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Navigating the vast waters of trolling motor batteries can be a challenge, much like steering a boat in turbulent waters. As battery technology is evolving over time, the demand for reliable and efficient batteries is also increasing.

But do you know why many trolling motor battery manufacturers are diving into lithium-ion technology?

Lithium trolling motor batteries, specifically the lithium-ion battery for kayak trolling motor, have emerged as a game-changer. Lightweight, enhanced performance, longer cycle life and fast charging times are all the premium qualities that lithium-ion batteries offer for your trolling motor.

Compared to lead-acid equivalents, deep cycle marine batteries provide unparalleled advantages for kayaking, which makes them the best fit for kayakers who want to explore the waters for extended periods without the worry of their battery dying midway.

Let’s dive deep into this discussion and unveil all the information you need to understand to get the best marine battery for trolling motor and take your fishing experience to the next level.  

What Is A Deep-Cyle Trolling Motor Battery?

Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

Unlike car batteries that deliver short bursts of energy to start the engine and quickly recharge, trolling motor batteries are deep-cycle batteries.

This means they are designed to discharge a significant portion of their capacity over a longer period and then recharge repeatedly without significant degradation, which makes them best for trolling motors that operate for hours at varied speeds.

Which Type Of Battery Is The Best Trolling Motor Battery?

There are various types of trolling motor batteries, including

  • Sealed Lead-acid (SLA),
  • Absorbent glass mat(AGM) ,
  • Lithium-ion

While all of them come with some advantages and disadvantages, which one suits your needs the best depends upon your specific requirements such as the duration of use, budget, and desired performance.

Compared to other counterparts,deep cycle marine batteries are in demand as they come with tremendous advantages, which makes them the best fit for trolling motor batteries. But do you know what features make them a perfect fit, let’s discuss those features in detail below.

Some Features Of Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

● Size And Weight:

One of the most distinct advantages of lithium batteries is their weight and size. Compact size and the lightweight trolling motor battery are needed in small-sized kayaks and this is what makes them a perfect fit.

Lithium-ion battery for kayak trolling motors are usually which makes them easier to fit in kayaks.

● High Efficiency:

They are known to offer a consistent power output throughout the entire discharge cycle, unlike lead-acid batteries which lose power as they deplete.

● Battery Management System (BMS):

Most lithium batteries come with built-in BMS, which is a unique system that helps analyze various functions of the battery and protect it from overcharging, deep discharging, overheating and other functions.

● Climate resistance:

Compared to other equivalents like agm trolling motor battery and SLAs, these batteries are more efficient at lower temperatures. At 20 C, a lithium battery can deliver more than 80% of its energy while others deliver only 30% of their capacity.

● Quick charging:

These batteries can fast charge to 100% of their capacity, and if your charger for trolling motor battery is powerful enough, the charging can be more efficient.

What Size Battery For the Trolling Motor?

Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

The size of the trolling motor depends upon your requirements. Typically, it comes in 12v, 24v, 36v configurations. A 12V motor will need a 12V battery, while a 24V motor will need a lithium trolling motor battery 24V or 2 (12V) batteries.

Beyond voltage, it’s important to consider the trolling motor battery amp hours and how long you plan to run the motor on it. For instance, if a 12V motor draws 60 amps at maximum speed and you intend to run it for 2 hours at that speed, you’d need a battery with 120 amp hours capacity. However, for battery longevity, it’s wise to select a battery with a bit more capacity than your calculated need.

However, it is recommended to select a battery with a slightly higher capacity for longevity and high efficiency.

How Long Will A 12v Battery Run A Trolling Motor?

A 12V 100Ah battery will run the trolling motor for approximately 2 hours at full speed. If the Ah rating of the battery is different, you have to calculate the runtime of the trolling motor by the formula given below.

Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

The runtime of a 12v battery running a trolling motor depends on the capacity of the battery (usually measured in Ampere-hours or Ah) and the draw of the trolling motor (measured in Amps). The general formula for calculating the run time for the battery is:

Run Time (in hrs)= Battery Capacity (Ah)/ Trolling Motor Current Draw (in Amps)

How Long Does A Trolling Motor Battery Last?

Various factors influence the trolling motor battery such as the type of battery, the quality of the battery, how often it’s used, how it’s charged and maintained, and environmental conditions. As lithium trolling motor battery usually have a longer lifespan, with proper care and maintenance a lithium battery can last for 5-7 years.

Do trolling motor batteries need to be in a box?

The exact answer to this question is, yes! The battery box is an essential component for marine batteries. A battery needs to dry clean the environment and the battery box helps protect the battery from water damage and environmental effects. Moreover, it protects the boat from fire hazards when you are at the sea. So, having a battery box is like a life saver for you and your battery. 

How to charge 24-volt trolling motor batteries?

A 12V 100Ah battery will run the trolling motor for approximately 2 hours at full speed. If the Ah rating of the battery is different, you have to calculate the runtime of the trolling motor by the formula given below.

It’s not possible to charge a 24V battery with a regular charge. Following are the ways to charge a 24-volt trolling motor:

  • Charge a 24V battery with a 24V charger
  • Charge two batteries of 12V with a dual bankcharger for trolling motor battery, it charges both the batteries of 12V separately.
  • If you have one charger of 12V, disconnect the two batteries and charge one battery at a time with a 12V charger.

FAQ About Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

What size battery does a Minn Kota trolling motor take?

The size of the battery for the trolling motor Minn Kota will require a 12-volt 110 Ah deep cycle battery.

How long will an 80 lb thrust trolling motor run?

If you have a battery with a capacity of 100 Ah and a motor that draws 40 Amps at full speed, then by the formula you will calculate the runtime,

Run Time (in hrs)= Battery Capacity (Ah)/ Trolling Motor Current Draw (in Amps)

Run Time (in hrs)= 100 Ah/ 40 Amp =2.5 hours.

So, the calculated runtime for an 8 lb thrust trolling motor is 2.5 hours at full speed.

Do lithium batteries last longer on trolling motors?

The longevity of the battery depends upon the care and maintenance, lithium batteries have longer cycle life and hence a longer lifespan. They can usually last a maximum of 7 years with good maintenance.


To conclude the article, you must have got vast information about trolling motor batteries. The most demanded battery and best marine battery for trolling motors are

lithium batteries.  They bring long-term benefits like high efficiency, long cycle life, lighter weight and many more which outweigh the price they offer. And the best thing about these incredible batteries is that they take your fishing experience to the next level. So, consider these batteries and enjoy your fishing time without worrying about the battery.


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