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Customized Battery Solution

Customized Battery with Prismatic Cells

Grade A & Brand New Cells

Well-known brand cells selection such as EVE,CATL, BYD, Gotion, Rept, Lishen etc.
5 cells selection processes to ensure high consistency of cells parameters, long cycles life, more than 3000times (@80%SOC)Each cell has an independent CID device to prevent firing Green energy, environmental protection and pollution-free

Intelligent BMS

Customize the BMS to meet your needs 8 Functions Smart BMS Protection Board, high energy balancingpower.RS485,CAN Bus,RS232 Communication Protocol are acceptable Monitor the battery situation via mobile APP or cloud system.

Dedicate Production

14+ years battery production experience,perfect
qualitymanagement system
Fully automatic laser welding equlpment and
dedicate riveting assembly process,make the
Impendence resistance small and performance
good.All batteries are tested for aging before going out to ensure all products are 100% qualified.

Customized OEM and ODM Service

Provide OEM serivce according to the standardize modules.Offer customzied design battery case according clients needs, 100% ensure the product quality.

Steps For Custom Lithium Battery


Communication Battery Specifications                                                      Communication of all details like voltage, capacity, charging current, discharging current, grade, box dimensions, application, etc.. Finally, the battery specification is confirmed


Drawing Design And Confirmation                                                                                 Free design drawing for you, our engineer team will provide the design drawing for you to review and confirm. We will amend it if you have any other suggestions.


Prototype/ Bulk Manufacturing
 We will begin according to the final solution drawing. It will take about 15 to 25 workdays to complete.



Shipping Methods
Air and Sea shipping options are available. Air shipping is fast but expensive. It’s a wise choice for urgent orders. Sea shipping is the most economical shipping option, but it takes much longer than air.

Why Custom Lithium Battery From Us

Professional Team

14 years OEM/ODM experience,R&D Team make custom battery design in 24 hours.


There is no requirement for a minimum number of products to be purchased.

Factory Price

lithium battery factory and provide you with preferential factory prices.

After Sales and Warranty

Good after-sale service, long product warranty and continual technique support.

How Do We Guarantee To Manufacture High-quality Products?

We have implemented a professional quality inspection process for a long time, strictly control the quality of each raw
material, follow up the process of each production step, and be responsible for each battery.

Source Quality Control

We have a professional procurement manager who strictly controls the quality of each batch of parts, carefully screens each battery cell, and does an excellent job of testing every link.


Our battery factory is equipped with advanced production equipment, multiple production lines, and professionally trained staff. The final ESS battery is produced after going through numerous production processes.


There will be multiple tests, from raw material screening to production. After the battery is produced,there will be a final test, such as charge and discharge test, capacity test, short circuit test, over current test, high and low-temperature test, etc.


Our product certification is complete, including MSDS, UN38.3, CE, UL, KC, BIS, CB, ISO9001:2015 certified, transport appraisal certificate, dangerous package certificate etc., and we can deliver the battery to your hands smoothly.


The certifications we have received from international organizations ensure that our lithium battery products comply with the strictest international safety standards.

Project Cases

5Kwh rack mounted Lithium Battery used in telecommunication

 07-02, 2021

5kwh rack mounted battery module with the Anti-theft function availabl,Gyroscope & GPS positioning together with internal resistance angle sensor.

资源 11

48V 300Ah Lithium Battery for Rental Boat energy storage

03-25, 2022

There will be multiple tests, from raw material screening to production. After the battery is produced,there will be a final test

Keheng powerwall with low temperature function

10-22, 2022

Tesla alternative powerwall system which can match with mainstream inverter brands in the market, with wifi function.

Ultimate Guide To Custom Lithium Ion Battery Packs

What is a custom battery?

Customization is tailoring. Custom batteries are produced for devices that have special needs for batteries. Customized batteries can meet the specific needs of users, such as battery energy density, capacity, temperature resistance, cycle life, etc. The battery products we use daily need not be customized, but some industrial-grade batteries need to be customized.

Why custom lithium batteries?

