China TOP 10 e scooter battery manufacturer Ranking

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


In recent years electric scooters have been the first choice of transportation for people commuting to work and walking in the city, but are you wondering why your electric scooter battery life is not long enough?

Electric scooters usually manufacturers use lead-acid batteries, due to the low energy density of lead-acid batteries, large size and weight have been gradually abandoned, and more and more scooter manufacturers, scooter repairers, and scooter battery stores are choosing lithium batteries.

Follow CT’s footsteps to take you to know the top 10 e scooter battery manufacturer in China, I will introduce you to the basic information and main products of these companies in addition to be able to help you understand the specifics of the company while doing a market analysis of electric scooters. Follow my footsteps to read!

China TOP 10 e scooter battery manufacturer Ranking

China TOP 10 e scooter battery manufacturer Ranking

E Scooter Battery

Headquarters: Suzhou, China


  • New Energy Vehicle: Passenger cars, specialized vehicles, power exchange, charging field
  • Energy Storage Applications: Power generation, industrial and commercial energy storage, home energy storage, portable power supply
  • Off-grid small energy storage: Monitoring equipment, solar street lights, backup power
  • Motorized Equipment: Robots, AGVs, power tools, drones
  • Urban short-distance transportation: Electric bicycle, electric motorcycle, electric tricycle, electric scooter
  • Power Exchange Operation: Multi-scenario centralized and generalized power exchange

Core Products:

  • Nugget Battery
  • Energy Storage Module
  • Super Lithium S7 Series
  • Super Sodium F1
  • Small Cell

Innovative Products:

  • Manganese-based lithium composite
  • High-energy lithium iron
  • Sodium Ion
  • BMS Technology
  • PACK Technology
  • Safety Technology

PHYLON Brief Introduction: Phylion was founded in 2003, based on the technology of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is a well-known high-tech enterprise of lithium power batteries in China. Continuing to leapfrog to the home energy storage market and A-class new energy vehicle market; accelerating towards globalization, all-scene, all-industry chain new energy application service provider

Headquarters: Zhejiang, China


  • Power Battery: Lead-acid Power Battery/ Lithium-ion Power Battery/ Traction Battery
  • Energy Storage Backup: Industrial Backup Battery/ Power Storage Battery/ Mobile Storage Battery
  • Starting Batteries: Starting Batteries/ Start-Stop Batteries
  • Smart Energy: Off-grid/ Grid-connected/ Smart Microgrid/ Composite Energy Storage
  • Fuel Cells: Power Stacks/ Fuel Cell System/ Electrolyzed Water Series/ Terminal Products

CNTN Battery Group Co., Ltd, referred to as Tannen, is a leading enterprise in the domestic battery industry, which focuses on the business of electric light-duty vehicle power batteries and integrates the research, development, production and sales of multiple types of batteries, such as power batteries for electric special vehicles, power batteries for new energy vehicles, automobile start/stop batteries, energy storage batteries, 3C batteries, standby batteries, and fuel batteries, etc. Tannen is also the largest battery manufacturer in China, with a total sales of more than 100,000 units.

Headquarters: Dongguan, China

Energy Storage System Solutions:

  • Home Energy Storage
  • Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Communication Battery
  • Caravan Battery
  • Portable Power

Battery Solutions for Intelligent Products:

  • Drone Batteries
  • Vacuum Cleaner Batteries
  • Power Tools
  • Pan-Robotics

Micro Vehicle Solutions: 

  • Electric Motorcycle
  • Electric Bicycle
  • Urban Power Exchange
  • ATV/ UTV
  • Scooter
  • Tricycle

AMPACE focuses on the research and innovation of high-end lithium batteries, focusing on the research, development, production, sales, and service in three major fields: energy storage systems, micro-vehicles, and drive batteries for smart products.

