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Since 2008, Keheng has positioned ourselves at the forefront of the lithium battery industry. Our focusing on R&D has enabled us to produce top-tier lithium ion battery and energy storage systems (ESS), which are perfectly for applications like RVs, marine vehicles, golf carts, and solar storage.

Complete Line of lithium ion battery manufacturers

No matter it is small setups to extensive power needs, or even if you’re constructing a major power system, our comprehensive range of lithium ion batteries from has got you covered.

12v 120AH

Compact and widely used, 12V batteries are standard in many low-power applications.

Applications: Ideal for RVs, motorcycle starters, solar lights, and CCTV cameras.

Offering a balance between size and power, 24V batteries are common in mobility aids and some industrial equipment.
Applications: Used in mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, and light-duty AGVs.

A step up in power, these batteries cater to applications requiring a bit more energy, like e-bikes and golf carts.
Applications: Common in electric bicycles, e-scooters, golf carts, and small boat trolling motors.

These batteries are in the sweet spot for light electric vehicles and residential energy storage.

Applications: Used in light electric vehicles, home energy storage systems, and light industrial equipment.

Keheng 60V Llithium battery

Providing higher power, these batteries are suitable for medium-duty industrial and high-performance personal transport.
Applications: Found in medium-duty industrial equipment and high-performance e-bikes.

Keheng 72v-Lithium-Battery

72v lithium battery

Catering to more powerful electric scooters, motorcycles, and heavy industrial machinery.

Applications: Used in powerful electric scooters, motorcycles, and advanced industrial machines.

Keheng 96v-Lithium-Battery

96v lithium battery

These are high-power batteries for performance-oriented electric vehicles and demanding industrial applications.
Applications: Common in performance electric vehicles and heavy-duty industrial equipment.

Keheng 144v Lithium Battery

144v lithium battery

Designed for high-performance applications, these batteries deliver exceptional power and speed.

Applications: Primarily used in electric racing cars and specialized industrial applications.

The pinnacle of power for electric batteries, HV batteries are used in applications where immense energy is required.
Applications: Suitable for advanced electric/hybrid vehicles, large-scale energy storage, and heavy machinery.

A Complete Comparison among
Lithium-Ion, Lead-Acid, LTO and Sodium-Ion Batteries

Understanding the distinctions between Lithium-Ion Batteries, Lead-Acid Batteries, LTO Batteries, and Sodium-Ion Batteries is key to making an informed, cost-effective decision, ensuring you select the best-performing battery type for your project’s specific needs.


Lithium-Ion Batteries 

Lead-Acid Batteries

LTO Batteries

Sodium-Ion Batteries

Basic Chemistry

Lithium metals and compounds

Lead and sulfuric acid

Lithium and lithium titanate

Sodium and other compounds

Energy Density

High (150-250 Wh/kg)

Low (30-50 Wh/kg) 

Moderate (~80-120 Wh/kg)

Low to moderate (20-40 Wh/kg)

Power Density


Low to moderate


Moderate to low

Charging Speed



Extremely fast 


Cycle Life

Long (500-1500+ cycles) 

Short (300-500 cycles)

Extremely long(>3000 cycles)

Long (1000-3000 cycles)

Self-Discharge Rate





Weight and Volume

Light and compact 

Heavy and bulkier


Heavy and bulkier

Maintenance Requirements





Why Choose Lithium battery?
top 5 benefits you can't ignore

Lithium Batteries Are Environmentally Friendly

Higher Energy Density: Lithium-ion batteries have an energy density between 150-250 Wh/kg, making them perfect for portable devices and electric cars where compact size and light weight are essential.

Extended Cycle Life: Offering over 1,000 charge cycles, these batteries last longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Lower Self-Discharge Rates: Lithium-ion technology suffers from a relatively minimal self-discharge rate of about 1-2% per month, which is a fraction compared to the 20-30% per month for lead-acid batteries. This trait is particularly valuable for devices that require long standby times or less frequent use.

