The difference between power battery and ordinary battery

The power source of new energy vehicles is generally mainly based on power batteries. There are many difference between power battery and ordinary battery, I believe that many people still do not know what a power battery is. In fact, a power battery is a power source that provides a power source for tools, so this kind of power battery How is it different from ordinary batteries? Here’s what I’ll tell you about it:

The Difference Between Power Battery And Ordinary Battery

Different nature

A power battery refers to a battery that provides power for transportation, generally compared to a small battery that provides energy for portable electronic devices; while an ordinary battery is a kind of lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode material, using a non-aqueous electrolyte solution. A primary battery, and a rechargeable battery, a lithium-ion battery is not the same as a lithium-ion polymer battery.

The battery capacity is different

In the case of new batteries, use a discharger to test the battery capacity. Generally, the capacity of power batteries is about 1000-1500mAh; while the capacity of ordinary batteries is above 2000mAh, and some can reach 3400mAh.

Discharge power is different

A 4200mAh power battery can discharge power in just a few minutes, but ordinary batteries can’t do it at all, so the discharge capacity of ordinary batteries is completely incomparable to power batteries. The biggest difference between a power battery and an ordinary battery is that its discharge power is large and its specific energy is high. Since the main purpose of the power battery is to supply energy for vehicles, it has higher discharge power than ordinary batteries.

Different applications

The batteries that provide driving power for electric vehicles are called power batteries, including traditional lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries and emerging lithium-ion power lithium batteries, which are divided into power-type power batteries (hybrid electric vehicles) and energy-type power batteries. (pure electric vehicle); lithium batteries used in consumer electronic products such as mobile phones and notebook computers are generally referred to as lithium batteries to distinguish them from power batteries used in electric vehicles.


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