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Benefits Of Choosing Keheng Lithium Ion Battery For Golf Cart Business

Excellent Self-Discharge Rate, Support Bluetooth APP

● Extended self-discharge for worry-free storage.
● Bluetooth app tracks battery status and potential issues.

Environmentally Friendly Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

● Safe, non-polluting LiFePO4 batteries with 4000 cycles.
● Reduced spills, leaks, fumes, and waste generation.

High Charge/Discharge Efficiency

● Up to 95% depth of discharge and fast charging.
● Higher capacity covers more distance per charge.
● Lightweight design improves performance and reduces energy consumption.

Competitive Value

● High quality at competitive prices compared to lead-acid.
● Longer lifespan & lower maintenance reduce long-term costs.

Small Order Acceptable

● Offers golf cart manufacturers, custom builders, and small-scale operators the flexibility to test and adapt to market demands without the need for large initial investments.

Keheng's Lithium Ion Batteries For Golf Carts

12v golf cart battery

12V Deep Cycle Battery for Golf Carts

Scenarios: Optimal for personal and commercial golf cart applications seeking to customize their power setup for optimal performance and extended range.

36 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Scenarios: Suitable for environments with frequent charging opportunities, balancing performance and convenience.
36v golf cart battery
48v golf cart battery

48 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Scenarios: Perfect for large golf courses, resorts, and high-end carts needing extended range and efficiency.

48V Lithium Batteries for Golf Carts: Drop-In Ready

Scenario: Ideal for upgrading golf carts in resorts, courses, or personal use, ensuring longer travel distances and reduced upkeep.

48v golf cart battery drop-in ready

Why Choose Keheng As Your Lithium Battery Manufacturer For Your Golf Cart Business?

Raw Materials

● Uses top-quality battery cells from EVE, CATL, and BYD for lithium-ion, LiFePO4, and industrial batteries.
● Employs A-grade cells for enhanced stability and lifespan.


Offers a wide range of customization options, including:
● Battery shape and size
● Capacity
● Discharge rate
● Temperature performance
● Voltage
● OEM/ODM design


● 15 years of experience in lithium-ion battery manufacturing.
● Skilled team of sales professionals and engineers ensure operational excellence and quality control.
● 500+ engineers and 8 automatic production lines for efficient and high-quality production.
● ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 certified.

After-Sales Services

● 10-year warranty on battery packs.
● echnical support for installation and troubleshooting.
● Extensive customer base with positive feedback.

Certified Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Factory:
Over 100 Accreditations Tailored to Meet Your Demands

Interested in selling golf cart batteries worldwide? We’ve got you covered. Concentrate on selling, and we’ll take care of the import rules and compliance issues in any country.

Detailed Comparison Of Why You Should Choose
LiFePO4 Battery Instead Of Lead-Acid Battery In Golf Cart


LiFePO4 Battery

Lead-Acid Battery

500-1,000 cycles at 80% DOD

4,000 cycles at 80% DOD

Lifespan (cycles)

2-3 years

5-10 years

Equivalent Use Lifespan (years)

60-70% typical, varying with current draw

95% consistent throughout discharge


Reduced lifespan above 25°C

Up to 40°C ambient with no impact

Temperature Resilience

Cheaper by about 50%

80-100% more expensive initially

Upfront Cost

5-6 hours

1 hour

Charging Time

Heavier, larger for same energy

⅓-¼ less weight, ½ less space for same energy

Weight/Space Requirement

30-40% higher energy loss to heat

4% energy lost to heat

Heat Loss

Up to 1C, higher rates cause efficiency and lifespan loss

Up to 3C with minimal impact

Safe Discharge Rate

Regular maintenance needed (water topping, cleaning)

None required


Prone to sulfation if not fully charged regularly

No risk

Sulfation Risk

Lead content requires special disposal

Non-toxic lithium iron phosphate

Environmental Impact

Power drops as battery drains

Consistent power delivery throughout round

Golf Cart Performance

A Complete Buyer's Guide Of
How To Buy Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) batteries are becoming increasingly popular in the golf cart industry due to their many advantages over traditional lead acid batteries. 
One of the main advantages of LiFePO4 batteries is their excellent safety features. By using LiFePO4 as the cathode material, LFP batteries are more stable and less prone to overheating and fire than lead acid batteries. This is especially important in golf cart applications where the safety of the user and others on the course is paramount.

