Balcony Solar System with Storage

Easy to install balcony solar system
Complete with LFP lithium battery, micro-inverter, PV panels, and PV panel stand!
0% energy waste, great value for money!

Keheng Balcony Solar System --Experience the latest technology

Keheng’s balcony photovoltaic uses a new technology that links solar photovoltaic panels through storage batteries to ensure that it can supply power 24 hours a day, realizing 0 energy waste.

By combining batteries and solar PV panels, Keheng makes it easier to install and dismantle, gaining greater flexibility.

Our balcony photovoltaic systems are linked to the utility and battery through micro-reversal, which maximizes the economy by storing power for the battery while supplying power to the grid.

Grid-connected Solar photovoltaic lithium battery-related products

Keheng’s balcony solar system consists of solar panels, batteries, microinverters, racking, and more.

Our balcony solar system works by converting solar energy into electricity, which is converted into AC power by an inverter and then sends power to the grid with 800W, and the remaining is stored in the battery by the inverter.

This solar system is easy to install, and ready to use, with no need for professional operation can for confusing converters, adapters, or similar electrical equipment.

51.2V 5KWH Home Solar ESS Tesla Powerwall Alternative

10KWH LiFeP04 Powerwall Mounted Energy Storage System

How does a solar balcony system with energy storage work?

Choose Keheng to make your energy go further!

Modular design

The system is a plug-and-play system consisting of solar panel, LFP lithium battery (with micro inverter inside), and fixed bracket, which can be installed at any position by yourself without any debugging, and can work after installation.

Easy Installation

Our solar photovoltaic systems are available whether you need to install them in your garden, terrace, roof, balcony, or grass. 

This system uses an 800W inverter enough to link directly to the mains and produce electricity that can be fed into the grid system. 

The modular design of the solar system for balconies makes it easy and convenient to operate without having to wait for a professional to do the installation!

Avoid Water Erosion

The PV panels in the balcony solar system are IP65-rated waterproof, you don’t need to worry about rain or snow causing the PV panels to get into the water, and it enables you to install them as you like.

The inverter and battery all-in-one is IP20 so when placing the all-in-one, you need to make sure that water will not affect the battery.

Cost Savings

When solar panels produce more than 800W of power and are not stored in batteries, all types of energy are wasted. Our balcony solar system can directly deliver 800W of power to the utility grid, the excess power during the day is stored in batteries, and then continuously deliver energy to the grid at night to ensure that power is delivered to the grid 24 hours a day, resulting in better cost savings, lower electricity bills, and realizing 0% of energy wasted.

Applicable installation environment

Whether you need to install a micro-reverse solar system on a balcony, roof, garden or lawn, or wall you will find the perfect solution at Keheng! 

Our products are protected from the effects of inclement weather on solar panels and are waterproof and windproof.

How can a balcony solar system bring in revenue and cost savings?

This power plant generates electricity directly for the grid, saving you money directly from the amount of electricity.
For example, using a 1500W solar panel, working 7 hours a day and at 30% energy loss, you can save approximately 108kWh of electricity in an average month, or 1296kWh in a year.

1500W Balcony Solar system
2000W Balcony Solar system
2500W Balcony Solar system
3000W Balcony Solar system
Energy Savings/ 1 year(30% loss)

APP to control balcony solar system!

Controlling electricity power based on specific needs and sunlight gives you peace of mind and efficient energy control. Also be able to view the amount of power generated, saved and stored within the app to help you better understand your electricity bill.

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FAQ About Balcony Photovoltaic battery

Is there a price list (prices for all solar systems)?

The prices of our products vary depending on the quantity purchased, and the prices fluctuate according to the raw materials and market conditions. You can communicate with our professional salesperson to get the latest quotation.

What certifications have the products passed?

Each Balcony Solar System produced in our manufacturing facility follows international standards IS09001:2015 & 1S014001. Almost all products are MSDS, UN38.3, IEC62133, CE, UL, KC, etc certificated.

Is it practical for rental properties?

Balcony solar power plants are beneficial to both tenants and landlords. They can increase the value of the property, while tenants benefit from the reduction in electricity bills and the portability of the system. In several European countries, such as Germany, France and Italy, it is allowed to install these systems in rental properties without special permits, provided that they are firmly installed.

Do you have any overseas dealer?

We have authorized some dealers, and the number is still increasing. lf you are interested in becoming our dealer, you can contact us.

There are main 4 key components that including the KEHENG Balcony Solar System:

Solar Panels/Storage Battery/Microinverter/Mounting Rack & Connection Cables

What’s the benefits of KEHENG BSS?

Plug&Play design, simple and easy installation & uninstallation.The system is a plug-and-play system composed of a solar panel, micro-inverter, storage battery, and mounting bracket & connection cables, which you can install.

What factors affect system pricing?

The price of a system depends on a variety of factors, not just the cost of the solar panels themselves. Other factors include the price of the inverter, mounting equipment, engineering time, and design, labor, and permits. Many of these components are soft costs and are not based on the price of the physical equipment.

Do I need a license to sell a solar system?

Your local permit will have requirements for how your battery system is installed. Import certificates and certificates for shipping hazardous materials may be required.

Does the solar system require an installer to come to your home to install it?

Keheng’s energy storage system is easy to install and adopts a modular design, so you don’t need to send an installer to install it for your customers.

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