Top 10 Commercial Lithium Battery Manufacturers Recommended in 2022

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The wide application of lithium batteries has gradually changed the new energy market in the future. Different lithium batteries for power storage cover many aspects, including solar energy, wind energy, UPS, electronics, mobile phones, medical equipment and electric vehicles. Compared with nickel-cadmium and lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries have higher energy density, less harm, and more extensive practical applications.

Top 10 Commercial Lithium Battery Manufacturers Recommended in 2022

At present, the war between Russia and Ukraine is constantly impacting and blocking the global energy supply, especially the energy supply in Europe. Therefore, the energy storage advantages of lithium-ion batteries can solve the energy supply problem well, and at the same time provide people with the electricity demand for life in a cleaner way.

The following will share with you the top 10 most powerful lithium battery manufacturers in 2022.

Top 10 Lithium Battery Manufacturers

Top 1: CATL (China)

It is understandable that CATL, as a Chinese company established in 2011, is not only the largest manufacturer of lithium batteries, especially in the field of electric vehicles, its business includes energy storage systems, vehicle power battery systems, battery recycling, battery cells, production and sales.

Top 2: LG Chem (South Korea)

The lithium-ion battery produced by LG Chem ranks first in Korea. They produce a wide range of audio-visual equipment such as home TVs, computers, smartphones, appliances, etc., as well as supply them with a variety of high-quality batteries, and partner companies include Daimler, Volkswagen, Hyundai-Kia and General Motors.

Top 3: Panasonic Corporation (Japan)

As a well-known multinational company in Japan, Panasonic NCA ternary lithium battery has a high process manufacturing threshold, and it is also one of Tesla’s best battery suppliers. At the same time, Panasonic provides a variety of high-quality household appliances, electronic products, office products, digital audio and video electronic products around the world.

Top 4: BYD (China)

BYD is famous for producing electric passenger cars and commercial vehicles (including electric vehicles), and its energy storage system lithium-ion batteries are also very good. Its production of lithium batteries includes lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium NCM batteries. It has to be said that lithium iron phosphate batteries are one of the safest batteries in the world today.

Top 5: Samsung SDI (Korea)

SDI has 12,000 employees, and its R&D centers are located in South Korea, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, India, Vietnam and other regions. Its business covers small lithium-ion batteries, ESS, automotive batteries, and electronic materials. Its cooperative companies are Volkswagen Group, BMW and so on.

Top 6: SK On (South Korea)

SK as not only the first oil refining company in the Asia-Pacific region, they have the core technology of the most excellent lithium-ion battery separators, and are famous for their extraordinary wet separators to maintain their stability, with low shrinkage and resistance of separator manufacturing. Thermal patented technology. Electric vehicles have been put into use since 2008; battery supplier for Mitsubishi Fuso, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Kia.

Top 7: CALB (China)

The main business of Zhongxinhang is lithium-ion power battery, battery management system, energy storage battery and related integrated products and lithium battery materials. In 2021, the installed capacity of AVIC’s power battery will reach 8.6GWh, ranking third in China and seventh in the world. In July 2022, AVIC’s global installed capacity of power batteries was successfully promoted to the sixth place, taking the ranking even further.

Top 8: Clarios (Germany)

Clarios is a subsidiary of the Brookfield business. It is known for excellent power industry and energy storage solution advancements. The lithium-ion batteries they produce are perfectly designed to handle high electrical loads and usage. Longer spans and advanced changes in low fuel usage allow their batteries to perfectly meet regulatory requirements for low-voltage batteries.

Top 9. Toshiba Corporation (Japan)

As an established lithium battery manufacturer, Toshiba has developed rechargeable lithium batteries that can provide longevity and fast charging. Suitable for many purposes in automobiles, elevators, buses, power plants, UPS and railway vehicles.

Top 10 KHLitech (China)

Keheng Lithium Battery is an excellent lithium-ion battery manufacturer in China. It is committed to providing high-quality lithium batteries and creating sustainable energy and power storage solutions for all parts of the world. Its lithium iron phosphate battery products are used in ships, automobiles and motorcycles. , UPS, solar systems, RVs, electric forklifts and sweepers, recreational and industrial, etc. At the same time provide a variety of OEM services for customers from the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, the Middle East and other countries.


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