Custom Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

Different Voltage Battery

12V Lithium battery

Nominal Voltage: 12.8V Rated Capacity: 120AH Nominal Energy: 1536Wh

24V Lithium Battery

Nominal Voltage: 25.6V Rated Capacity: 50AH Nominal Energy: 1280Wh

36V Lithium battery

Nominal Voltage: 38.4V Rated Capacity: 60AH Nominal Energy: 2304Wh

48V Lithium battery

Nominal Voltage: 51.2V Rated Capacity: 30AH Nominal Energy: 1536Wh

Battery Application

BCI Battery Group Size

Battery pack size refers to the physical dimensions and terminal locations of the battery. lt is used to determine the appropriatemake and model of vehicle and its electrical reauirements.BCI (Battery Council lnternational) is an organization that sets standardsfor battery pack size and tests batteries for compliance.

Deep Cycle Battery Group 24:

This is a mid-size battery that is commonly used in passengervehicles such as cars, vans, and small trucks. It has a length of about10 inches, a width of about 6.8 inches, and a height of about 7.5inches. It has a capacity of around 60-75 Ah.

Deep Cycle Battery Group 27:

BCI group size 27 batteries in the deep cycle battery pack are largepowerful batteries. These batteries have a capacity of between 66-110amps. This provides nearly 600-1000 CCA and 140-220 minutes ofcharging support!

Deep Cycle Battery Group 31:

Group 31 is a very popular commercial truck battery size that fits inmany applications. This Duracell commercial battery measures 13inches long,6.75 inches wide, and 9.5 inches high. Consult yourvehicle manufacturer’s instructions to verify proper fitment.

Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Customized to Your Projects

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Customized Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

KHLiTech --- Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Specialists

We’re a leading lithium battery manufacturer in China for a reason, we’re good at what we do. With KHLiTech, you won’t be treatedlike just another transaction. We treat our customers as partners and are committed to delivering quality services to ensure youbenefit from them, That’s why our products and services not only last longer and charce faster, but lithium batteries store moreenergy in a product that weighs half as much as a lead-acid battery.To be both eco-friendly and high-capacity so you don’t haveto choose between the two. Our lithium deep-cycle batteries are manufactured to guality protocols, utilizing Genuine Grade A cellsand a superior BMS system to ensure they pass our rigorous standards. That’s the KHLiTech guarantee, and you can utilize ourservices to drive your business forward with stunning lithium battery designs. Partner with a trusted lithium battery manufacturer.
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Different Types of LithiumDeep Cycle Battery

Before you get started, there are three main types of deep cycle lithium batteries that you need to know about. These are categorized according to use,and each type works best in its actual use scenario.
The first is Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide (LiNCM or NMC), good balance between energy density, cycle life, and cost, available in various formulations for different trade-offs, suitable for a widerange of applications. May have slightly lower cycle life compared to LiFePO4,
Then Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries compared to other lithium battery chemicals, LiFePO4 batteries are known for their excellent cycle life, highenergy density, and higher safety. kHLiTech’s LiFePO4 battery lineup includes deep cycle battery 12v, 24V, 36V, and 48V. The 12V LiFePO4 batteries are used inRVs, campers, deep cycle battery for boats, and small off-grid systems, while the 36V and 48V batteries have a more powerful BMS that can store more power and can be used in lithium marine batteries, deep cycle battery for trolling motor, and golf cart batteries.
Finally, Lithium Titanate (Li-Titanate or LTO), Extremelylong cycle life (10,000+ cycles),fast charging and discharging capabilities, excellent performance in cold temperatures, high thermal stability, lower risk of thermal runaway. Lower energy density compared to other lithium chemistries, slightly higher cost.

