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Applications of electric boat motors

Whether you’re a sailing enthusiast, a pontoon boat owner, a kayak adventurer, or a dinghy lover, electric boat motors offer a sustainable, quiet, and efficient way to power your watercraft.

Electric boat motor for sailboat ---- Experience Effortless Sailing

KH Electric boat motors for sailboats provide a seamless transition from traditional sails to electric propulsion. Enjoy the silence, glide through the water without disturbing the peace.

Electric Outboard Motor For Pontoon Boat ---- Quiet Luxury On The Water

Upgrade your pontoon boat with an electric outboard motor. Explore extended sailing seasons with the reliability of electric power. Create a peaceful atmosphere for gatherings, fishing trips, or wildlife watching.

Electric Outboard Motor For Kayak----Silent Adventures Await

without the disturbance of noisy engines,Whether you’re birdwatching, fishing, or simply enjoying the peacefulness of nature, electric propulsion won’t disrupt your experience.

Electric Outboard Motor For Dinghy--Efficiency Meets Convenience

Go green with your dinghy adventures.KH electric outboard motors are designed with dinghies in mind. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to store. Their versatility means you can use them for a variety of purposes, from short trips to longer excursions, making them a valuable addition to your dinghy equipment.

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One-stop Customization For Electric Outboard Motor Battery

Keheng Battery is a premier lithium battery manufacturer based in China, specializing in the production of high-quality batteries for electric outboard motors for over 15 years. Our factory is committed to fostering clean and safe energy, particularly for marine battery applications.

Lithium-based batteries,our flagship product, are the preferred technology for electric mobility applications. They offer superior energy storage compared to other batteries, maintain a high current, retain their charging capacity, and provide reliable power without any memory effect. Moreover, they boast a significantly longer lifespan than lead-based batteries.

Lifepo4 Battery For Electric Outboard Motor

Electric outboard motors are a great choice for powering your boat, offering a clean, quiet, and efficient alternative to traditional gasoline-powered motors.The Keheng manufacturing facility supplies premium LiFePO4 batteries for electric boat motors.

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Battery Features

High waterproof rating

IP67-rated Lithium batteries for electric outboard motors offer unparalleled dust and water resistance. They can withstand temporary immersion up to 1 meter, ensuring reliable performance in harsh marine environments, safeguarding your motor's power source against weather adversities.

High energy density

Lithium batteries have much greater energy density than lead acid batteries. Meaning, lithium batteries can store up to 4 times more energy in the same size battery than their lead acid battery counterparts.This makes them ideal for devices requiring lightweight, space-efficient power sources,like in RVs and boats.

Long service life

The longevity of a lithium battery is far superior to AGM. With lithium batteries you’ll get approximately 3,000 – 5,000 partial cycles. resulting in fewer replacements over time. They maintain charge efficiency, providing reliable power for extended periods.

Safety & Environmental friendly

Llithium batteries with advanced protective circuits, temperature controls, and rigid quality checks are among the safeguards in place. Lithium batteries are non-toxic,leak-free and can be recycled,the enhanced longevity and performance of Lithium batteries reduce replacement rates, further lessening their environmental footprint.

Keheng Lithium Battery - Power The Clean Electric Drive For Your Boat

More Than Just an Lithium Batetry Manufacturer

Focus on R&D

  • Keheng attaches importance to product development and has set up its own R&D and design team, which has rich knowledge skills and project practical experience in cell structure design, battery scheme design, battery pack supporting scheme design, BMS scheme design, integrated pack design, etc.

Battery solution design

  • After know your detailed needs,KH engineer team will offer you a customized battery solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Logistics Support

  • We offer seamless, logistics support that meets your needs. We can assist you with product handling and delivery that is alwarys on time and within budget.

Installation Support

  • We do more than just build and deliver your project.Our qualified engineers can support you through theentire process and assist you with the installation when you need it.

Custom-Made Marine Lithium Battery For Your Specific Needs

As a lithium battery manufacturer with 15 years’ experience, We can provide customers with standard battery products and one-stop electric outboard battery customization services from the battery, and BMS, to structural design, including OEM and ODM.

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FAQs About Electric boat motors

We will do our best to answer your most frequently asked questions.

