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Keheng industrial Lithium-powered batteries are widely used in lithium forklift (material handling equipment), AGV & AMR logistics robot, floor sweeper, sicssor lift and heavy-duty mining and construction equipment etc.

Looking for industrial battery solutions for your devices?

The increasement of applications for battery-powered equipment and the demand for clean energy contribute to the growth of the global industrial battery market.
Industrial lithium batteries have become increasingly popular over the past decade.
These industrial batteries change the way energy is used, providing a cleaner and safer energy effect.
In the field of these industrial batteries, Keheng provide you with customized industrial battery solutions so that the battery better match with your equipments!

Wholesale Industrial Battery Suppliers

Keheng, as a 15 years’ experience industrial lithium battery manufacturer vendor, we’re committed to offer the battery solutions for your different industrial equipments.

keheng Lithium-Forklift-Battery

Transforming the forklift industry with lithium batteries: Embrace a cleaner, more efficient energy with our lithium forklift battery solutions. 

Keheng’s industrial lithium batteries for AGVs & AMRs are designed to provide long-lasting power and high performance battery energy solutions. 

keheng Floor-Sweeper-Battery

Revolutionize your cleaning with our industrial floor sweeper battery: Enjoy longer run times, quick charging, and consistent  performance to elevates your floor sweeper’s functionality.

Why choose Keheng As Your industrial battery manufacturer?

When talking about material handling, automatic logistic robot, and road cleaning, industrial devices comes to mind, and the industrial batteries are the core part of these devices.
keheng is the leading supplier of industrial batteries in China: top LFP material technology; Own developed BMS; Smart monitoring system.We’re committed to tailor the industrial battery solutions for our customers, including voltage, capacity, size, communicaiton protocol, and how to connect the batteries in series or parallel.
Keheng is your ideal partner for your industrial battery  solutions!


Leverage Our Unmatched Strengths

We specialize in providing cutting-edge 24V industrial handling and lift power batteries and more, and if you’re looking for industrial batteries stuck in a funk, then reach out to keheng’s team of technicians to provide you with a sustainable plan that will make your industrial equipment stand out amongst its peers!

Keheng battery Customized-Solutions

Customized Solutions

Understanding various industrial devices' needs, we tailor the Batteries solutions to meet specific operational requirements, enhancing compatibility.

Eco-Friendly Options

Committed to sustainability, Keheng industrial lithium battery use enviromental friendly material, contributing to greener operations.

Keheng battery Expert-Support

Expert Support

Our technical engineers support you from industrial battery complete design to battery prototype production, ensuring Smooth and Continuous Operation.

Ready To Try Excellent Industrial lithium battery With Keheng?

Get in touch with us. Connect with Keheng and start a long term comfortable lithium battery Procument Working.

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