sodium ion battery asymptotic

The new energy track is undoubtedly one of the most promising directions in the next decade.
Low carbon, green and recyclable, will be the pursuit of human disdain.

Evolution of Nuclear Energy Technology Targeting Controlled Nuclear Fusion
The evolution of photovoltaic technology with perovskite at the forefront
The evolution of wind energy technology in the direction of large units and extreme environments
Gradually replace the status of fossil energy, and provide sufficient energy supply for human exploration of more far-reaching unknown space.

The battery demand brought by distributed power generation and electric vehicles is obvious to all: CATL, represented by lithium batteries, and its upstream suppliers have spawned many 10 times bull stocks in the past three years.

Lithium, phosphorus, cobalt, nickel and other resources have all skyrocketed in price with increasing demand.
But in fact, in terms of the earth’s reserves, most of the above-mentioned resources are not so rich in the long run in our existing reserves, even on this planet.

Therefore, the research and development of storage battery technology has never stopped.

Sodium ion battery is considered to be one of the technologies that can replace lithium ion batteries in a large range.
Because sodium is widely available and inexpensive.

sodium ion battery asymptotic,What is sodium ion battery,sodium ion battery VS lithium ion battery VS lead acid battery,Energy storage technology and economic analysis of sodium ion battery.
sodium ion battery asymptotic,What is sodium ion battery,sodium ion battery VS lithium ion battery VS lead acid battery,Energy storage technology and economic analysis of sodium ion battery.

What is sodium ion battery

Sodium-based battery (SIB) refers to a secondary battery that uses sodium ions as a charge carrier, which was first proposed in the 1970s, but because its volume and energy density are only about half that of lithium-ion batteries, it leads to Research has stalled for the next 30 years.
However, with the gradual increase in the demand for batteries in various fields, scenarios with different requirements for energy density are also enriched. In recent years, sodium ion batteries have also re-entered the scope of attention.
Due to its strong compatibility with lithium-ion battery production equipment and processes, with the further improvement of the industrial chain, the possibility of industrialization of sodium ion battery has gradually increased.

sodium ion battery VS lithium ion battery VS lead acid battery

Sodium ion battery is expected to replace lithium battery in the field of energy storage, and is expected to completely replace lead acid in low-speed vehicles.

In fact, the real entry of sodium ion battery into the field of secondary investors should be after the market on May 21, 2021. CATL announced that it will display sodium ion battery in July.
Then public data in July showed that the energy density of the first-generation sodium ion battery of CATL reached 160Wh/kg. According to recent statistics from Everbright Securities, the energy density of the sodium ion batteries of China’s two leading companies, Zhongke Haina and Na Innovation Energy, were respectively 160Wh/kg. 135Wh/kg, 120Wh/kg, and the energy density of British Faradion company reaches 140Wh/kg.

During the period, the stock prices of the above-mentioned related companies have experienced a good rise in the subject period.
In the blink of an eye, the prosperity has come to an end. During this year, some companies have been talking about failures, and some companies have continued to evolve in technology, related industry investment has continued to increase, and projects have been launched one after another.

Energy storage technology and economic analysis of sodium ion battery

“Energy Storage Science and Technology” published a paper by Hu Yongsheng, Chairman of Zhongke Haina: Sodium ion battery energy storage technology and economic analysis, pointing out:
“Since 2010, sodium ion battery has received extensive attention from academia and industry inside and outside China, and its related research has ushered in explosive growth. At present, sodium ion battery has gradually begun to move from laboratory to practical application. At this stage, there are many companies in China and abroad, including FARADION in the United Kingdom, Natron Energy in the United States, Tiamat in France, Kishida Chemical, Toyota, Panasonic and Mitsubishi Chemical in Japan, as well as Chinese companies such as Zhongke Haina, CATL, Natron Energy and other companies. , the relevant layout of sodium ion battery industrialization is underway, and important progress has been made. In June 2018, China’s first sodium ion battery enterprise Zhongke Haina launched the world’s first sodium ion battery (72 V, 80 Ah) drive low-speed electric vehicles, and released the world’s first 30 kW/100 kWh sodium ion battery energy storage power station in March 2019, and a 1 MWh sodium ion battery energy storage system in June 2021. China develops and manufactures sodium ion battery products, The work of standard formulation and market promotion and application is in full swing, and the sodium ion battery is about to enter the stage of commercial application, and the related work has been at the forefront of the world.”

In fact, after the financing of the Ningde era, it first released the Kirin battery, and made it clear that in the second half of the year, there will be technical routes such as sodium ion battery and new product releases. The academic conference on sodium ion battery technology will be held on July 22.​


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