An electric motor is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most electric motors operate through the interaction between the magnetic field and electric current in a wire winding to generate force in the form of torque applied on the motor’s shaft.

We manufacture batteries for customers’ requirements in different sizes, voltages, capacities, and housings. One battery can be divided into 2 or 3 housings.

1, Quieter compared with fuel motor; 2, Zero-emission, no smell; 3, Environmental friendly and ecologically sustainable; 4, Maintenance-free; 5, Running cost is cheaper for the long term.

1-3 hp use 51.2v 40ah lithium battery; 3-7 hp use 51.2v 100ah lithium battery; 7-12hp use 51.2v 200ah lithium battery; above 40hp motor, use high-voltage lithium boat battery to get the high efficiency.

According to the global electric outboard motors market report, the electric outboard motors Market size was valued at USD 137.5 Million in 2022 and is estimated to reach USD 265.8 Million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 8.8% from 2023 to 2030.

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The Definitive Guide to electric outboard motor battery

electric outboard motor Overview

Outboard refers to the propulsion engine installed on the outside of the hull (side of the boat), is a kind of removable power unit hanging on the transom plate of the boat, boat, boat sailing, also known as outboard, boat engine, hanging engine.

Mainly by the engine and transmission, operation, suspension devices propellers, and other components. The start-up mode is mostly manual, and the direction is mastered by the operator holding the direction handle.
Outboards are highly integrated, have a compact structure, are lightweight, easy to disassemble, easy to operate, low noise, etc., and are suitable for use in inland rivers, lakes, and offshore.

The application of outboards in the global civil field is mainly reflected in the three aspects of water recreation, coastal fishing and owning boat. It is the preferred power for personal recreational dinghies and is also widely used in commercial operations and government law enforcement.

. Militarily, they are commonly used in boats, launches, and door bridges that perform tasks such as reconnaissance, logging, river crossing, patrolling, and life-saving.

Stringer batteries can be categorized by their power into many models ranging from 6 hp, 8 hp, 15 hp, and 30 hp;
According to the source of power, it is divided into fuel-based string outboards and electric string outboards;
In terms of fuel technology, generally two/four-stroke gasoline engines. Two-stroke marine power favors affordable price, strong power, and simple structure; four-stroke environmental protection and noise is more superior to two-stroke, low fuel consumption, performance is also more durable and reliable.

Electric outboards have gradually become the dominant market, able to safely and efficiently output the power needed for outboards.

Development history of Outboard Motory

The outboard first appeared in the late 19th century. since the 1960s, some countries to reduce the weight of the maneuvering boat, the use of high-strength aluminum alloy and alloy steel and rubber, plastic and other materials, in order to improve the performance of the engine, the use of reflux sweeping, intake and exhaust tuning, high-energy non-contact fire and other measures. In the promotion mode, the United States, the Soviet Union and other countries also develop water jet propulsion to adapt to the boat, boat navigation in shallow water.

String outboards by power source

Electric outboard motory

e Marine Outboard

Wholesale prices are dropping as motor and battery production increases, especially in the automotive industry. Electric outboards are intuitive to use and require little maintenance, and customers are beginning to appreciate the quiet, smoke-free comfort of the experience.

Blockades and home vacations over the past two years have prompted people to look for convenient ways to get on the water locally, and growing concern for the environment has prompted many to turn to electric propulsion technology, albeit at a higher initial cost.

A lightweight outboard suspended over the side of a boat, or a small pod thruster or drive that can be quickly attached to the stern or rudder, can help a paddleboarder, dinghy sailor, or kayaker achieve greater sailing distances.

When a kayaker is too tired to paddle, he or she can get back to shore safely if the energy inside this small waterproof battery pack is utilized wisely. Thanks to their discreet design, reliable performance, and near-zero recharging costs (average of €0.21/kWh in Europe and $0.13/kWh in the U.S.), users will be “thinking about these electric options” when planning family outings.

Designers are enthusiastically applying hydrofoil technology to a wide range of boats such as surfboards, water bikes, catamarans, motorboats, and sports boats, all of which can now float on water at high speeds.

This has led to several exciting new yacht designs on the market. Electric string outboards are not only a new form of water recreation but also reduce pollution of the water and the planet.