Table of Contents

What is Lithium Golf Cart Battery?
Lithium golf cart batteries are half the weight of traditional lead-acid batteries, and these batteries reduce the weight of a golf cart by two-thirds during normal use. Less weight means golf carts can reach higher speeds with less effort and carry more weight without feeling sluggish to passengers! 
Golf cart batteries are the key drivers for golf cart start-ups, such as dipped lead-acid batteries, gel lead-acid batteries, AGM lead-acid batteries, and lithium-ion batteries are highly recommended and well-regarded. Before you decide to replace your golf cart battery, you’d better check your golf cart to see if it’s gas or electric-powered. For gas-powered golf carts, a single gas golf cart usually runs on a 12-volt starting point, similar to your car. But for electric golf carts, electric golf carts traditionally require multiple deep-cycle batteries to start.
How to Choose Lithium Golf Cart Batteries?
Select the correct battery voltage and capacity for the new battery. The battery voltage must meet the voltage requirements of the cart. You can choose from 36V or 48V lithium batteries.
Simply put, battery capacity, measured in Ah, indicates how long a battery will last before needing to be recharged and greatly influences the choice of lithium-ion golf cart batteries. Most lithium batteries will easily get you through 18 holes of golf. Some batteries have an AH of around 100 and can last 36 holes.
Voltage is the rate at which energy is drawn from a source in a circuit that produces current and is usually expressed in volts.24 volts is a typical standard voltage for lithium golf cart batteries.
The lifespan of a lithium golf cart battery is the amount of time the lithium golf cart battery will function from birth to death. For lithium batteries, it should normally last no less than 1500 cycles. If you plan to play a round of golf every day, these batteries can last 4-5 years. Some lithium batteries have a cycle life of up to 8,000 cycles and can last up to 10 years.
Most lithium batteries are known to use lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), a chemical that is quite safe due to its internal structure. In addition, battery management systems (BMS) have been developed to regulate heat and eliminate the risk of overcharging and overheating.
Because of the lithium battery itself, charging and discharging will be much more efficient, which will also improve your overall experience on the golf course.
When choosing the best lithium golf cart batteries, the size of the lithium golf cart batteries is also important because they are not compatible in size, which can sometimes cause annoying problems.
Expense or cost is certainly an influencing factor when purchasing a set of batteries for your golf cart as the amount of it is usually large to some extent.
When choosing an excellent golf cart battery, maintenance is another consideration if the lead acid battery requires regular and frequent maintenance and does not require water or acid sludge cleaning from lithium acid golf cart batteries.
Today, experience plays an important role in the entire process of a transaction between two parties. A bad and lukewarm buying experience makes it almost impossible to attract a partner, let alone any other transaction.
In today’s business world, both pre-sales and after-sales services have a significant impact on the likelihood of reaching an agreement with the other party. In particular, quality after-sales service can significantly increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
A long warranty can boost confidence and ease any buyer’s concerns when purchasing such a set of batteries. Some companies even offer a ten-year warranty, which is a real draw.
Certification is also an important factor when deciding which type of lithium golf cart battery to purchase. Many specialized international certifications are important in demonstrating expertise and reliability.
Why Choose Lithium Batteries For Golf Cart?
Lithium batteries are superior to lead-acid batteries in every way, improving the overall golf cart experience. They are less than half the weight of a fairway, which makes them easier to install and load onto your cart, reducing fairway wear and tear. Golf carts batteries are much lighter than acid batteries and give you more freedom when choosing a golf cart battery because they don’t put as much stress on your engine. 
Lithium battery golf carts can deliver more power than lead-acid golf carts, allowing you to go farther on a single charge. Lithium batteries have three times the energy density of traditional lead-acid batteries, which means they can store more energy and provide more power for longer.
Benefits Of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries
  • Lithium-ion batteries are lighter: When 6-volt or other types of lead-acid batteries have worn out their welcome, it’s time to upgrade to lithium golf cart batteries. This will make your golf cart easier to maneuver and help you reach a comfortable speed faster. As an added benefit, a lighter golf cart requires less power to move. Less power means less battery consumption, so you get longer charge cycles with each use.
