High Voltage Lithium Battery

Keheng have 10+ standard battery modules that support multiple series-parallel expansion. We can also customize your battery system according to your needs. Contact with us to find an option that works for you.

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Keheng is HV lithium battery Manufacturer, specializing in providing users with solutions from low-voltage energy storage systems to high-voltage energy storage systems. We mainly produce Li-ion battery energy storage products and provide one-stop solutions to meet the needs of users from different scenarios.

Keheng battery Standard-Modular-Design

Standard Modular Design

Modular design, plug and play, simple and flexible,easy to installation, save time and effort.

Custom Off-Grid Energy Storage

A variety of models, suit the customer different requirements, different voltage and capacity for options.

Both solar and Grid charge

Seamless connection to the grid, safeguarding power consumption of critical loads.

Safety is priority

LFP material technology, intelligent bms, built-in fire safety device, ensure definite high safety.

Various Application Scenarios of HV lithium battery

Keheng as a HV lithium battery manufacturer, specializing in providing users with solutions from low-voltage energy storage systems to high-voltage energy storage systems. We mainly produce Li-ion battery energy storage products and provide one-stop solutions to meet the needs of users from different scenarios.

Keheng HV-Battery-In-Agricultural-Industry

HV battery in Agricultural industry

With DSP controlled backup power supply, can reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental Impact. The smart battery supports real-time monitoring of battery status and lifecycles, ensuring optimal performance and maintenance. 

Keheng HV-Battery-In-Agricultural-Industry

HV battery in Industrial industry

Optimize heavy-duty operations with Keheng HV lifepo4 batteries used in Forklifts and tramcars, mining cars etc. Equipped with Advanced BMS Technology, our Batteries Constantly Monitor Status, Ensuring Safe and Efficient Operation Under Demanding Conditions. Trust in Our Robust, High-Performance Batteries for Your Most Challenging Power Needs.

Keheng HV-Battery-In-Transportation-Industry

HV battery in Transportation industry

Keheng High voltage lithium batteries are designed to used in electric vehicles, marine ESS, electric truck, etc, which improve power device performance, long operation time and zero emissions compared with the lead acid AGM battery.

Keheng HV-Battery-In-C&I-Energy-Storag

HV battery in C&I Energy Storage industry

HV battery is commonly used in C&I ESS. It provides auxiliary services such as peak adjustment, frequency regulation, standby, and voltage support of the power system, and improves the stability and reliability of the power grid. 

Keheng HV-Battery-In-Military

HV battery in Military industry

The lithium battery can be applied to military bases, military operations, and other military equipment, such as military communications, radar, missiles, etc, to improve the performance and effectiveness of military equipment.

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High Voltage Battery Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high voltage battery?

High voltage lithium battery, refers to the lithium battery system in which multiple batteries are connected in series to realize high-voltage DC output. Compared with the low-voltage lithium battery system, high-voltage lithium battery has less energy loss during use, higher charging and discharging efficiency, supports the operation of high-power machines or equipment, and has a relatively low overall cost.

Pros of high voltage lithium batteries

Increased energy density and capacity: Higher energy density and capacity: high voltage batteries can store more energy in the same volume.

Faster Charging: The high voltage of the battery means that the charging rate can be increased according to the voltage.

Improved cycle life and safety: High voltage energy storage has evolved to use NMC as the battery material to optimize the battery, increasing cycle life and reducing the risk of failure, spontaneous combustion and explosion.

Environmentally Friendly: High voltage batteries often use renewable energy sources for energy storage and do not release toxic substances and the batteries do not contain toxic substances.

How are high voltage lithium ion batteries charged?

High-voltage batteries use external photovoltaic panels to generate electricity from renewable sources, which is then converted by an inverter to a higher constant current and voltage to store energy in the high-voltage battery cells.

Applications for High Voltage Batteries

Keheng high voltage lithium battery systems are mainly designed for industrial and commercial energy storage, industrial electric equipment (lithium forklift battery, AGV lithium battery, trucks) and marine propulsion, electric vehicles (BEV) , etc.

Does higher voltage mean more battery power?

With different voltages, the voltage will push a higher current at a higher voltage, so a higher voltage means a higher current.

Does voltage affect battery capacity?

Voltage is used to increase the capacity of a battery by connecting the cells in series, however, capacity is increased by connecting them in parallel, so the high voltage will only affect capacity to a small degree.

Maintenance of high voltage batteries?

Maintenance of high voltage batteries requires a professional with specialized protective equipment before performing maintenance on high voltage batteries. Often, high voltage batteries exceed the safe voltage for human beings, so it is recommended to leave it to the professionals.

Factors to consider when choosing a high voltage battery

When considering high voltage batteries you need to refer to how much voltage the battery needs, capacity, battery type, and safety.
One is a recommendation from a lithium battery manufacturer:

Battery voltage and capacity: Determine the level of voltage needed, which depends on the application scenario.Capacity (in amp-hours or kilowatt-hours) is a key indicator of how much power the battery can store.

Battery type: Different battery types (e.g. LFP, NMC, LTO, etc.) have different performance characteristics and costs. Choosing the right battery type ensures that it is suitable for the specific application and performance requirements.

Safety performance: High voltage batteries need to have safety features such as fire and explosion protection. Check that the battery has passed the relevant safety standards and tests.

Compatibility of high voltage batteries with inverters and charger controllers

First, you need to make sure that the voltage of the inverter and the high voltage battery are compatible, ensure that when you purchase the battery you make sure that the communication protocols between the battery supplier and the inverter supplier are compatible, and then install the battery pack according to the battery manufacturer’s instructions.

What is the role of high voltage batteries in renewable energy storage?

High voltage batteries can smoothly convert from renewable energy to electricity when they can utilize wind and solar energy readily converted into energy stored in the battery. The use of high voltage batteries can provide backup energy for the home or commercial/industrial power grid, increase system reliability and stability, and reduce business costs.

Who makes high voltage batteries?

High-voltage batteries are manufactured by international brands such as Tesla, Panasonic, BYD, LG, Samsung, and Ningde Times, all of which use NMC as their cells, and are usually expensive. Whether you need to use high voltage batteries for home, industrial, commercial, or power station, then Keheng will be your first step in choosing high voltage batteries. Contact us for the NMC high voltage battery catalog.

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