Which is the best battery for electric yachts?

Which is the best battery for electric yachts? Yacht power batteries include lead-acid batteries, polymer batteries, and lithium iron phosphate batteries. You need to choose the type of yacht to play the best effect and save costs.

For small electric yachts, you only need to drive at a steady and uniform speed, and the discharge current of the battery is generally not very large;

Medium-sized short-term holiday electric yachts, which generally require power batteries;

Electric motor yachts pursue the thrill of speed and explosive power. This kind of power battery is generally discharged with high current; these are the common yachts that can be driven by electricity.

Let’s take a look at which battery they use for power drive is better.

Which is the best battery for electric yachts
Which is the best battery for electric yachts?

Electric yacht power battery selection

1. Small electric yacht

Small electric yachts belong to the category of medium-speed boats, generally at a speed of 60km/h, which is a stable discharge current, and the current is generally not very large. At the same time, this kind of electric yacht has a carrying capacity of 2 to 4 people, and the lighter the weight of the equipment to be carried, the better.

Therefore, the batteries used are only polymer lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Although these two kinds of battery polymer lithium batteries are relatively light in weight, but the price is relatively expensive, while the lithium iron phosphate battery has the same capacity, the weight is relatively light, but the price is relatively cheap, and the durability is relatively better. Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose iron-lithium batteries for small electric yachts.

2. Electric Motor Yacht

There are two types of electric motor yachts, one for rental and one for personal use.

The motorboats generally used for rental are basically powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries because of the pursuit of economic benefits, because they are not only durable, but also slightly worse than polymer lithium batteries in terms of discharge rate. The economic benefits of maintenance and replacement are better than that of polymer lithium batteries.

Electric motorboats for personal use mostly use iron-lithium batteries, and a few use polymer lithium batteries, which mainly depends on the user’s economic conditions and cognitive needs.

3. Medium-sized holiday electric yachts

In the past, medium-sized recreational electric yachts were basically fuel-driven, but with the improvement of economic development and environmental protection requirements, it will become a trend for electric yachts to replace oil-fueled yachts. This kind of yacht will not have explosive high-speed sailing, generally sailing at a constant speed of 60Km/H, and the hull has a certain weight, so lead-acid batteries are definitely not suitable, then polymer lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate become A better choice.

In terms of economic benefits, it is better to use lithium iron phosphate batteries, because lithium iron phosphate batteries are cheaper in price, longer in service life, and better in safety performance.

4. Electric kayak

Electric kayak is a high-speed sailing boat, so it needs a battery that can meet high rate discharge. From this aspect, polymer lithium battery is the best choice. This kind of battery can provide relatively superior power and high current discharge.

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