Can you use marine batteries in your car?

Can you use a marine batteries in a car? As a power battery, both cars and boats can be used, but you must first ensure that the working voltage of the two is the same before they can be used. Start, if higher than the car voltage, will destroy the car motor.

However, this kind of misappropriation of batteries is recommended only in temporary emergency conditions.

For long-term stable use of electric vehicles, it is recommended to install matching batteries at a professional car service company.

Because electric vehicles and electric ships need a lot of cruising energy, many single cells need to be connected in parallel to achieve the required current capacity, and the compactness of the volume needs to be considered.


Can you use marine batteries in your car? you need to understand the following concepts:

Working voltage of marine batteries and automotive power batteries

The battery of an electric vehicle is not a battery, but a battery pack composed of many batteries in series and parallel. Generally, the voltage of a small scooter is 48V, 60V, 72V, etc. Passenger cars are basically 200V-360V. Like buses and large vehicles, the basic voltage exceeds 500-1000v. The national standard voltage is 200-750V, but the specific voltage should be based on the design voltage of the car factory, and there are also 110V.

Working voltage of marine power batteries

Electric ships include ships with various passenger capacities and uses. The ship’s power battery is not a battery, but a battery pack composed of many batteries in series and parallel. Generally, the voltage of small fishing boats is 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, etc.

Marine batteries are divided into the following common specifications according to the power of marine motor propulsion.

12V(50AH, 100AH)); 24V(60AH); 36V(50AH/100AH/200AH); 48V(50AH/100AH/200AH)

Customers can buy the corresponding battery specifications to increase the current capacity in series according to their battery life needs, or they can ask professional installers to connect them in series.

How to install a deep cycle battery in your truck or SUV

Lifepo04 marine battery online inquiry technical advice

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