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Upgrade Your Operations with Keheng’s Customized Scissor Lift Battery! We Deliver Tailored, High-Efficiency Power Solutions for Your Specific Needs.

Discover Top-Tier Scissor Lift Batteries with Keheng!

Whether you manage a small fleet or an extensive array of scissor lifts, our premium lithium batteries offer the perfect solution. Experience low maintenance Costs and boosted productivity. Trust in our expertise as your first source for trust in our expertise as your first choice for reliable scissor lift batteries. Request the scissor lift battery catalog today and power up your operations!

The Range Of Keheng Scissor Lift Batteries!

We offer different types of lithium batteries for mini scissor lifts, chair lifts, boat lifts, aerial lifts, pool lifts, including but not limited to power batteries and starter batteries.Keheng supplies batteries for Genie, Snorkel, JLG, Skyjack, If you’re looking for a scissor lift battery then check out the products below if any of them match your needs!

12V 35Ah mini scissor lifts Lithium Battery is the first choice for all kinds of needs high quality lifts with high performance cycle life and other characteristics!


Custom 24V Electric Boat Lifts Lifepo4 Battery, whether you need a specific voltage, capacity, or special features customized, we can meet your needs.

Keheng offers Aerial Lifts Lithium Battery Pack to meet any size under 16m, if you need to customize, please contact Keheng to help you get the matching battery.

Choose Scissor Lift Batteries For A Reliable, Cost-Effective Power Solution.

Max Efficiency: Utilizing advanced lifepo4 cells, combined with the self-developed BMS, to ensure your lifts perform with high efficiency from our cutting-edge technology.

Revolutionize Maintenance: Transition from Lead-Acid to Lithium batteries, embrace zero maintenance and 3000-4000 cycle lives. Keheng batteries are designed to save you time and money in various scissor lift practical scenarios.

Keheng's Expert Help You to Get The Ideal Scissor Lift Power Solution

Keheng provide solutions for different scissor lifts, to achieve zero maintenance and long operation time. Choosing a lithium battery is the first step to achieve a higher vision, we have achieved more than 5000 cycle life in lithium batteries and use BMS system to protect the battery! Our technical team can provide you with customized solutions:
  • 1.Capacity
  • 2.Voltage
  • 3.Dimension
  • 4.Protocol match
  • 5.NMC battery or LFP battery
  • If you’re looking for lift batteries, contact with us now!

Enhanced Performance For Keheng Battery

Widely Used

The keheng not only has a wide range of applications in the field of lifts, but also includes cleaning machine battery, lithium forklift battery, RV battery, marine battery, and more!

10 Years Guarantee

Experience the long-term assurance of Keheng’s unrivaled 10-year warranty. Trust our commitment to excellence and enjoy the long-lasting performance of lithium batteries to ensure the safety of your investment.

7*24 Hour Response

Guarantees 7×24 Hour Responsive Support. Our Dedicated Team is Available Around the Clock, Ensuring You Receive Immediate Assistance Whenever You Need It.

Experience The Convenience Of Lithium Batteries For Production

Scissor Lift Battery

Power your scissor lift with Keheng scissor lift batteries: they are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, ensuring a stable power supply, fast charging, and reduced maintenance. Keheng provides you with sustainable and efficient power solutions to keep your scissor lifts running at peak efficiency.

Boom Lift Batteries

Enhance your operations with Boom Lift Batteries from Keheng: Ideal for challenging environments, they ensure consistent performance and long service life, reducing downtime and maintenance. Achieve optimal efficiency and productivity by choosing an advanced battery solution from Keheng for your boom lift.

Boat Lift Battery

Lift your boat with peace of mind with boat lift batteries from Keheng: Designed to withstand harsh environments, these batteries offer unwavering reliability and fast charging. They are perfectly compatible with a wide range of equipment and maintain their longevity and safety features. Ensure smooth and sustainable offshore operations by choosing Keheng’s environmentally friendly and efficient energy solutions.

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Scissor lift lithium batteries Frequently Asked Questions

Scissor lift batteries are typically made with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. Deep-cycle lead-acid batteries are favored for their cost-effectiveness and reliability and are especially suited for heavy-duty and long-duration applications. Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, are favored for their higher energy density, longer lifespan, and faster charging speeds, and are suitable for applications that require frequent charging or space-saving applications.

Battery Voltage (V) and Capacity (Ah) There are several standard voltage options (12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 80V) and different capacity options (from 100Ah to 1,000Ah and higher) available for a variety of scissor lift models. For example, a 24V 210Ah battery is typically used for a 4,000 lb. pallet lift, while an 80V 1050Ah is suitable for a counterbalanced sit-down scissor lift to handle loads up to 20K lbs.

Lithium batteries are best suited for use in Class I, II, and III Scissor Lift and other off-road electric vehicles such as sweepers and scrubbers, boat trailers, and more. The reason? Lithium batteries offer three times the life of lead-acid batteries, excellent safety, minimal maintenance, stable operation at low or high temperatures, and high energy capacity measured in kilowatt-hours.
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) and Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Acid (LiNiCoAlO2 or NCA and NMC), batteries are used in lithium forklift battery.
These types of lithium batteries are more commonly used in passenger electric vehicles (EVs) and electronics due to their lower overall weight and higher energy density per kilogram. Until recently, lead-acid batteries have been widely used in all types of electric forklifts.TPPL is a newer version of this type of battery. It offers higher efficiency and higher charging speeds, but only when compared to traditional flooded lead-acid technology or sealed lead-acid batteries such as Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM).
In most cases, lithium-ion batteries are a more cost-effective and efficient choice than any lead-acid battery, including AGM or TPPL batteries, for industrial applications.

