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deep cycle marine battery
Designed for applications requiring sustained discharge over long periods, like powering onboard electronics or trolling motors.
Advantages: Long life cycles, stable discharge performance.
Applications: Prolonged maritime operations, such as commercial fishing, long-distance cruising.


Propulsion Systems

Auxiliary Systems

Emergency Backup Power

Entertainment Systems

Voltage & Capacity

High Voltage (>48V),
High Capacity (>200Ah)

Medium Voltage (12V-24V), Medium Capacity (50Ah-100Ah)

Low to Medium Voltage (12V-24V), Variable Capacity

Low Voltage (12V), Moderate Capacity (20Ah-50Ah)

Battery Type

Series/Parallel Batteries

CAN Communication Batteries

Cold Weather Batteries

Bluetooth Batteries


Suitable for high-power requirements like boat propulsion.

Ideal for integrated electronic systems needing communication over CAN bus.

Performs reliably in cold conditions, ensuring power during emergencies.

Allows remote monitoring and control, fitting for low-power systems like onboard entertainment.

Primarily used for cranking boat engines, offering faster cranking speeds and higher cold cranking amps (CCA) compared to lead-acid batteries.
Applications: Prolonged maritime operations, such as commercial fishing, long-distance cruising.
Advantages: High power density, quick engine start-up.
Applications: Rapid engine start-up for lifeboats, short-distance speedboats.
Keheng Starter Lithium Marine Batteries






Capacity (Ah)





Application Scenario

Small leisure boats, basic electronics

Medium leisure boats, more electronics

Larger boats, advanced electronics

Large leisure/commercial ships

Usage & Purpose

Engine starting, powering small devices like lights, GPS.

Engine starting, supporting medium-sized navigation systems, lighting.

Starting larger engines, supporting complex electronic systems.

High-power engine starting, long-term electronic support.

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Why Choose Keheng As Your Lithium
Battery Manufacturer For Your Marine Projects?

Opt for a dependable lithium battery supplier to guarantee your marine project’s excellence and longevity.

24v Marine Lithium Batteries

Compatibility and Applicability

Keheng’s lithium batteries excel in marine environments, from kayaks to yachts, with a 4000 cycle life, rapid charging, and robust against extreme conditions. They’re lightweight, maintenance-free, and universally compatible, ensuring reliable, high-performance energy for all marine needs.

Customization Services

Keheng, a lithium battery supplier, stands out with marine lithium batteries customization, offering intelligent BMS, OEM/ODM services, and specialized low-temperature solutions down to -55°C. With over 15 years in lithium-ion technology, our one-stop service customizes for performance and safety, ensuring seamless integration and market distinction.
Lithium Deep Cycle Battery
Quality assurance

Long-Term Stability and Reliability

Built for endurance, Keheng’s LiFePO4 batteries power through harsh seas with unwavering stability. Robust BMS safeguards against overloads, while -30°C charging tackles icy extremes. IP67 waterproof and boasting thousands of cycles, Keheng guarantees reliable power, wherever your voyage takes you.

After-Sales Services

  • 5-year product warranty and ongoing technical support.
  • For battery issues, contact us with videos/photos; we’ll replace if >0.3% fail, free of charge.
Communication Battery Specifications
Keheng lithium battery certifications

Full Certification Support

As one of the best marine battery brands, Keheng has obtained several certifications for its lithium batteries, including ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS18001:2007, CE, CB, UL, KC, FCC, BIS, and IEC62133, ensuring that our products meet high international standards​.

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Lithium Ion Marine Battery Factory
with 100+ Certifications to Support Your Needs

Want to wholesale marine batteries internationally? With us, you’re covered. Focus on your sales efforts and let us handle the complexities of import restrictions and compliance regulations in any country.

Common Questions About Keheng's Lithium Battery

Exceptional Longevity

Boasts a cycle life of 4,000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD), lasting 5-10 times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Remarkably Lightweight

Our lithium batteries are only one-third the weight of AGM batteries when comparing equal capacities.

Minimal Self-Discharge

The self-discharge rate of Keheng LiFePO4 batteries is less than 3% over six months, ensuring prolonged energy retention.

Rapid Charging Capabilities

These batteries support a fast charging rate of 0.5C, enabling them to be fully charged in just 2 hours.


No need to add distilled water or acid. Our batteries require absolutely no maintenance.

Integrated PCM Protection

Includes comprehensive safety features like overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, and short circuit protection, along with cell balancing and temperature detection functions.

Highly Stable Chemistry

The LiFePO4 lithium chemistry is exceptionally stable, eliminating concerns of explosions.

Standard Size for Easy Replacement

Designed to match the size of traditional AGM molds, these batteries can easily replace old lead-acid batteries without any hassle.

Why Lithium-ion Battery For Your
Marine Machinery Instead of Lead-Acid Battery?

Say goodbye to bulky, high-maintenance batteries and hello to a new era of 
freedom and efficiency. Lithium-ion batteries pack a punch, offering the following 6 advantages:
Unmatched Range: Explore further with more energy stored in a smaller, lighter package. Imagine cruising longer on a single charge, reaching hidden coves or distant fishing grounds.

Seamless Power: Navigate confidently with reliable, long-lasting batteries that withstand demanding marine environments. Enjoy over 1,000 charge cycles – that’s 5 times more than traditional batteries, minimizing replacements and downtime.

Effortless Performance Take the hassle out of battery maintenance. Lithium-ion requires no topping up or frequent checks, letting you focus on enjoying the journey.

Rapid Recharge: Top up quickly even during brief port stops. Fast charging means less waiting and more time exploring.

Adaptable Power: From scorching summers to icy winters, these batteries perform consistently across a wide range of temperatures, ensuring reliable power under any conditions.

Peace of Mind: Enjoy your adventures knowing your battery is secure. Built-in safety features minimize risk and offer lasting peace of mind.

lithium battery for marine

Select Lithium Batteries Instead Of Lead-Acid Batteries

Lithium Batteries
  • Energy Density: High
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Lifespan: Long (10-15 years)
  • Charge Time: Fast (1-2 hours)
  • Safety: Safer with built-in BMS
Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Energy Density: Low
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Lifespan: Short (3-5 years)
  • Charge Time: Slow (6-8 hours)
  • Safety: Potential for gas leaks & explosions

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