Why are drone lithium batteries expensive?


To put it simply, the main reason is that the UAV is a power battery, which is different from ordinary batteries in that it can discharge at a high current in an instant, and the discharge rate reaches 20C, which meets the needs of the machine for large power changes in a short period of time. Therefore, the price will rise in a straight line.

The specific reasons are as follows

UAV lithium battery has high performance requirements

The drone needs to carry its own gravity. Therefore, the weight of the battery is relatively high, and increasing the battery capacity will lead to an increase in weight. Therefore, only the lighter polymer lithium-ion battery with the same capacity can meet the needs. On the one hand, drones have particularly high requirements for battery power. When the throttle is rapidly increased from the hovering state to the top speed, the battery power will increase rapidly, and the power will increase several times in a short period of time.

This kind of power change can only be met by polymer lithium-ion batteries. In fact, 18650 batteries can also meet such requirements through series and parallel connection. The batteries of Tesla cars are more than 7,000 18650 batteries connected in series and parallel, so that they can withstand instantaneous High power requirements, which is obviously not suitable for drones.

Therefore, in terms of performance, only polymer lithium-ion batteries can meet such use requirements.

Of course, even polymer lithium-ion batteries wear out very quickly on drones. A 5800mah battery in DJI Phantom 4 can hold as much as 89Wh of energy. A 20,000mah power bank can hold only 70Wh of energy. Such a 5800mah battery can only support 30 minutes of flight time. It is conceivable how much pressure is placed on the battery. In this working environment for a long time, the battery wears out very quickly, and the rapid discharge in a short time will also cause The battery temperature rises rapidly, which makes the drone battery need further safety protection.

DJI’s drone batteries are all called intelligent flight batteries, because in addition to polymer lithium-ion batteries, there are more components on the battery. First of all, in order to protect the long-term work safety of the battery, the power management system can protect the battery from charging and discharging, and can always keep the battery working within a safe range.

If the battery is fully charged for a long time, it will affect the battery life

The DJI smart battery has built-in battery storage self-discharge protection, which can automatically discharge under long-term shelving, extending the battery life. This set of technologies is a bit like a stripped-down version of Tesla’s power management system.

Therefore, whether from the perspective of performance or safety, the battery requirements for drones are higher than the 18650 batteries used in ordinary power banks, which also makes them expensive.

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