Forklift battery cases are often unique in size, so finding a perfect and precise fit is crucial. It’s also important to consider the type of cable connector and its location on the battery and truck. Some OEM battery manufacturers have two different sizes of battery cases.

The service life of a battery depends largely on its type, frequency of use and maintenance conditions. Deep cycle lead-acid batteries typically last 3 to 5 years with proper maintenance. Lithium-ion batteries last much longer, typically 5 to 7 years. Regular maintenance and proper charging and discharging can significantly extend battery life.

While daily inspections and walk-throughs are necessary, scissor aerial work platforms and moving arm aerial work platforms require other periodic checks based on the number of hours they run. Then you need to check the machine’s battery pack every month to ensure that there are no accidents.

When choosing a charger, make sure it matches the type, voltage and capacity of the battery. Using a mismatched charger may reduce the performance of the battery or damage it. It is best to use the manufacturer’s recommended charger or choose a third-party charger that matches the battery’s specifications.

Reasons why it can’t are wrongly connected or disconnected battery pack wiring, under- or over-voltage of the battery pack, abnormal or mismatched charger, damaged or mismatched protection boards, detached or damaged temperature detection probes, and high or low ambient temperature. Possible solutions include replacing the charger or protection board, calibrating the battery pack voltage, checking the wiring and soldering position, clearing the cache and system errors, adjusting the temperature and charging environment, and so on.

Battery Management SystemLithium iron phosphate battery has high safety and good cycle life, but its low-temperature charging and discharging performance is poor, charging at low temperatures has a great impact on the battery life, while the discharge capacity and discharge power has also decreased. Therefore, the vehicle will have low mileage and reduced power in low temperature in winter.

Discharge lithium ions can not be completely moved to the positive electrode, and must retain a portion of lithium ions in the negative electrode to ensure that the next charge of lithium ions is smoothly embedded in the channel, otherwise, the battery life is quite short.

In order to ensure that part of the lithium ions remain in the carbon layer after discharge, that is, lithium-ion batteries can not be over-discharged, which should be strictly limited to the discharge termination of the minimum voltage.

The performance of the battery may deteriorate under low temperature conditions. It is recommended to preheat the battery or use a battery designed for low temperature environments. Allow the battery temperature to return to a safe range before charging in extreme low temperatures.

It is generally recommended to maintain the battery at approximately 40% to 60% of its charge level when it is not in use for an extended period of time. Too low or too high a charge level may adversely affect the health of the battery. Storage should be in a dry, ventilated environment to avoid temperature extremes.

The heavier the load, the higher the lifting height, and the longer the route, the more battery capacity you’ll need to last all day. Consider the average and maximum weight of the load, the distance traveled, the height of the lift and the ramp. The most demanding applications, such as food and beverage, can have load weights of 15,000-20,000 lbs.

Forklift fleet management data is primarily used to track maintenance, improve safety compliance and maximize equipment utilization. Battery management system (BMS) data can greatly enrich or replace data from other sources, including detailed information on power consumption, timing of charging and idling events, battery technical parameters and more. Easy access to data and user interfaces are becoming the most important factors when selecting a battery.

Lithium-ion batteries do not require routine maintenance. Lead-acid batteries need to be filled with water, cleaned after occasional acid spills, and periodically equalized (special charging modes are applied to equalize the battery’s charge). Labor and outside service costs tend to increase as lead-acid power units age, resulting in reduced uptime and contributing to increasing operating costs.

Calculations clearly show that lithium batteries offer a 40% total cost of ownership savings over 2-4 years compared to lead-acid batteries. Among lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate (LFP) is a more economical and efficient choice than NMC lithium batteries. In most cases, switching to lithium batteries makes economic sense, even if you operate a small fleet or a forklift.
Lead-acid power units and chargers are less expensive to purchase than lithium packs. However, when switching to lithium, you need to consider the increased uptime, 3x increase in battery life and lower maintenance costs offered by single-cell operation and flexible opportunity charging programs.

Consultative Selling
Selecting and sourcing the right battery can take a lot of effort and time. Your supplier will need to provide expert information on what battery setup is optimal and what are the trade-offs and must-haves for your specific equipment and operations.

Accuracy of delivery time and shipping
A plug-and-play solution goes beyond simple installation and setup. It includes due diligence in terms of task- and application-specific battery configurations, connectivity protocols (e.g. CAN bus integration), safety features, and more. So, on the one hand, you want the battery to be delivered in time when your new or existing forklift is ready to start up. On the other hand, if you just go with what’s available and rush to place an order, you may find that the forklift or your material handling operation is not compatible with the battery.

Support and service in your area and past customer experience
The availability of forklift battery support and service in your area affects how quickly you can resolve issues with your equipment. Is your supplier prepared to do everything possible in the first 24 hours to make sure your equipment works, no matter what? Ask previous customers and OEM dealers for their recommendations and past experiences with the brand of battery you plan to purchase.

Product Quality
Product quality is primarily about how well the battery will meet the demands of operation. Correct capacity, cables, charge rate settings, protection from weather and incorrect handling by inexperienced forklift operators, etc.-all of these determine the quality of the battery’s performance in the field, not the numbers and images on the spec sheet.

Leading manufacturers of lithium batteries for scissor lifts include, but are not limited to, LG Chem, Samsung SDI, Panasonic, and BYD. These companies are recognized for their innovation and quality control in lithium ion battery technology. Keheng also has over 15 years of experience in lithium batteries and can provide you with any solution you may need regarding lithium batteries. Contact us for a battery catalog.

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