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Keheng offer a variety lithium battery customize solutions no matter for different voltage, size, battery housing etc. You design it, we make it true!


One-stop 48V lithium battery Manufacturer

Keheng, is a top customized lithium battery manufacturer, including 48V lithium batteries for power boats, RVs, and light industry vehicles, to meet your various requirements and ensure efficient and safe power energy sources. We provide OEM/ODM services, such as:

  • Battery voltage, capacity, and size;
  • BMS charging and discharging current;
  • Communication protocol, Bluetooth are optional;
  • Battery connectors, housing, and package;
  • Your logo silk printing.
    We tailored the batteries to match your needs.

Empower Your 48V Lithium Battery

Keheng’s 48V Lithium Batteries suit for many different applications,tailored to fit any scenario, we design the perfect-sized battery for your specific needs.

How We turn your ideal battery into real

Keheng specialize in versatile voltage and capacity options. We‘re skilled in use Lifepo4, NMC, and LTO different battery materials,  serving a wide array of applications – marine, RV, industrial devices, and marine ESS – we tailor solutions to your specific needs.

Communication Battery Specifications

Communication about your project backgrounds and confirm the battery specifications suit for your needs.

Drawing Design And Confirmation

Our engineer team will provide the free design drawing for you to review and confirm. We will modify the drawings until to suit your needs.

Prototype/ Bulk Manufacturing

We will begin according to the final solution drawing. It will take about 15 to 25 workdays to complete.

Shipping Methods

Air shipping is fast but expensive. It’s a wise choice for urgent orders. Sea shipping is more economical, but it takes much longer than air shipping.

Keheng's Commitment: Offering Tailored Solutions And Expert Services.​


Keheng batteries have obtained all necessary certifications, such as UN38.3, MSDS, ROHS, CE, UL etc to meet different market requirements.

Product Quality Assurance

Keheng has an advanced quality testing laboratory, and QC inspection team, 100% inspected before shipment to ensure product quality.


We have no MOQ requirements to the standard products, even for the customized lithium battery,we will work on it with a very small MOQ.

Quick Response & Rushing Sample

Our dedicated team engaged in to ensure the rapid confirmation and swift sample production to accelerate your market capture.

48V Lithium Batteries: Powering Diverse Applications

LFP 48v Lithium Battery: Revolutionizing Marine, Golf, Electric Vehicles, Motorcycles, Industrial, Commercial, and Solar Sectors.

48V lithium battery for e-bikes and e-motorcycles

Keheng srictly uses the high-grade 18650, 21700, and 26650 high rate cylindrical cells, packed in an IP65 Water and Dust Resistant Shell. Our electric bike/motorcycle battery can promise outstanding durability and consistent reliability for any environmental conditions. Connect for Custom e-bike lithium battery solutions!

Keheng 48V Lithium Battery for Energy storage system

48V Lithium Battery for Energy storage system

As a premier 48V lithium battery supplier, we cater to your demands of ESS matters for residential or C&I ESS. And most importantly, we work in depth to ensure you the leading and irreplaceable position in your market, we launch our new and own-patent lithium battery solutions every month with a 20+ R&D team. Contact us for our latest catalog!

48V Lithium Battery For Golf Carts

With 15 years of mastery, we offer expert lithium golf cart battery, like group sizes 24, 27, 31, 34, 65, and 78. Known for Extended Run Times, Rapid Charging, Low Maintenance, Longevity, and Safety, Our Batteries are the Prime Choice Over Lead-Acid. Elevate the Power of Your Golf Carts and Boats with Us. Embrace Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness. Contact Us to Begin Your Journey of Enhanced Performance!


48V Lithium Battery For Electric boat

For electric boat, efficiency and reliability show in our 48V lithium batteries. As a professional lithium battery since 2008, Keheng is dedicated to delivery optimal marine battery solutions for trolling motor and electric outboard motor battery on the boat. Experience Long time operation, rapid charging, low maintenance, extended lifespan, and maximum safety.

Ready To Try Excellent 48V lithium battery wholesale With Keheng?

Get in touch with us. Connect with Keheng and start a long term comfortable cooperation.