Diesel Outboard Motory

If the outboard industry has been active lately, none more so than the diesel outboard segment. Although developed primarily for the commercial market, diesel outboards continue to attract interest from the leisure yacht sector. Luxury yacht owners appreciate the fuel versatility of this type of outboard, making them happy to power their dinghies with it. 

At the same time, those buying large rigid inflatables and center console yachts looking for a propulsion system also appreciate the fuel economy and longer range of diesel outboards.

Diesel outboards are ideal for boats that need to travel long distances into the ocean, but diesel stringers produce exhaust fumes or diesel spills that pollute the environment. Instead of diesel as a power source, electricity is an environmentally friendly and clean source of energy.

Portable Outboards Motor

With the progress of the times, portable string outboards can use both internal combustion and electric, portable string outboards in small kayaks using a lithium-ion battery pack is a safe and convenient new energy source, able to provide higher energy efficiency in a small space, small volume.

How do you pick a string outboard battery that's right for you?

Determine the voltage and power of the string outboard battery

You need to check your outboard’s specification label or owner’s manual for the required voltage and power. A typical electric outboard may require a 12V lithium battery, 24V lithium battery or a higher voltage battery.

For example, a 12V outboard may need at least 100Ah battery to ensure sufficient usage time, but you also need to consider whether the battery can match the chord outboard battery chassis, a larger battery may not fit inside the chord outboard.

Selecting the right battery for the length of use

The capacity of a battery is usually measured in ampere-hours (Ah). A higher Ah value means a longer usage time. For example, a 12V 20Ah is capable of sailing for about 2 hours at 40% power output, if you need longer sailing time. Then a higher capacity battery pack is required. Commercial fishing boats may opt for a 200Ah+ battery for all-day operation.

Choose a battery pack or battery for specific scenarios

When you need to use a string outboard in fresh water, then a waterproof lithium battery is your priority, as it better protects the battery from water ingress, which can cause the string outboard to lose its operation. For use in salt water, you need to choose not only waterproof but also corrosion-resistant batteries so that the batteries can be better protected and have a longer service life. Lithium batteries are usually more resistant to corrosion, have a longer cycle life and a higher energy density.

Are you sure you want to use Lithium Ion or Lead Acid or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries?

144V 100Ah Electric Outboard Motor battery

Lithium-ion batteries: Lightweight, small, fast charging, but more expensive for frequent use and weight-sensitive applications.

Lead-acid batteries: cheaper, but heavier and require more maintenance, suitable for limited budgets and infrequent use.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries: are environmentally friendly, but energy density and cold-temperature performance are not as good as lithium batteries.

Which string machines are lithium batteries compatible with?

Generally speaking, Li-ion batteries are compatible with Yamaha/ Mercury Marine/ Honda Marine/ Suzuki Marine/ Evinrude/ Tohatsu/ Torqeedo/ Johnson outboards to ensure that they can be used properly, but you need to pay attention to ensure that the battery and the power of the outboard correspond to each other. 

However, you need to be aware of the need to ensure that the power of the battery corresponds to the power of the outboard, you can consult the supplier of the outboard or the manufacturer of the lithium batteries to use compatible batteries to ensure optimal performance and avoid damage to the equipment.

How to charge an electric outboard engine?

Choose the correct charger for your battery type. For example, lithium batteries require a specialized lithium battery charger.

Charge regularly to maintain proper battery charge even when not in use for long periods to avoid degradation of battery performance.

Avoid charging in extreme temperatures, especially high or low temperatures.

Charge exactly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, including charge time and current settings.

Who are the manufacturers of string outboard Motory batteries?

Optima, Trojan, and Interstate are well-known brands in the lead-acid battery market that offer various models of batteries for outboards. Panasonic, Samsung SDI, and LG Chem are globally recognized lithium battery manufacturers that offer high-performance battery solutions.
These globally recognized branded batteries usually come at a serious premium, so are there any cost-effective suppliers? Keheng from China is one of the lithium battery suppliers, providing 12v lithium battery, 24v lithium battery, 48v lithium battery, hv lithium battery for string outboards, lithium RV battery, kayaks, Lithium Forklift Battery, marine, C&I ESS, etc. We can also customize battery packs with different capacities according to your needs, meanwhile, we have high-quality batteries and after-sales service. Contact us today for any catalog on lithium batteries!

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