Keheng 12V 200ah LFP Battery For RV And Caravan

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 200Ah
  • Material: Lifepo4 or NMC
  • Support: Wholesale, OEM.ODM
  • Warranty: 10 years

The 12 volt 200 amp hour lithium battery is designed specifically for RV’s (Recreational Vehicles). It can be mounted to any other truck or bus as a backup power source. With the help of a 12V 200Ah lithium battery pack, the camper can easily power any other application such as lighting, entertainment, cooking heaters,

Battery Features:
SAFETY: The safest lithium iron phosphate battery, CE BIS, MSDS, UN38.3 certified.
Safe and Reliable: Active BMS protection circuitry handles cell balancing, low voltage cut-off, high voltage cut-off, short circuit protection, and high-temperature protection for improved performance and longer life.
Long cycle life and deep cycle: more than 6000 cycles, 6-8 times more than lead-acid batteries. No memory effect, high efficiency, and high energy density.
Small size and lightweight: 1/2 the size and weight of lead-acid batteries
Low self-discharge rate: <3% per month 7. High IP standard: IP65 waterproof
Wide temperature range: it can be discharged normally in -20℃-50℃.

Keheng supports Bluetooth function, monitor function, low temperature heating function, battery shell, battery cell customization options, which can perfectly match your market to provide customized solutions according to market demand. Make RV batteries stand out in your market!

This ruggedized LiFePO4 battery provides reliable, high-capacity energy storage. Equipped with a built-in DC to DC charger that connects directly to the solar panels, this battery is the cornerstone of any RV solar system, ensuring that wherever you park, the comforts of home are just a flick of a switch away. Explore the world your way, without the limitations of shore power.

For off-grid and RV solar users, our batteries’ proven freeze cycle test is a game changer, confirming their reliability in extreme temperatures and different climates. This test ensures that the batteries can withstand and perform optimally in cold conditions, making them a reliable power source for any off-grid and mobile solar system you can think of.

Technical Data

Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 200Ah
Energy 2560wh
Resistance ≤ 30 mΩ
Efficiency  99%
Self Discharge <3% per Month
Max Continuous Discharge Current 100A
Peak Discharge Current 200A(7.5S±2.5S)
BMS Discharge Current Cut Off 280A±50A(9±4ms)
Recommend Low Voltage Disconnect 11V
BMS Discharge Voltage Cut Off 8V (2±0.08vpc)(140±60ms)
Reconnect Voltage 9.2V (2.5±0.1vpc)
Short Circuit Protection 200-600μs
Recommend Charge Current 50A
Maximum Charge Current 100A
Recommend Charge Voltage 14.2V-14.6V
BMS Charge Voltage Cut Off 15.2V (3.9±0.025vpc)(1.1±0.4s)
Reconnect Voltage 15.2V(3.8±0.05vpc)
Balancing Voltage 14.4V(3.6±0.025vpc)
Discharge Temp. Range -20℃ to 55℃
Charge Temp. Range 0℃ to 45℃
Storage Temp. Range -5℃ to 35℃
BMS High Temp Temp Cut Off 70℃
Reconnect Temp 50℃


  • The working temperature can reach -20°C
  •  LCD display optional, real-time understanding of battery voltage and capacity.
  •  60A continuous output current can continuously charge big-power devices.
  •  The intelligent BMS system can accurately control the battery to improve the lifespan, no explosion, no fire.
  •  Drop-in replacement for heavy lead-acid(AGM / GEL) battery,1/3weight but same capacity.
  • 2000times cycle life@100% DOD , 7000times cycle life@50% DOD , 10 years design lifespan.
  • Maintenance-free, fully sealed, and waterproof.


Intelligent Battery Management System(BMS)

  • Over charge protection function
  • Over discharge protection function
  • Over current protection function
  • Short protection function
  • Over temperature protection function
  • Automatic cell balance function


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