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Custom Battery Energy Storage Solutions Services

As a battery energy storage system manufacturer with 15 years’ experience,  We can provide customers with standard battery products and one-stop battery energy storage customization services from the battery, and BMS, to structural design, including OEM and ODM.

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Custom Appearance

Customize the battery case, affix your logo to promote the brand, and take care to protect each item.

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Custom Specification

Customize the battery case, affix your logo to promote the brand, and take care to protect each item.

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Custom Performance

Customize the additional functions of the battery to make your product closer and more convenient to life.

Our Featured Storage Battery

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Tesla Powerwall Alternnative–KH wall-mounted battery

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All-in-one Energy Storage System(ESS)

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Power Storage Brick with integrated inverter built-in

48V Lithium-ion Battery pack System

48V Lithium-ion Battery pack System

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Compatible Inventer Brands

After years of debugging, KH  battery energy storage system which have professional engineer team, can perfectly fit with the main-stream inverter brands on the market.

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Batteries Selection

Manafacturer Technology


Our products comply with ISO/CE/UL1973/UN38.3/MSDS/ROHS/IEC62619/CEC standards.

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Battery Warranty Guarantees Your Benefit

If there is any fault because of battery problem, you can contact us, send us video and picture, our sales engineer will deal with it. When the failure rate is over 3‰, we will send you the new battery for a replacement for free, and we’re responsible for all shipping fees of exchange services.


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ODM/OEM Service

Quickly create custom lithium batteries designed to your needs,support OEM/ODM.

Extream Safety

LiFePo4 lithium is unique chemistry won’t catch fire, overheat, or explode.

15 years warranty

We use top quality battery cells and offer a 15-year warranty on the battery energy storage system.

After Sales and Warranty

Good after-sale service, long product warranty and continual technique support.

How Do We Guarantee To Offer you High-quality Products?

We have implemented a professional quality inspection process for a long time, strictly control the quality of each raw material, follow up the process of each production step, and be responsible for each battery.


    A deep cooperation with top brand battery cell manufacturers CATL, EVE, REPT,BYD. 


Battery cells QC inspection


Use high consistency battery cells customize the battery as your needs


Energy storage system factory overview


Match with mainstream brands inverter,like SMA, Goodwe,Deye,Growatt etc.


48v lifepo4 lithium battery pack


Battery Pack discharging test


Complete certifications,like UL1973,UL9540,CE,MSDS,UN38.3 IEC etc


Shipping with DG woodencase

FAQs About Energy Storage Systems

We will do our best to answer your most frequently asked questions.

1. What are energy storage systems?

ESS is a device that can both store green and renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy, and release electricity for use by consumers.

2. How does the energy storage system work?

Batteries receive electricity from the power grid, power station, or a renewable energy source like solar panels or other energy sources and subsequently store it as current to release it when needed.

3. What are the types of energy storage systems?

Types of energy storage systems include pumped hydro, compressed air energy storage, batteries, flywheels, and capacitors.

4. What are the benefits of an energy storage system?

The energy storage system stores renewable energy as a backup battery, and using BESS during peak electricity usage or emergencies can be cost-effective, flexible and more reliable. Use green power to reduce carbon emissions.

5. How much does the energy storage system cost?

The cost depends on your home's size, the storage system's quality, and energy consumption.

6. How long will an energy storage system last?

Our energy battery storage systems last 15 years-20years.And we offer you 10 years warranty.

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