  • Customized lithium batteries can choose different batteries according to their needs. The performance, service life, safety, and other characteristics of different batteries are quite different.
  • Customized lithium batteries can arrange the voltage according to their own needs, and the voltage of customized lithium batteries can be flexibly used. Still, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment of customized lithium batteries can withstand the corresponding voltage value.
  • Customized lithium batteries can change the performance, volume, function, and other characteristics based on the original batteries to meet customers’ different needs for batteries.
Custom lithium battery
48V Lifepo4 Battery

The benefits of a custom lithium battery

The customized lithium battery has superior performance, higher capacity, longer service life, and a more reasonable price, so it has won the recognition and love of many consumers. The batteries circulating in the market are products of a unified standard made according to the material characteristics of the manufacturer, with fixed parameters, which may not necessarily match the equipment used by oneself, and there is no selectivity.

Therefore, customized lithium batteries can meet all needs as much as possible within the scope of user needs and truly realize a more cost-effective product that suits you.

Can I build my own lithium battery?

Lithium batteries are not recommended for personal assembly. Because there is no professional equipment for personal assembly to check whether the quality is safe and whether the protective board’s quality is also good or bad, it is necessary to use professional equipment for testing and repeated verification.

Assembling lithium batteries requires various accessories, such as nickel sheets and various cables. Whether the matching and overcurrent capacity between them is appropriate needs to be matched and measured by professionals. No matter how good the lithium battery pack is, it will not perform well if installed incorrectly—the best battery performance.

Is the lithium battery assembly process safe?

Lithium batteries have high requirements on the environment, and a slight discomfort in the environment will cause explosion and fire, so we cannot use them at will like lead-acid batteries. Therefore, non-professionals suggest not assembling lithium battery packs privately.

The standardization and systematicness of lithium battery assembly require high personnel, and a slight technical error will lead to battery damage or explosion. Therefore, only relatively large manufacturers have the strength to start regular production. Some small manufacturers with poor technical strength are not strict in production and assembly, which quickly causes accidents.

What specifications can be customized for the battery?

In general, battery manufacturers will customize based on the five major needs of users:

Customization based on battery shape

In addition to common standardized cylindrical batteries, such as 18650 and 21700. We can also customize the size and shape of the battery, including the dimensions of length, width, and height, as well as round, trapezoidal, triangular, or other shapes.

Capacity-based customization

The capacity of the customized battery needs to refer to the product’s power consumption to calculate whether it can meet the user’s battery life requirements.

Magnification-based customization

Unique products such as e-cigarettes, drones, car emergency starters, electric supercars, etc., have specific requirements for the battery rate. The battery must first have high-current charging and discharging performance to meet the needs of fast charging or high explosive power.

Customization based on temperature

The best working temperature of a lithium battery is about 25°C. The general working temperature range is from -20°C to 50°C, but if it is in a special high and low-temperature environment, the capacity of the lithium battery will decline sharply, affecting its life, or it even cannot be used normally. Hence, it is necessary to customize a special high-temperature or a low-temperature lithium battery.

Keheng has rich experience in the field of low-temperature batteries and has many mature low-temperature lithium battery solutions, which can reach as low as -55°C to meet the electricity needs of certain industries.

Voltage-based customization

The full-charge voltage of a general lithium battery is 4.2V. To improve energy density and longer battery life, more and more product designers will use high-voltage lithium batteries (LiHv), such as Apple’s latest series of mobile phones, which use 4.35V High voltage lithium polymer batteries to increase battery life. However, it depends on the electrical appliances and PCB scheme whether high-voltage lithium batteries can be used, which requires the cooperation of product designers and battery engineers.

KHLiTech has been a one-stop battery supplier focusing on lithium-ion battery manufacturing technology for 15 years. You can customize the voltage, current, capacity, and temperature of the battery and choose additional functions, including Bluetooth, high-rate, low-temperature, etc. The lithium-ion battery is safe and stable and has strong battery life, a high charging conversion rate, long service life, and durability. KHLiTech’s lithium battery products have passed several national and global certifications and are a battery brand worth choosing.

How long does it take to customize the lithium battery pack?

The process of manufacturing lithium-ion battery packs is usually within 15 working days.

Import of customer requirements > feasibility study and then project approval > overall product design and review > design verification and review > process verification and introduction of trial production > product certification test> project closure.

Day 1: Review and discuss the requirements given by the customer, quote the sample, and after the two parties negotiate the price, start the customized product project.

Day 3: for product cell selection and circuit structure design.

Day 8: After completing all the designs, proceed to sample production.

