EV lithium battery will replace lead-acid as a new market

EV lithium battery to Alternative(replacement/replace/substitute ) lead-acid battery? As battery technology matures, vehicles powered by electricity are becoming more and more popular.

EV lithium battery will replace lead-acid battery
EV lithium battery to replace lead-acid battery

Lead-acid battery and lithium battery are currently the mainstream

EV(electric vehicle) lithium battery to Alternative(replace) lead-acid battery? As battery technology matures, vehicles powered by electricity are becoming more and more popular.

Power batteries, from the earliest lead-acid battery to more than ten types of batteries such as nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium battery, zinc-manganese dry batteries, etc., have their own advantages and disadvantages, but due to raw materials, battery costs, battery technology and other reasons , At present, the mainstream batteries used are only lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.

Lead-acid batteriy are actually the “grandfather” of all batteries.

The world’s first EV(electric vehicle) was equipped with a lead-acid battery, which has a history of nearly 150 years. Due to its relatively low cost and uncomplicated technology and structure, it is the earliest and most widely used battery;

The lithium battery is relatively late, it only appeared in 1970, and the lithium battery was commercialized in 1992. Its appearance has played a great role in promoting the development of electronic products. It has been widely used in such as UAVs, communication digital, mobile phones, notebook computers, electric vehicles and other products.

The emergence of lithium batteries has been interpreted by experts as a substitute for lead-acid batteries, because lithium batteries have the advantages of good performance, good durability, small size and light weight, and these advantages are the shortcomings of lead-acid batteries, However, lithium batteries have been put into use for more than 30 years, and many products have completely Alternative(replace)d lead-acid batteries, but two-wheeled electric vehicles have not been Alternative(replace)d, and the current mainstream batteries for electric vehicles are still lead-acid batteries.

Under the pressure of environmental protection, the government has been able to see the regulations on lithium batteries for electric vehicles or the complete Alternative(replace)ment of lead-acid batteries. If fully Alternative(replace)d, what impact will it have on two-wheeled ev(electric vehicles)?

Lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles or Alternative(replace) lead-acid batteries in an all-round way?

1. The lightness of electric bicycles has become a rigid standard

According to the regulations: the weight of the electric bicycle is not more than 55 kg.

The volume of lithium batteries is 2/3 of the volume of lead-acid batteries, and the weight is about 1/3 of the weight of lead-acid batteries. Electric vehicles are facing “weight reduction”, and batteries are a simple and easy-to-operate way to reduce weight. Many electric vehicles have gradually Alternative(replace)d lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries, especially some smart electric vehicles and mid-to-high-end electric vehicles.

2. High battery life of fast EV(electric vehicles) is the goal of the product

Although the current fast electric vehicles are not limited by the weight requirements of the whole vehicle, due to the difference in structure and material, lithium batteries are good at playing a role in high battery life. Taking high battery life as the product pursuit goal, the application of lithium batteries in electric vehicles will become more and more extensive.

3. Low-speed EV(electric vehicles) are about to usher in a new standard, restricting the use of lead-acid batteries

According to the regulations, the energy density of low-speed electric vehicle battery system should not be lower than 70Wh/kg, and the discharge capacity should not be lower than 90% of the initial capacity when the number of cycles reaches 500, or the discharge capacity should not be lower than the initial capacity when the number of cycles reaches 1,000. 80% of capacity.

As a lead-acid battery, its cycle charge and discharge times are only about 350 times, and the energy density is less than 70Wh/kg. Only lithium batteries or nickel-metal hydride batteries meet the standard, and nickel-metal hydride batteries are not widely used.

If lead-acid battery replace lithium batteriy, what will be the impact on EV(electric vehicles)?

price impact

The mainstream of electric vehicles is still equipped with lead-acid batteries, mainly because although lithium batteries are good, their prices are more expensive. For a battery of the same size, the price of lithium batteries is three times that of lead-acid batteries.

security impact

Although lead-acid batteries are inferior to lithium batteries in many aspects, lead-acid batteries have a simple structure and no substances that can spontaneously combust inside. However, lithium batteries are different. Whether it is an electric vehicle or an electric vehicle, there is a situation of spontaneous combustion, and these occur spontaneously. The vehicles used are all lithium batteries. If lithium batteries completely Alternative(replace) lead-acid batteries, and China has more than 500 million electric vehicles, the safety problem of vehicle spontaneous combustion will be more prominent.

As a power battery, lithium batteries mainly include lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries. Both will be Alternative(replace)ments for lead-acid batteries.

Related Battery Knowledge:

With the release of many signals that are friendly to lithium batteries, the application market share of lithium batteries in electric vehicles will increase. However, as an electric vehicle owner, I do not expect lithium batteries to completely Alternative(replace) lead-acid batteries. Although lead-acid batteries The battery is not as good as the lithium battery in many aspects, but the low price of the lead-acid battery is the reason why the electric car can become the cheapest power model. Once it is Alternative(replace)d, the price of any electric car will double, not for Everyone thinks it is a good thing, but it is more reasonable now that the products are diversified and everyone chooses according to their own needs.

So, do you think lithium batteries will completely Alternative(replace) lead-acid batteries? Do you expect it to Alternative(replace) lead-acid batteries? Lithium battery followers are welcome to leave a message, comment, inquire and exchange. The Keheng lithium battery new energy team is always ready to provide you with free technical support and battery knowledge.


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