Major Advantage Of InstallingDeep Cycle Battery

Unleash the power of endurance with Deep CycleBatteries. These batteries are not just energy sources;they are steadfast allies in meeting your long-lastingenergy needs.
Don’t let their compact size fool you – Deep CycleBatteries pack a punch with their impressive energydensity. No matter how the load fluctuates, thesebatteries maintain a steady voltage output, offeringreliable and uninterrupted power for your applications.
Adapting is second nature to Deep Cycle Batteries. Theythrive in a range of environments, from extreme heat tofreezing cold, always delivering the power you require.Choose Deep Cycle Batteries and welcome a new eraof energy solutions – enduring, powerful, and versatile.Your journey to persistent power starts here.

Why Lithium Deep CycleBattery ls The Best?

In the field of energy storage, deep-cycle lithium batteries stand out as an excellent choice with their range ofadvantages. Lithium technology has excellent charge anddischarge efficiency. This means more usable energy percycle, which is extremely efficient and cost-effective in the long term.
Demonstrates impressive longevity, withstanding morecharge/discharge cycles than traditional options. Hasfast-charging capability, dramatically reducing wait timesDespite its compact and lightweight size, this compactenergy makes it one of the top choices for mobile applications and space-constrained scenarios. Lithium technology maintains a stable voltage outputregardless of load height. This stability is critical forsensitive equipment and backup power systems, ensuringan uninterrupted supply of energy at critical times.
Lithium batteries have an extremely low self-dischargerate, which means they retain energy for long periods of time, even during idle periods. This feature is critical forbackup power and emergency situations. Due to their longer lifespan and lower self-discharge rate, lithium batteries are more environmentally friendly, helping toreduce waste and move towards a greener future.

How to Choose Deep Cycle Battery

Whether you’re an engineer, a wholesaler or an individualbuyer,deep cycle batteries serve two main purposes:functionality and reliability. Do you want to power remotecommunication systems, solar storage devices or industrial equipment?
This initial step will help you narrow down the specifications and capacity requirements of the battery you need. Nextup is your deep cycle battery supplier. When it comes toensuring safety, it’s important that you choose a reliableand established outdoor lighting manufacturer with years ofexperience under their belt.
A good supplier will ensure that the product is tested forquality assurance before delivery. Finally, consider customertestimonials. Testimonials provide useful insights into thelong-term performance of a product, making them a highlyreliable means of determining its effectiveness.

Battery Warranty Guarantees Your Benefit

If there is any fault because of battery problem, you can contact us, send us video and picture, our sales engineer will deal with it. When the failure rate is over 3‰, we will send you the new battery for a replacement for free, and we’re responsible for all shipping fees of exchange services.

What is a Deep Cycle Battery?

A deep cycle battery is a battery designed to continuously handle a deep discharge of 80-100% DoD. The steady power output that a deep cycle battery produces over an extended period of time allows the battery to discharge significantly. With the addition and development of lithium batteries, deep cycle batteries have ushered in their lithium era. Among them, lithium iron phosphate has the best properties, long service life, stable output, no explosion, no smoke, and its environmental friendliness is favored by many people.

Lithium iron Phosphate(Lifepo4) Battery for Different Application

The LiFePO4 series has great advantages in life and volume, and is an ideal solution for very demanding applications such as light weight, low temperature operation, high magnification, and ultra-long service life. Mature applications refer to golf cartsrecreational vehiclesmarine machinerysolar systems, etc.

Why Choose Lifepo4 Lithium Battery instead of SLA Battery?

Lithium offers several perormance benefits versus it’s sealed lead acid (SLA) equivelant. A lithium battery’s capacity is independent from the discharge rate and provides constant power throughout it’s discharge. The degredation of a lithium battery at a high temperature is significantly reduced in comparison to SLA. Lithium has ten times the cycle life as SLA at room temperature. Even at an elevated temperature, lithium still has increased cycle life over SLA at room temperature.Lastly, Lithium charging follows a similar charging profile as SLA, Constant Current Constant Voltage (CC/CV). However, lithium can be charged faster, without the need for a maintenance float charge.

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