48V 15A LiFePO4 Battery Charger

48v Golf battery charger for Club Car/EZ-GO/Yamaha

LiFePO4 battery charger

Built to charge large batteries quickly, this 48V 15A LiFePO4 battery charger will charge any lithium battery at a rate of 15 amps. Keheng has optimized this charger for use with our lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4 or LFP).

Not recommended for charging lead acid or SLA batteries, it is too powerful. Built in a high tensile aluminum case for rapid cooling, this charger is rated at 15 amps and will charge a keheng Lithium 50 Ah battery in 3.3 hours or a 100 Ah battery in 6.6 hours. All LiFePO4 Lithium batteries should be charged using a LiFePO4 compatible charger like this one. SLA chargers will reduce the performance and lifespan of the battery. The input and output can be customized according to customer requirement.



[Water & Dust Resistant] – Features an IP67 weather resistance rating, the same rating found on some of today’s most advanced smart phones, making it practically impervious to water, dust and vibration damage.


[Plug & Forget Technology] – Engineered with innovative, soft switch technology allowing you to plug in your golf cart and leave it plugged-in without fear of damaging or draining your batteries, a common issue with many golf cart battery chargers.


[Lightweight Design, Convenient Carry Handle & 16′ Of Total Cable Length] – Designed with convenience in mind, the charger weighs in at only 7 lbs and is more than 50% lighter than most OEM and aftermarket golf cart battery chargers, but don’t let the weight fool you.


[Innovative Onboard Computer Detection] – One of the only golf cart chargers that works with onboard computer (obc) and non-onboard computer Club Car models with six 8v batteries. The charger also works with non-onboard computer models with four 12v batteries.


[Can Customize Your Logo For You] – We can customize your logo on the charger board to promote your brand.


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