Day 9: The preliminary function test and debugging are completed.

Day 12: Carry out battery electrical performance and cycle aging test verification.

Day 15: Safety testing, packaging, and shipment.

The whole process of creating a custom lithium-ion battery is completed within 15 days.

Other points that need attention to Battery customization

1) Different from mass-produced lithium-ion battery packs, customized products are independently developed and designed for different products. A fee must be paid in the customization process, generally involving mold opening costs, development costs, products, product Sample fees, etc.

2) R&D time: R&D time is directly related to the new product launch time. It takes about 30 days to customize a general lithium-ion battery pack and 15 days to implement a fast R&D channel;

How to Choose the best custom lithium battery manufacturer?

The demand for customized lithium batteries has become increasingly common, but general product companies lack professional battery engineers and battery design capabilities, so we need to find experienced lithium battery factories to customize.

Such factories are mainly concentrated in China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and the United States. Small factories have limited R&D and production capacity, have high requirements for customization of small batch samples, and cannot provide design and production of complex or high-volume products.

Choosing a factory with more than 500 employees who can provide more comprehensive battery customization services is recommended. For example, KHLiTech is a lithium battery manufacturing plant covering an area of 9,000 square meters. It has undertaken the lithium battery customization business for 15 years and is trustworthy.

How to guarantee the quality of a custom lithium battery?

The performance of lithium batteries needs to be measured from many aspects: rate, voltage, internal resistance, etc. The battery is placed in the product and needs to be combined with the protection board. The performance of the battery is reflected in the product experience. At this time, we need to consider the data of various aspects of the battery from the needs of product users. Therefore, when customizing the battery, we need to pay attention to the qualification of the customized factory and the basic parameters of the battery. We also need to understand our product applications and service objects thoroughly.

What factors will affect the delivery of customized battery products?

1) Internal factors

The electrode materials and electrolytes of custom lithium batteries are flammable, and heating (internal or external) can cause fires, decompose to produce gases, and increase the possibility of a battery explosion. Moreover, the strength of the current polymer separator is relatively low, and it is easy to damage the membrane in the case of collision or overheating, resulting in a short circuit of the battery.

At the same time, defects in the manufacturing process can easily lead to problems with lithium batteries. For example, if the tab of the battery core is too long, it will cause a short circuit due to contact with the pole piece or the shell. The ear will press the winding core, resulting in a short circuit between the positive and negative poles. The remaining metal powder, copper foil, and aluminum foil fragments between the two electrodes may cause the diaphragm to perforate, thus causing a series of problems, such as a micro-short circuit.

2) External factors

External factors affecting custom lithium batteries are relatively complex, such as overcharge, external short circuits, violent impact, etc., which may cause lithium batteries to ignite spontaneously.

Briefly describe the process of customizing a 18650 lithium battery pack

1-Understanding the real needs of the product, you only need to supply the lithium-ion battery size, performance requirements, output requirements, and functional requirements to customize the battery.

2- If you don’t know the real needs of the product, you need to tell the factory the functional requirements, working hours, product power, appearance, and shape.

3- After the professional battery engineer confirms the product’s functional requirements for you, he will reply to you with a specific delivery date based on the actual material situation.

4- Under normal circumstances, after both parties confirm that the delivery date of the battery customization is correct, they must sign a contract and pay a 30%~50% deposit in advance. The battery manufacturer will confirm with the other party after the battery is ready and pay the balance after confirming the OK, and then the manufacturer will deliver the goods.

5- If the customer orders a large number of batteries, the two parties can negotiate whether there is a billing period according to the actual situation. Both parties must comprehensively evaluate the details, and the contract shall prevail. It is recommended not to make oral promises.

6-Contract recommendations for custom-made lithium-ion battery packs plus quality agreement, warranty time, after-sales service time, etc.

How to make a custom lipo battery?

The production process of polymer lithium batteries is very complicated and cumbersome, including batching, sheet making, winding, core baking, core immersion in electrolytes, packaging, formation, and capacity separation. Every detail must be strict and careful, such as preventing Battery short circuits, glove box vacuum packing, etc.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the width dimension of the polymer lithium battery custom folding, the thickness dimension of the finished product, the material system, the customized capacity, the customized voltage system, the customized working current rate, the output of the polymer battery, the finished battery PACK and the finished shell.

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