Why do you need high rate lithium batteries

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Why do you need high rate lithium batteries
Why do you need high rate lithium batteries

Why do you need high rate lithium batteries? High rate lithium battery application field?

High rate lithium batteries are one of high-rate discharge batteries, mainly including high-rate lithium iron phosphate batteries and high-rate polymer lithium batteries. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, so there are overlaps and differences in application fields.

High-rate lithium batteries are used in drones, aircraft models, rc car models and other products.

Why do we need high rate lithium batteries?

High-rate batteries generally refer to lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are rechargeable high-rate batteries that mainly rely on lithium ions to move between the positive and negative electrodes to work.

During charging and discharging, Li+ is intercalated and deintercalated back and forth between the two electrodes: when charging the battery, Li+ is deintercalated from the positive electrode, intercalated into the negative electrode via the electrolyte, and the negative electrode is in a lithium-rich state; during discharge, the opposite is true. Batteries that generally use lithium-containing materials as electrodes are representative of modern high-performance batteries.

Fast charging of ordinary rate batteries is likely to cause lithium precipitation in the negative electrode, resulting in accelerated performance degradation of lithium batteries. Most consumer applications only require 1C batteries, if higher discharge rates and faster charging times are required, high rate (2C-20C) batteries are the best choice.

Advantages of high rate lithium batteries

① It has the characteristics of excellent high-current discharge performance, sufficient explosive power, high discharge platform, and good cycle life;

② With high energy density, the lamination process is adopted, because of its small internal resistance, it is more conducive to rate charge and discharge, and high-efficiency output performance;

③ Provide higher discharge rate, up to 45C, better temperature stability during discharge, controlled within 65 degrees Celsius, to prevent overheating and damage;

④The lithium battery is ultra-thin, small in size and light in weight, and can be made into special-shaped batteries of various shapes and capacities, with a thickness of 0.45mm.

Application fields of high rate lithium battery

There are three main types of high-rate lithium batteries: lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium polymer batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. The first two are in the form of soft-wrapped aluminum film, and the last is in the form of a cylindrical steel shell. These three high-rate batteries are widely used in 3C electronic products, model entertainment, power tools, drones, industrial power supplies and other fields. With their excellent comprehensive strength and high-quality services, they are widely praised by partners.

With the development of the industry, the demand for higher rate and faster charging of lithium batteries has promoted the technical improvement and application of rate batteries. At present, high-rate batteries are widely used in aerial photography drones, agricultural plant protection drones, emergency start-up power supplies, model aircraft, and power tools.

Check High Rate Batteries

There is a layer of SEI film on the negative electrode surface of lithium battery. In fact, the rate performance of lithium battery is largely controlled by the diffusion of lithium ions in the SEI film. Since the polarization of the powder electrode in the organic electrolyte is much more serious than that of the water system, it is easy to precipitate lithium on the surface of the negative electrode under high rate or low temperature conditions, which brings serious safety hazards.

In addition, under the condition of high-rate charging, the lattice of the positive electrode material is easily damaged, and the graphite sheet of the negative electrode may also be damaged. These factors will accelerate the attenuation of the capacity, thus seriously affecting the service life of the lithium battery.

High-rate lithium batteries are suitable for use in some light equipment, and need to quickly increase the speed of the equipment, such as competitive drones, light track racing, water electric skateboards, etc.; or used in some power tools, such as electric runners and the like , only need a high-rate discharge for a short time, enough to loosen the fasteners. At present, high-rate lithium batteries cannot provide long-term high-current discharge, which can easily lead to battery failure or accident due to high temperature.

The military application of high-rate rechargeable lithium batteries is mainly aimed at the current situation of long waiting time for secondary power consumption of tactical portable equipment, waste of battery resources, and limited rapid response capability. The promotion and use of high-rate rechargeable lithium batteries have good potential and prospects, but the current system should be taken into account. On the basis of consolidating the advantages of current lithium batteries in cost performance, circuit control, safety, high and low temperature charge and discharge, and cycle life, reasonable Securely achieve high-rate charging.


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