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Keheng One-Stop-Customized-Leisure-Battery-Manufacturer

One-stop Customized Leisure battery manufacturer

Seeking a Trusted Leisure Battery Manufacturer? Look No Further than Keheng:
With 15 Years of Industrial Battery Manufacturing Expertise, Keheng specialize in  diverse ranges of leisure batteries which perfectly suited for motorhomes, caravans, boats, and golf carts etc.

As your dedicated leisure battery manufacturer, Keheng offers one-stop customization battery solutions to maximize the performance of your equipment. 

For expert advice and tailored solutions for your leisure batteries. Reach Out to Keheng’s technical team now!

Just one minute,we will surprise you!

Experience the Keheng difference with leisure lithium batteries, our Batteries are not just Power Sources; they are Tailored Masterpieces, Crafted to Fit Your Specific Leisure Needs based on the larger industry cases experience in the past 15 years.

One-stop Customization

We understand your needs and customize your equipment to suit your leisure lithium batteries.

Uncompromised Quality

Every battery undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure top-notch performance, safety and durability.

Research & Development

Specialized R&D teams are at the forefront of lithium battery technology you provide the most advanced batteries.

Customer Service Team

A dedicated customer service team will guide you every step of the way, from initial consultation to post-sale support.

Various Applicaitons of Leisure batetry

Keheng Caravan-Campervan-RV-Leisure-Lithium-Batteries

Caravan/ Campervan/ RV Leisure Lithium Batteries

Use efficient leisure batteries to provide excellent power for your caravan, in the caravan rental or travel service industry, choose a customizable battery can be more better power output and caravan matching, keheng provide cell material, appearance, voltage, capacity customization options.

Leisure Battery in Marine Applications

For distributing or wholesaling the marine lithium batteries to enhance your business, high safety is the priority to be considered, Keheng is the first company to  built with a fire-resistant devices inside the battery, can 100% guarantee that the battery will not catch fire, ensuring your competitive position in your market!

Keheng battery in Leisure-Battery-In-Marine-Applications
Keheng Leisure-Batteries-In-Golf-Carts

Leisure Batteries in Golf Carts

As a key asset for golf clubs and resorts, we offer the high discharge current more than 1C rate. We using lithium batteries for extended use and quick recharging keeps your golf carts running efficiently and enhances your customers’ experience.

Leisure Batteries in Electric Outboard Motor

Ideal for water sports equipment rental businesses that offer electric surfboards/electric outboard motors and jet skis. With higher power, IP67 waterproof, lighter weight and durability, these batteries ensure that your equipment meets the high demands of your customers and are a valuable investment for your watersports business.

Keheng Leisure-Batteries-In-Electric-Outboard-Motor

Ready To Try Excellent leisure lithium battery With Keheng?

Get in touch with us. Connect with Keheng and start a long term comfortable lithium battery Procument Working.

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