

These different types of AGVs help companies realize different automation services, making the process easier and simpler to follow.


The main categories of AMR are:

The main difference with AGVs is that they can automatically recognize products to achieve automatic sorting and picking, making this part free from manual labor.

  • Pick or Place AMR
  • Inventory Management AMR
  • Sorting AMR

What kind of lithium battery should be chosen for different types of AGVs

If your AGV needs uninterrupted use, a high-performance, high-energy-density, high-safety battery is ideal for you. So let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of lead-acid batteries, LFP batteries, and NMC batteries, which can better help to select battery packs for AGVs.

Lead Acid Battery


Low cost: Lead-acid batteries are one of the lowest-cost batteries on the market, providing the best choice for companies with limited budgets.
Mature technology: lead-acid batteries have a history of more than 100 years after a long period of development, manufacturing, and recycling have been very mature.


Weight and size: Lead-acid batteries are large, which means they are bigger and heavier than other batteries.
Maintenance: Lead-acid batteries need to be maintained regularly, even when refilling with water.
Environmental pollution: lead is a heavy metal for the environment, and if it is not recycled correctly, it can be very damaging to the environment.

LFP battery


Safety: Lithium iron phosphate batteries do not suffer from thermal runaway or short circuits in use, which is one of the ideal choices for extreme environments.
Long life: at 80% DOC, the cycle life can reach more than 5000 times.
Stable: the internal battery will not be affected by external conditions that affect the efficiency of the battery.
Environmentally friendly: no lead, etc. inside, making it more environmentally friendly.


Energy density: LFP batteries have lower energy density compared to NMC batteries.
Cost: LFP batteries are cheaper than other types of lithium batteries when compared to lead-acid batteries which are more expensive.

NMC battery


High energy density: NMC battery has high energy density and can store maximum energy under the same weight.
Fast charging efficiency: Supports fast charging, which is an important advantage for AGVs that require uninterrupted operation.
Adaptable: Can match the high energy output requirements of AGVs and AMRs.


High cost: NMC batteries are more expensive than both LFP and lead acid batteries.
Thermal stability: may have thermal runaway when used at extreme temperatures.
Environmental impact: It contains heavy metals such as cobalt, which has a certain impact on the environment.

Although lead-acid batteries are mature and low-priced in the long run lead-acid batteries are not the optimal choice, LFP lithium batteries, as one of the world’s most recognized and safest batteries, are one of your ideal choices.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each battery above, I believe you can combine your actual needs to choose a battery pack that meets your own, if you have more questions, you can contact us, and we will provide more authoritative answers for you.

What are the benefits of using lithium batteries in AGVs?

After learning so much about the benefits of lithium batteries then do you know exactly what specific benefits companies can expect from production? Let’s explore the benefits and advantages of lithium batteries in the AGV sector!

    • Increased production: By using lithium batteries, AGVs, and AMRs can significantly increase production without increasing the number of workers or vehicles. Li-ion batteries can maintain a consistent voltage throughout a work shift, which increases overall production.
    • Improve charging efficiency: In AGV charging efficiency determines the transportation efficiency, then a lithium battery can be quickly charged to ensure higher productivity and less downtime. Li-ion batteries are capable of opportunistic charging, which further reduces downtime due to charging.
    • Increased productivity: Lithium Ion batteries ensure that there is no need for downtime to recharge during operation and no need to keep track of the battery’s discharge status. Longer service life and less maintenance reduce replacement costs.
    • Faster processes: Li-ion batteries have a higher energy efficiency, which allows AGVs to run for longer periods after a quick charge, reducing downtime. The higher energy density means that material handling can be done quickly and efficiently.
    • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Li-ion batteries require no water or acid to achieve 0 maintenance and can be recharged even when not fully discharged, without damaging battery life. High durability and maintenance make Li-ion batteries stand out in AGVs.

Who are the manufacturers of AGV batteries?

SuppliersProduct Features
Lithium ValleySupports Bluetooth solutions, active balancing, remote control solutions
Discover BatteryProvides fast charging and long-life lithium batteries.
Exponential PowerManufactures lead-acid, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium-iron-phosphorus batteries for AGVs
Green Cubes Technology Provides durable and safe lithium batteries designed for AGVs.
Keheng Battery Co., LtdEstablished in 2008, Keheng Battery Co., Ltd. provides Li-ion batteries made of LFP/NMC/LTO cells for AGVs, AMRs, and various industries. Meanwhile, Keheng integrates sales, production, and R&D, and is a leading AGV battery manufacturer in China.

What can we offer you?

  • One-stop service: Provide comprehensive and budget-friendly energy solutions.
  • Provide professional certificates: Products have passed many international certificates such as UL 9540, UL 1973, CE, MSDS, UN38.3, ISO, and IEC.
  • Product Quality Control: Professional QC team conducts 100% quality checks before shipment.
  • Customized solutions: We provide customization from the battery box, group size, cells, voltage, capacity, and so on.
  • Integrated panel design: Whether you need to add Bluetooth, heating, LCD, and other functions in Keheng can help you realize.
  • After-sales service: when the failure rate is more than 3‰, Keheng will replace the battery for free.

Why customize and design AGV batteries?

  1. Meet specific needs: customized batteries can ensure that production meets the performance, size, weight, and other requirements.
  2. Enhance productivity: Customized AGV lithium batteries can better optimize the performance of AGVs to improve runtime and load capacity.
  3. Stronger adaptability: according to the temperature, humidity, and vibration conditions customized lithium batteries are more able to ensure the stable operation of AGV.
  4. Enhance safety performance: customized design can ensure that the battery is in safe operation, such as overheating, and overcharging protection.
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