  • Longer battery life: The more the battery is used, the less charge it will have. This means that once the battery has reached its maximum number of charge cycles, you will need to plug in your golf cart more often. For lithium batteries, they should normally last no less than 1500 cycles. If you play a round of golf every day, these batteries will last 4-5 years. Some lithium batteries have a cycle life of up to 8,000 cycles, which can last up to 10 years.
  • Maintenance Free Golf Cart Batteries: Lithium batteries require very little maintenance. All you have to do is check the connections and clean as needed. That means less time tinkering and more time perfecting your swing.
  • Environmentally Friendly Golf Lithium Batteries: When you’re ready to replace your batteries, you can recycle them. However, some batteries are more difficult to recycle than others. Lithium batteries are easier to recycle and have less impact on the environment. That means they are the most environmentally friendly type of battery on the market! All you need to do is find a licensed battery recycling drop-off location.
  • No Risk Of Acid Leakage:If the battery leaks or the case corrodes, you will have to deal with acid spills. These spills are harmful to golf cart components, the environment and your health. The only way to prevent this from happening is to always keep your battery properly charged and stored. For most golf cart owners, this is not an option. After all, you’re using the cart on the course, not storing it for weeks at a time. Premium lithium batteries do not contain the same acid as standard SLA models. They have protected cells that produce the power you need. This means that even if you check them for wear and tear, you won’t come into contact with the chemicals inside.
  • Cheaper Per Hour Of Use:The longer the life of your batteries, the less you spend on battery replacement. Over the life of the battery, your maintenance costs will be greatly reduced. But that’s not all. Lithium batteries are much more efficient. They tend to take longer to recharge. The fewer times you have to recharge your batteries, the less you’ll pay for electricity!
  • Greater Power Means Greater Velocity:Lithium golf cart batteries have more power than an SLA battery of the same size. This means a huge increase in speed and power for your golf cart. The more power the battery provides to the motor, the easier it is for the cart to move over uneven terrain. When you’re in an apartment, the same amount of power means you can go faster without draining the battery as quickly!
  • Temperature Change Less Sensitive:If you’re a year-round golfer, you need this cart to work in all weather conditions. That includes freezing temperatures. However, some batteries drain faster in cold weather. That means you may find yourself stuck on the back nine. By upgrading to a lithium battery, you won’t have to worry about the weather. Lithium batteries perform well in all temperatures. While you may notice a slight drop in performance in extreme conditions, you can still finish the round before you need to plug in.
How Long Do 48 Volt Golf Cart Batteries Last
48 volt golf cart batteries can last up to 5-7 years depending on use, care and maintenance. Proper storage, regular charging and maintaining fluid levels can greatly extend the life of your battery.
The range of a 48V lithium-ion battery is related to the capacity of the battery itself (in amp-hours) and the total power of the household appliances (in watts). Assuming that you are using a 48V 300Ah solar home battery and the total power of the household appliances is 1800W, the running time of the household appliances is 48V*300Ah/1.8kW=8h
How Much Do Lithium Batteries Cost For Golf Carts?
The price of lithium golf cart batteries can vary depending on voltage and size. They can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000. Lithium batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries, but they require less maintenance and last longer!
What Do You Need To Upgrade Your Golf Cart To Lithium Batteries?
Golf Cart Battery Conversion Lead acid batteries are compatible with lithium batteries and are suitable for the voltage required for golf carts. To make this conversion, it is necessary to purchase a power bank, golf cart battery charger, battery wiring for golf cart and connectors specific to your golf cart!
How to maintain lithium golf cart batteries?
Lithium golf cart batteries are sensitive to temperature extremes, so avoid storing them in hot or cold environments. A temperature range of approximately 50-77 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for lithium batteries to prevent potential damage. Also, before storing your golf cart lithium batteries, make sure they are fully charged!
Why Choose Lithium Golf Cart Batteries From Khlitech?
KH LiTech is a professional lithium golf cart batteries manufacturer with 15 years of production experience and a professional R&D team.
You can customize the LCD screen, Bluetooth real-time control, automatic heating, and other functions. In addition, series and parallel connections are supported to increase the capacity and power of the system.

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