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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Lithium Battery Supplier

If you are a buyer who intends to enter the lithium ion battery market newly or used to make lead-acid batteries and want to upgrade ...
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North American golf cart battery market to reach new heights

North American golf cart battery market reach new heights

New York time on August 3, 2022, PR Newswire reported that from 2020 to 2025, the golf battery market will grow by $58.48 million. The ...
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The impact of lithium mining on the environment

The impact of lithium mining on the environment, what’s behind clean energy?

Lithium is the most commonly used metal for new energy applications in the world. In the global electric vehicle industry, lithium batteries are widely used. ...
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US is eyeing EV Hyundai and South Korean battery giants' supply chain to China

US is eyeing EV Hyundai and South Korean battery giants’ supply chain to China

Battery Giants, Hyundai Concerned by US Moves on China Supplies South Korea’s largest battery maker and Hyundai Motor Corp have expressed concern over new U.S. ...
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Portable lithium iron phosphate batteries will be the biggest beneficiary of the global EV market

The lithium iron phosphate battery market is divided into portable and stationary by application, and the article expresses a view that portable will become the ...
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China’s lithium battery supply a key advantage in EV transition

The content also stated: After experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem that countries around the world are promoting electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint ...
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Brief introduction of lithium polymer battery

What is a lithium polymer battery The so-called lithium polymer battery is a battery that uses a carbon material that can absorb and desorb lithium ...
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New energy battery classification

The core component of a new energy vehicle is the vehicle power battery, which is the energy source of the new energy vehicle, which directly ...
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The world’s largest pure electric lfp battery cruise ship makes its maiden voyage

At 12:3 on March 29, 2022, with the sound of a ship whistle, the pure electric (lfp battery) cruise ship with the largest capacity in ...
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The future of LFP batteries in the most important areas

The industry predicts that by 2025, the shipment volume of LFP batteries in the three major application fields of automotive power batteries, energy storage, and ...
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