Why does a million-dollar Tesla use cheap 18650 lithium batteries?

Why does a million dollar Tesla use cheap 18650 lithium batteries

A few years ago, Tesla crashed one by one and burst into flames, and Tesla was able to weather the storm every time.

Now, burn mode doesn’t quite work anymore. On February 19, 2017, a Tesla Model X was involved in an accident on the 8-kilometer, 800-meter section of the Shenhai Expressway’s Guangzhou branch northbound, and then caught fire and exploded, pushing Tesla in a suspicious direction.

In this regard, Tesla is different from the iron-lithium batteries, manganese-lithium batteries and ternary lithium batteries used by many domestic auto companies such as BYD, Nissan, and BAIC. Judging from the various dismantled Tesla batteries on the Internet, Tesla generally uses cylindrical 18650 lithium batteries.

Tesla’s use of 18650 batteries certainly has the purpose of saving costs, but to deceive Chinese consumers? I’m sorry, long before Chinese consumers bought Tesla, they used 18650 batteries. If it was done to deceive Chinese consumers, it would be really dedicated! If you want to deceive, you must first deceive the US imperialist consumers who are living in dire straits!

1. First of all, when Tesla is looking for a battery, it can be said that there is no mature and stable soft-pack power ternary system battery. It can only choose mature and stable 18650 batteries, but Panasonic’s 18650 is not the cheap 18650 that Pee said. The so-called cheap is those ordinary goods with a capacity of no more than 2.7 amps, and the consistency of Panasonic’s 3.4 amps of 18650 is very good; secondly, it is also very bloody, Panasonic has pitted Tesla, and signed the previously signed The supply contract can be said to be very cheap. After the Tesla product was finalized and released, the price of the second contract increased significantly, but Musk found that it was no longer necessary!

2. Panasonic has built a factory, specializing in the production of new energy batteries. The main customer is Tesla. Panasonic’s requirements should not be too high. The water inside requires absolutely pure water, and there should be no debris larger than 100 microns in it. It has been debugged for half a year. Not up to the mark yet, still flushing. The production machines inside are all debugged by Japanese people, and they are done very carefully. The workshops are all dust-free workshops. As far as possible, there should be no other metals in the positive and negative workshops. I am afraid of contaminating the battery, etc. I just want to say that Tesla batteries are generally guaranteed.

3. Is 18650 very cheap?

One 20 yuan to install 7,000 will cost 140,000! The 18650 battery has been developed for decades, and the unit capacity has been tapped to the extreme. Now the highest single battery is 3700 mAh. In terms of volume, many mobile phone batteries do not have high density, and this kind of battery is very safe. If a single battery is designed, it can be made into a special-shaped battery to maximize the use of space, but it is not safe. Lithium batteries are very soft and almost liquid. The bigger the more dangerous, the high current during fast charging is easy to cause an accident, and once a place is damaged, the entire battery needs to be replaced, which is not worth the loss.

4. First of all, 18650 represents the cell specification, 18 represents the diameter of 18mm, 65 represents the height, and 0 represents the cylinder.

As for the cheap comeback, it is only determined by the internal chemical composition of the battery. The cheapest should be lithium iron phosphate. Lithium iron phosphate is divided into power type and capacity type, and the price is high or low. The most common 18650 is the ternary lithium battery, and the ternary represents high price and high capacity. Tesla uses the ternary, so it is the ternary lithium battery with the highest capacity in the industry. Their 18650 is not cheap.

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