48v Lithium Ion Battery​ - keheng battery, China Premier Supplier and Manufacturer

Definition of 48V Lithium-Ion Batteries

Definition of 48V Lithium Ion Batteries 48V Lithium Ion Batteries are everywhere, whether in the heart of a mechanical behemoth, at home, or even on a small boat on a calm lake, they provide flashes of life’s passion for power systems. The power of the future lies in these seemingly ordinary but extraordinary batteries, like the energy released by coal in the presence of temperature, helping to revitalize our industrial equipment, illuminate our stages, and provide convenience and warmth to our lives.
There are multiple advantages to choosing a 48-volt battery. First of all, they are more powerful and faster than low-voltage batteries, transmitting and using energy like a dragon riding the wind. In addition, this bodes well for a wider range of uses, and the enormous potential is compelling. Secondly, the life of 48-volt battery is like an ancient tree. It is long-lived and fruitful. It is durable and experienced. It is virtually guaranteed to be a long-term investment.
However, all good things have their drawbacks, and 48-volt batteries are no exception. They are usually larger and heavier than their low-voltage counterparts, and their use may require you to bear the burden for a long time. In addition, they may be more expensive to purchase, but rest assured that their long and durable life will pay you back in spades.

48v Lithium battery price?

The 48V lithium-ion battery is composed of multiple lithium batteries connected in series and parallel. If a single 48v battery cell is used, the life and efficiency of the battery will be affected. Usually, the price of lithium batteries is composed of the following formula: battery price *ternary lithium quantity (3.6~3.7*n=48v)*m (number of parallel connections) + BMS + shell + auxiliary materials. Due to the materials and auxiliary materials used by lithium battery manufacturers in production, The price will be different depending on the process.

What is a BMS and what is it used for?

A battery management system (BMS) is a specialized technology crafted to supervise a collection of batteries, ensuring they consistently provide a desired voltage and current range across various timeframes and anticipated usage scenarios. Through the monitoring of individual cells within a lithium-ion battery pack, the overall condition of the battery system is assessed. Corresponding control adjustments and strategies are then enacted, tailored to the specific state of the lithium-ion battery system.

How to choose a 48v Lithium battery?
  • You should select a battery based on the specific usage scenario. Consider the following factors: capacity, voltage, size, and usage time.
  • 1. Capacity:
  • Choosing a battery with sufficient capacity is essential to ensure it can power your device effectively for the required duration. Too little capacity may result in insufficient runtime, while an excessively large capacity could be wasteful and unnecessary.
  • 2. Voltage:
  • It is crucial to choose a battery that matches the voltage specification of your device. Selecting a battery with an incompatible voltage could potentially damage your device or cause it to malfunction. Therefore, ensuring compatibility between the battery and the device is imperative to avoid any potential issues. If you’re uncertain about the battery capacity required for your application, feel free to contact us for professional guidance.
  • 3. Size:
  • Each device has specific size requirements for its battery. Common international sizes for battery packs include 16850, 21700, and 26650. If you require a different size, please let us know, as we can customize lithium battery packs based on your specific needs.
  • 4. Usage Time:
  • The battery’s usage time directly impacts the efficiency of your work. Generally, the usage time is influenced by the battery’s ampere-hour (Ah) rating. A higher Ah rating typically results in a longer usage time. However, it’s important to consider the device’s size constraints in order to make the best choice.
How to store Lithium batteries?
  • 1. Prior to storing, kindly remove the battery. It is advisable to verify the battery’s charge level, ensuring it hovers around 50%. If required, employ a moistened cloth to eradicate any dirt or grime adhering to the battery.
  • 2. It is preferable to store the battery in a cool and arid locale, such as its original packaging.
  • 3. The optimal storage temperature range for batteries rests between -10°C and 40°C, as this span bestows the most propitious conditions for their preservation.
  • 4. Please exercise caution in refraining from placing any weighty objects atop the battery, as such compression may impinge upon its longevity.
Comparison of 48V Lithium-Ion Battery and Lead Acid Battery
  • Advantages of 48V lithium-ion battery:
    • 1. High energy density
    • 2. Lightweight and portable
    • 3. Long life
    • 4. Fast charging
  • Disadvantages of 48V lithium-ion batteries:
    • 1. Higher cost
  • Advantages of lead-acid batteries:
    • 1. Relatively low cost:
    • 2. Good vibration resistance
    • 3. Mature technology
  • Disadvantages of lead-acid batteries:
    • 1. Heavyweight
    • 2. Low energy density
    • 3. Short life
    • 4. Environmental impact
Does it support 48v Lithium battery customization?

Certainly, we offer customization services for lithium batteries. In typical scenarios, you can communicate your specific requirements, and our team of professional designers will provide detailed drawings accordingly. Once the design is confirmed, we proceed to create prototypes for your evaluation. The prototyping phase usually takes around 3-5 days, ensuring prompt delivery of samples for testing and evaluation. This streamlined process allows you to swiftly enter the market and seize opportunities.

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