how to easily series & parallel battery

How to easily series & parallel battery? How to expansion lithium iron phosphate batteries Capacity and voltage? What are the performance and status of the series and parallel connection?

how to easily series & parallel battery

1. how to easily series Battery.

The series connection means that the negative electrode of the first lithium battery is connected to the positive electrode of the second lithium battery, the negative electrode of the second lithium battery is connected to the positive electrode of the third battery, and so on, until the required voltage is reached. The voltage of this connection method is all connections. The sum of the voltages of the cells together, and the capacity is the capacity of a single cell, and then the corresponding protection is connected to the output.

The effect of series connection: the voltage increases, the current capacity remains unchanged.

Application of series connection: By increasing the battery voltage in series, it can support the working needs of high-power electrical appliances or marine motors.Click on the link to learn more about marine batteries.

2. how to easily parallel Battery.

Parallel connection means that the positive pole of the first section of lithium battery is connected to the positive pole of the second section, the negative pole is connected to the negative pole, and so on to achieve the required capacity. The voltage under this connection method is unchanged, and it is still the voltage and capacity of a single battery. is the sum of all battery capacities.

The effect of parallel connection: the voltage remains unchanged, and the current capacity increases.

Parallel application:

By increasing the current capacity of the battery in parallel, the working time can be increased in electrical appliances with matching voltage and power.

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3. Auxiliary materials required in the lithium iron phosphate battery combination.

The batteries are generally connected by nickel sheets. This requires special equipment to weld the nickel sheets to the battery cells. This method is relatively firm and safe, and then connected to the corresponding protection before outputting. Keheng lithium battery new energy manufacturer There are connection accessories cables for different specifications of lithium batteries, which are fastened and flexibly disassembled by means of screws.

4. Summary of lithium iron phosphate battery combination

Due to the different power voltages of different electrical appliances and ship manufacturers, users need these two combinations to change the voltage and current capacity of lithium batteries.


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