Broad Operational Temperature Range: Operating from -20°C to 60°C, lithium-ion batteries are suitable for a variety of climates and conditions.

Faster Charging Capabilities: Capable of charging up to 80% in less than 30 minutes, these batteries minimize downtime, a crucial benefit for electric vehicles at charging stations.

Why Keheng is Your NO.1 Choice Lithium Battery Manufacturer

From sourcing original materials to overseeing production and shipping, Keheng meticulously manages every detail crucial to ensuring the highest quality of lithium battery performance.

Quality Cells

Keheng prioritizes quality by selecting 100% brand new ion lithium battery cells from renowned brands like EVE, CATL, BYD, Gotion, Rept, and Lishen. Guarantees longevity with over 3,000 cycles at 80% SOC.

Efficient Production

Modern quality management system are setp up and our automatic production rate reach 85%, both are helping us to provide double assurance for lithium ion battery pack quality.

Advanced BMS

Our Smart BMS Protection Board in lifepo4 lithium battery supports 8 advancing functions and offers superior energy balancing capabilities. Whether it’s RS485, CAN Bus, or RS232, our system can seamlessly support.


For small lithium battery or large lithium battery, easily launch your business effortlessly with our accommodating low MOQ requirements. Rest easy without the burden of extensive inventory or cash flow concerns.

Cost Friendly

Being the original lithium battery manufacturers, we ensure you bypass all intermediary costs, allowing you to enjoy maximum profit margins. This empowers you to invest more in marketing and gain more sales too.

Extended Warranty

Keheng is offering unmatched assurance. Our warranty is 200% longer than most China lithium ion battery manufacturers provide. Plus, our robust after-sales team is always at your service.

Walk inside Keheng lithium battery factory

Reason of advanced quality control among Lithium Ion Battery Suppliers

Origin Controlling

Keheng’s experienced procurement team ensures that every batch of lithium battery components meets our high standards. From the careful selection of individual lithium-ion battery cells to thorough testing at each production stage, we prioritize uncompromised quality.

Outstanding Assembling

With 85% of our lithium ion battery pack production processes automated using advanced machinery, and a workforce team that 70% have been with us for over five years, you can trust Keheng to handle your limitless lithium battery with utmost precision and care.

Keheng Outstanding-battery Assembling

Complete Testing

Our commitment to quality is evident at every stage. From rigorous raw material screenings to intricate production checks, we ensure excellence. Once our lithium batteries are crafted, they undergo a comprehensive suite of final tests, including charge/discharge, capacity, and various safety evaluations.

Safety Shipment

With a full suite of certifications including MSDS, UN38.3, CE, UL, KC, BIS, CB, and ISO9001:2015, we ensure a smooth and secure delivery process for our lithium ion batteries. Our transport appraisal and dangerous package certifications are your double insurance of getting the cargos safely.

Custom Lithium Battery Excellence For Your Specific Needs

Custom Lithium Battery Excellence For Your Specific Needs

With 15 years of profound industry expertise, Keheng emerges as your go-to specialist in custom lithium battery solutions. We adopt a comprehensive approach, crafting uniquely tailored power solutions that resonate with individual client requirements.

End-to-End Customization

Comprehensive OEM & ODM services covering battery, BMS, and design.

Battery Casing

Custom sizes, shapes, and branded logo and packaging design.

Battery Specifications

Tailored voltage, capacity, and charge-discharge rates per application needs.

Advanced Features

Optional Bluetooth monitoring and self-heating for enhanced performance.

Lithium Battery Manufacturer Powering Multiple Applications

Electric Tractor Lithium Battery

Electric Tractor Lithium Battery

Electric Car Lithium Battery

Electric Car Lithium Battery

China Lithium Battery Factory With Full Certification Ready Support

Regardless which country you are going to sell lithium ion batteries, you are rest assured that we has your back. You can focus on sales without worrying about market import restrictions or compliance headaches.

Ready To Try Excellent lithium battery wholesale With Keheng?

Get in touch with us. Connect with Keheng and start a long term comfortable lithium battery Procument Working.

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