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Tailored Lithium Battery Solutions:
Top 5 Customizations for Unique Needs

For 15 years, Keheng has got your back with customizable, dependable, long-lasting lithium ion batteries.
Custom lithium battery

Battery Shape Customization

We also customize lithium-ion batteries in unique sizes and shapes, beyond standard 18650 and 21700 models.

Capacity-Based Customization

Custom battery capacity is calculated based on product power needs.

Magnification-Based Customization

We customize to fulfill products like e-cigs,and electric supercars need batteries that support high-rate charging and discharging for fast charge and high power.

Temperature Customization

Lithium batteries perform best at 25°C, but Keheng’s specialized low-temp solutions work down to -55°C for certain industry needs.

Voltage-Based Customization

Keheng teams up with 20+ years experienced engineers, adopts 4.35V LiHv batteries for superior energy and longevity.

Explore Durability: Our Existing 12V-48V
Deep Cycle Battery Range

Keheng offers durable, efficient 12V-48V deep cycle batteries for various applications.
They are certified by IEC, MSDS, UN38.3, CE and UKCA.

Categorized By Voltage​

Suitable for automobiles, RVs, small solar systems, etc. Capacity includes 5ah, 10ah, 12ah, 50ah, 100ah, 120ah, 460ah for you to choose.

Often used in larger solar systems, industrial applications, etc. Capacity includes 30ah, 50ah, 100ah, 200ah, 300ah for you to choose.

Suitable for some specific industrial and high-end electronic equipment. Capacity includes 30ah, 50ah, 100ah, 200ah for you to choose.

Suitable for large-scale solar systems, electric vehicles, etc. Capacity includes 30ah, 50ah, 100ah, 200ah for you to choose.

Categorized by function

Keheng Bluetooth Batteries

Bluetooth batteries

Suitable Voltage: A variety of voltage specifications are available, but 12V is the most common because it is widely used in consumer and commercial markets such as RV, marine, automotive, etc.

Main Features: Bluetooth-enabled battery for remote status monitoring via smartphones, covering battery life, voltage, and temperature.

Advantages: Offers greater convenience and intelligent management, helping users effectively monitor and maintain their battery.

CAN communication batteries

Suitable Voltage: Typically 12V and 24V, as these batteries are commonly used in systems that require complex communication and control, such as electric vehicles, large energy storage systems.

Main Features: Utilizes the Controller Area Network (CAN)  protocol for advanced communication with devices like BMS for enhanced interaction.

Advantages: Ensures efficient and precise battery performance management, especially suitable for complex power systems.

Keheng deep cycle Batteries with CAN
Keheng battery in Series and Parallel connection

Series/parallel batteries

Suitable Voltage: These batteries are designed to be flexible and can accommodate a wide range of voltage needs, from 12V to 48V, depending on the specific application needs.

Main Features: Designed with flexibility, it can adjust total voltage and current through series or parallel connections to meet specific energy needs.

Advantages: Offers high configurational flexibility, allowing the battery system to be customized and expanded according to needs.

Cold weather batteries

Suitable Voltage: 12V is the most common, as they are often used in vehicles, outdoor equipment, and small energy systems, where 12V batteries are very common.

Main Features: Specially designed to maintain performance in low-temperature environments, , offering superior cold start and charge retention in cold conditions.

Advantages: Reliably provides power in cold conditions, making it perfect for winter or polar regions.

keheng Cold Weather Batteries

Categorized by Appearance

FeaturesThese compact, low-profile batteries are ideal for tight spaces, easy to install and carry, and are lightweight.
AdvantagesThe clear casing simplifies maintenance and allows easy status checks, ideal for solar and backup power systems.
ApplicationsPerfect for situations needing visual battery checks, like in education, labs, or certain industrial uses.
FeaturesCompact and low-profile, these batteries fit tight spaces, are lightweight, and easy to install and transport.
AdvantagesSlim batteries are ideal for tight spaces or mobile applications, offering flexibility and convenience.
ApplicationsIdeal for small electronic devices, portable energy systems, compact solar applications, or anywhere space is limited.
Front End Terminal Block Battery

Front-end terminal block battery

FeaturesFront terminal batteries have easier wiring for tight or stacked setups, with terminals conveniently located at the front of battery.
AdvantagesEase of maintenance and wiring, especially if the batteries are closely packed or difficult to access from the top.
ApplicationsMainly used in data centers, telecom equipment, commercial UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems, and any scenario that requires battery arrays.

Categorized by BCI Group Size

When it comes to choosing the appropriate vehicle make and model, the size of the battery pack, including its dimensions and terminal placement, is essential. The Battery Council International (BCI) is responsible for standardizing these sizes and testing batteries to ensure they comply with these standards.
This is a mid-size battery that is commonly used in passenger vehicles such as cars, vans, and small trucks. It has a length of about 10 inches, a width of about 6.8 inches, and a height of about 7.5inches. It has a capacity of around 60-75 Ah.
BCI group size 27 batteries in the deep cycle battery pack are largepowerful batteries. These batteries have a capacity of between 66-110amps. This provides nearly 600-1000 CCA and 140-220 minutes of charging support.
Group 31 is a very popular commercial truck battery size that fits in many applications. This Duracell commercial battery measures 13 inches long, 6.75 inches wide, and 9.5 inches high. 

Why Choose Keheng As Your
China Lithium ion Battery Manufacturer?

Keheng offers custom, eco-friendly, high-quality lithium battery solutions
with advanced BMS, unique design options, all backed by our commitment to your satisfaction.
Years Experience
M2 Modern Factory
Countries Exporting
120 +
Happy Clients
300 +

Get Custom Lithium ion Battery Solutions in Keheng

  • Custom BMS: Crafted to fit your unique needs.
  • Deliver OEM services based on standard modules.
  • Customized Battery with Prismatic Cells Military Grade A Cells.
  • Create your own custom battery case.
  • Personalize your unique LOGO & package box.
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Wholesale at Competitive Prices

Feel the Excellence in Technical Innovation with Keheng

  • 8 Feature-Packed Smart BMS Protection Board, robust energy balancing.
  • Bluetooth & Heating Function.
  • Reliable Cold Protection: Safe in low temperatures.
  • Each cell has an independent device to prevent firing.
  • Eco-friendly, promoting environmental conservation, pollutant-free.

Quality is at your fingertip

  • Keheng choose li-ion battery cells from renowned brands like CATL, EVE, REPT, BYD, Gotion, Lishen, and etc.
  • Our batteries go through multiple tests, including charge, capacity, and temperature checks and etc.
  • 5 cells selection processes to ensure high consistency of cells parameters, guaranteeing longevity with over 3,000 cycles at 80% SOC.
Lithium Deep Cycle Battery
Manufacturer in China

Excellence After-sale Services

  • Our batteries come with complete certifications (MSDS, UN38.3, CE, UL, etc.), guarantee hassle-free delivery.
  • For battery issues, contact us with videos/photos; we’ll replace if >0.3% fail, free of charge.

Lithium Ion Deep Cycle Battery in Various Applications

Deep Cycle Battery Manufacturer:
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No matter which country you plan to sell lithium-ion batteries in, rest assured that we’ve got your back. Leave the concerns about market import restrictions or compliance issues to us.

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