Battery Energy Storage System Container | BESS

Model: Large Lithium Container Battery Storage System
Battery: 30KW/60Kwh ~ 500KW/1Mwh
Battery Type: Lifepo4/Lithium ion
Support: OEM.ODM
Service Life: 15-20 years
Delivery Time: Up on your project requirements

Battery Energy Storage System Container | BESS

Price decreases to stimulate demand, and commercial and industrial energy storage systems (C&I ESS) become popular now! Since 2023, the lithium carbonate and silicon material prices have decreased, the battery pack and battery component prices have decreased too, and the shipping container battery storage system prices fell sharply, the large-scale storage battery does not mean high cost, the parity comes! Additionally, with the peak and valley price difference and two-part tariff landing, industrial and commercial energy storage have non-linear growth this year, so large containerized battery energy storage system demand began to increase. 

What is a containerized energy storage system?

The Containerized energy storage system refers to large lithium energy storage systems installed in sturdy, portable shipping containers, which usually range from 5ft, 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft, and mainly focus on 50Kwh to 10Mwh. They are designed to store energy generated by renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, to be used when needed. Which is widely used in commercial and industrial energy storage as well as community energy storage.

Why Are They Gaining Popularity?

  • Flexibility and scalability: Compared with traditional energy storage power stations, lithium battery storage containers can be transported by sea and land, no need to be installed in one fixed place and subject to geographical restrictions. On the other hand, the energy storage battery container adopts a modularized structure, which can be quickly scaled up to adapt to the different capacity and power requirements of customers, whether it is KW/KWH or MW/MWh. In a word, Containerized energy storage systems with integrated design can be quickly installed, safely operated and controlled by environmental conditions.48 Volts Battery Energy Storage System 20kwh ESS
  • High cost-efficiency: 1, the lithium energy containers store the energy generated by wind turbines, photovoltaics, or cogeneration. Due to their large capacity and power, it often used for peak shaving and valley filling, thus helping the corporation to save energy costs to achieve energy efficiency. 2, With the technological breakthroughs in battery research and development, the cost of BESS containers is expected to be significantly reduced again in the future, and the prospect is quite potential.
  • Environmentally friendly and high safety and security: By using renewable and clean energy sources such as solar and wind power, these energy storage cabinets contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and the realization of a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future, greatly improving the efficiency of energy utilization. The entire system is also equipped with various safety settings such as smoke detectors, temperature controllers, fire suppression systems, continuous operation diagnostic systems, intelligent alarm systems, and all batteries are connected to automatic shut-off safety valves. The safety failure rate is minimized.48 Volts Battery Energy Storage System 20kwh ESS
  • Adapt to the diversity of environmental conditions: With the improvement of energy storage technology, we have a higher degree of integration of the existing containerized energy storage system, integrated uninterruptible power supply, battery packs, precision air-conditioning, monitoring equipment, EMS, and other intelligent equipment, the energy storage cabinets steel is made of specially processed steel, strong enough, solid structure, watertightness is excellent with strong weld, etc., rain-proof, fog-proof, dust-proof, sand-proof, corrosion-proof, lightning-proof and theft-proof, it can meet a variety of different use environments. The system can operate at high and low temperatures and at various altitudes, making it an ideal grid support system for rugged terrain and extreme weather. For example, an energy power station on a snow-covered mountain.

Advantages of Keheng Container Larger ESS:

  • Advanced Raw Material Control: Our containers use top brand grade A lithium battery cells, ensuring longevity and high quality performance.
  • Customizable Solutions: We offer energy customization configurations to meet different clients’ needs, whether they’re energy storage company buyers, lithium battery distributors, or solar project installers.
  • Robust and Secure: Using high-density steel craftsmanship and undergoing rigorous factory testing, designed to withstand various environmental conditions, with high integrated design, our containers guarantee durability and reliability.48 Volts Battery Energy Storage System 20kwh ESS
  • Seamless Integration: We have proven solutions for modular energy storage design that can be easily integrated with existing energy infrastructure, making it a versatile option for multiple energy solutions and allowing you to customize your energy solution efficiently and quickly.

48 Volts Battery Energy Storage System 20kwh ESS

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Have Questions?

  • If you have any inquiries on BESS containers, please download the check list and send it together with your inquiry.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the battery energy storage system container, We are eager to explain the possibilities for your applications.
  • Please download Energy Storage System (ESS) Containers brochure for reference.




  • Smoke/Fire detecting and protection systems;
  • Internal lighting and power system;
  • Support customization of different power, accept ODM/OEM;
  • Support both on-grid and off-grid applications,upon your choice;
  • Flexible configuration,module design,Scalable from kW/kWh up to MW/MWh;
  • Environmental conditions: Operating temperature range -20 °C to +45 °C, Relative humidity 0 - 95 %, non-condensing;
  • Integrated Design for Energy Storage: Intelligent control system,smart Battery management system (BMS),HVAC.


Q:What's the 1 megawatt battery price?

A:There're several factors that will affect the cost of the MW ESS container, key Factors like:

Lithium battery cell costs; Container size and capacity; Installation costs; System components like airconditioner, fire suppression systems; Maintenance and operation costs; Incentives and subsidies; the Power of the PCS(power convertion system)



Technical data

Keheng  Lithium Battery Energy Storage System Container

Model KHCI-30/60KWH KHCI-50/100KWH KHCI-100/200KWH
Battery Battery Cell EVE-LF160 CATL-202 EVE-LF280K
Battery Pack 16S1P 51.2V 160AH 16S1P 51.2V 200AH 16S1P 51.2V 280AH
Battery String 8S1P 10S1P 14S1P
Nominal Energy 65.5KWH 102KWH 200KWH
Nominal Voltage 409.6V 512V 716.8V
Operating Voltage 332.8-467.2V 416-584V 582.4-817.6V
PCS AC Rated Power 30KW PCS 50KW PCS 100KW PCS
AC Rated Voltage 400V
Max PV Power 180KW 300KW 600KW
Max PV Input Voltage 1000V DC



Operating Temp -30℃-60℃
IP Rating IP65
Fire Extinguishing System Support
Air Conditioner 1KW 3KW 3KW
For installation manual, technical datasheet, inverter adjustment/testing, please send us an inquiry!

Keheng  Lithium Battery Energy Storage System Container

Model KHCI-150/300KWH KHCI-250/500KWH KHCI-500/1MWH
Battery Battery Cell EVE-LF280K EVE-LF280K EVE-LF280K
Battery Pack 16S2P 51.2V 560AH 16S3P 51.2V 840AH 16S3P 51.2V 840AH
Battery String 11S1P 12S1P 12S2P
Nominal Energy 315KWH 516KWH 1032KWH
Nominal Voltage 563.2V 614.4V 614.4V
Operating Voltage 457.6-642.4V 499.2-700.8V 499.2-700.8V
PCS AC Rated Power 150KW PCS 250KW PCS 500KW PCS
AC Rated Voltage 400V
Max PV Power 180KW 300KW 600KW
Max PV Input Voltage 1000V DC



Operating Temp -30℃-60℃
IP Rating IP65
Fire Extinguishing System Support
Air Conditioner 5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW
For installation manual, technical datasheet, inverter adjustment/testing, please send us an inquiry!




Keheng Large ESS Solution Checklist

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