What is the battery capacity – TWh, GWh, MWh, kWh?

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What is the battery capacity TWh GWh MWh kWh
What is the battery capacity TWh, GWh, MWh, kWh?

Kew-hours, megawatt-hours, gigawatt-hours of lithium-ion batteries, just visualize how big these numbers are:

Now a pure electric vehicle is generally about 100kWh.

A container is about 1MWh, which is the battery pack of 10 electric vehicles.

One thousand containers of 1GWh, about the loading capacity of an ocean-going freighter, about 10,000 vehicles.

Now a battery factory is generally built with an annual production capacity of 5-30GWh, that is, the annual output of 5-30 ocean-going freighters (50,000-300,000 vehicles), and the daily output of 14-82 containers (140-820 vehicles) car volume).

1KWh is what we usually call one kilowatt hour.

1GWh=1000MWh=1000000KWh=1000000000Wh, in thousands

1GWh followed by 9 zeros.

1MWh followed by 6 zeros.

But at present, with the large-scale promotion of energy storage, it will enter the TWh era. The full name of TWH is: Tera Watt Hour(s), that is, Tera Watt Hour=10^9 kWh=10^12Wh.

1TWh followed by 12 zeros.

It seems that the size of the space is not very easy to understand, so let’s convert it into money. At present, the cost of lithium batteries is about 1 dollar/Wh, and the system cost is higher.

Then 1kWh is 1,000 dollar, and a 100kWh car costs 100,000 dollar.

A 1MWh container is 1 million dollar.

1GWh is 1 billion dollar.

1TWh is one trillion dollar.

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