Headquarters: Hong Kong, China

  • Lithium Business: Network Energy Solutions/ Green Energy Storage Solutions/ Green Mobility Solutions
  • Network Energy: Communication/ UPS/ Energy Storage/ Consumer/ Marine
  • Starter Battery Business: Automotive/ Motorcycle/ Railway/ Marine Battery
  • Power Battery: Electric Vehicle Battery/ Electric Tricycle Battery/ Electric Bicycle Battery/ Forklift/ Golf Cart/ Aerial Work Platform/ Explosion-proof Batteries for Mining

Leoch International is a leading global power solution provider. Leoch International focuses on providing professional power solutions for global industrial and commercial applications. The company’s products and services are mainly focused on: energy storage systems (energy storage systems, industrial and commercial energy storage systems, and large-scale energy storage systems), backup power supplies (data centers, communications, uninterruptible power supplies, electric power, security, industrial equipment The company’s products and services mainly focus on energy storage systems (data center, communication, uninterruptible power supply, electric power, security, industrial equipment, switches and electronic equipment, etc.), automobile starting and stopping power supply (new energy vehicles, fuel-fired passenger cars, fuel-fired commercial vehicles, etc.), and power supply (three-wheeled, four-wheeled, low-speed electric vehicles, material transportation, etc.)

Headquarters: Hangzhou, China

  • New Power Storage: Megawatt-scale energy storage systems/ Hundred Kilowatt Energy Storage System/ Stand-alone shared energy storage/ Virtual Power Plant/ Grid-load Energy Storage Integration/ Integrated Wind-Solar (Water-Fire) Energy Storage
  • Industrial Energy Storage: Industrial Backup/ Communication Energy Storage/ Data Center Energy Storage
  • Light electric vehicle batteries: C-end electric vehicle, switching and sharing application scenarios, providing a full set of solutions from batteries, switching cabinets, and platform systems to operation services.
  • Energy-saving automotive batteries: meet the needs of automotive starting and stopping applications.
  • New Energy Vehicle Battery: Solid state battery technology reserve, industry leader.
  • Rail transportation: meet the needs of equipment, emergency power protection
Zhejiang NARADA Power Supply Co., Ltd. has long been focusing on the development and application of energy storage technology and products, providing lithium-based products, system integration and services for new electric power energy storage, industrial energy storage, and civil energy storage, and has opened up the whole industry chain from lithium battery manufacturing, system integration, operation service to lithium resource recovery, formed an integrated layout around the energy storage business, and constructed a full-industry ecosystem of energy storage. Ecosystem. The company owns core technology patents in new materials, new technologies, and new structures of battery power supply, has led and participated in the formulation of many international, national, and industrial standards, and has become one of the top 100 enterprises in China’s light industry and electronic information industry for consecutive years.

Headquarters: Dongguan, China

Products: Electric Bicycle Battery/ Car starter power/ Energy Storage Battery/ Electric Tool Battery/ Laptop Battery/ Other Customized Batteries

Established in 2005, Powerway, as a leading international expert in lithium battery system solutions, has been specializing in the design and production of lithium battery system solutions. We have rich experience in 5V-500V and 2Ah-200Ah battery applications and can provide customers with the design and production of batteries for different fields of use, including electric bicycles, electric transportation, energy storage, intelligent robots, wireless portable medical, home, sports, commercial and industrial equipment, as well as laptop batteries and mobile power batteries. Particularly in the field of e-bike batteries and laptop batteries.

Headquarters: Harbin, China

  • Products: Valve Regulated Sealed Battery/ Power-Assisted Vehicle Battery
  • Communication lithium batteries: base station batteries/ Computer room battery cabinets
  • Electric Vehicle Battery: Passenger car lithium battery/ Lithium Battery for Logistics Vehicle/ Pure electric bus lithium battery
  • DC Power Supply: Communication Power Supply/ Emergency power supply

Founded in 1994, COSLIGHT Group’s main business: is lead-acid batteries, etc., lithium power batteries for electric vehicles, etc., and lithium energy storage batteries for communication.


Headquarters: Shenzhen, China


Keheng Battery Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacture, and sales of lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP), lithium in-line replacement batteries, standard lithium battery modules, lithium battery energy storage systems (ESS), the products are widely used Keheng has a senior R & D and operation team leading, with several core technologies and software copyrights, with the core of the intellectual property rights, and is committed to realizing the carbon neutral, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce the carbon emissions. Reduce carbon emissions. Reduce emissions and provide power for the world’s green life. Our products have obtained international certificates such as UN38.3, MSDS, CE, UL, IEC, etc. We have a 2610 square meters factory, which can provide you with OEM or ODM services from small capacity to large volume. Large. At present, Keheng has established long-term partnerships with thousands of overseas new energy industry customers in North America, Germany, the UK, South Africa, and so on.



Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

  • Light mobility and intelligent terminals: Electric Bicycle/ Electric Scooters/ Robotics/ Solar Street Lights
  • Energy Storage: Satellite Energy Storage Battery/ Generation Side Energy Storage/ Electricity Storage Systems/ Power Side Energy Storage
  • Consumer Digital: Laptops/ Tablet PCs/ Mobile Phone/ Mobile Power/ Camera/ VR/ Wearables/ Bluetooth Speaker
  • New Energy Passenger Cars: 18650 cylindrical power battery as the basis, with 21700 cylindrical batteries and large square batteries to provide energy for new energy passenger cars.
  • New Energy Logistics Vehicle: Split-type vans and integrated European vans, etc.
  • New Energy Bus: Business buses, city buses, ferries, etc.

Founded in Shenzhen in 2005, BAK’s core business is consumer digital batteries, power batteries, and battery recycling. The company’s products and services include cylindrical, square, and polymer cells, as well as battery packaging, battery solutions, etc., which are mainly used in new energy vehicles, consumer products backup energy storage, and other fields. In the field of power battery applications across the entire range of models, serving more than ten first-tier automakers around the world, adhere to the wisdom to create power for new energy vehicles to create a reliable “core”!

Headquarters: Nanjing, China

Products: D-Series Industrial Cores/ Industrial Gateway Solutions/ Power Intelligent Device Solutions/ Industrial control station solutions

Founded in 2018, it focuses on providing high-performance and highly reliable automotive-specification chips, focusing on providing high-performance and highly reliable automotive-specification chip products and solutions for the future of intelligent travel, covering the intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, central gateway, and high-performance MCUs, which cover the most core chip categories of the future automotive electronic and electrical architectures, to realize the “four-core unity Empowering the car with its soul “.

Electric Scooter Battery Market Outlook

Electric Scooter Battery Market Outlook​

The global electric scooter market was valued at USD 1 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow by 600% over the next 10 years. This growth is attributed to the batteries used in electric scooters, which not only power DC motors but also lights and other accessories. Currently, lithium batteries are favored for use in electric scooters due to their safety, high energy density, and long service life.

In contrast, sealed lead-acid batteries, which are composed of lead and sulfuric acid, release polluting gases during use, causing irreversible damage to the environment. As a result, the electric scooter industry is increasingly favoring the use of lithium-ion batteries, which are smaller in size and have higher energy density.

The global electric scooter battery market is analyzed based on product type, capacity, and region. The market is segmented based on product type into lithium-ion (Li-ion), lithium iron phosphate (LFP), lithium polymer (LiPo), sealed lead acid (SLA), and nickel metal hydride (NiMH). As for the capacity, it is divided into several segments 100-500Wh, 500-1000Wh, 1000-1500Wh, 1500-2000Wh, and 2000Wh.

In terms of regional distribution, the electric scooter battery market in Asia Pacific is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.7% during the forecast period and the region’s share in the global market is expected to reach 97.2% by 2020.

In terms of product type, lithium-ion batteries are the largest revenue generator and are expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.5% during the forecast period. In terms of capacity, the 1000-1500Wh segment dominated the global market by 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.7% during the forecast period. Growth in this market segment, especially in 1000-1500Wh electric scooter batteries, is expected to be driven by their suitability for medium driving distances.


Electric scooters, an increasingly popular form of urban transportation in recent years, are undergoing a transformation driven by battery technology. The global electric scooter market has been valued at $1 billion since 2020 and is expected to grow by up to 600% over the next decade. This significant growth is mainly attributed to the advancement in battery technology used in electric scooters.

While traditional lead-acid batteries are gradually being phased out of the market due to their low energy density, large size, and heavyweight, lithium batteries are dominating the electric scooter segment due to their high safety, high energy density, and long lifespan. With increasing awareness of environmental protection and technological development, more and more scooter manufacturers, repairers, and battery stores are turning to lithium batteries.

China is particularly prominent in this field, with many leading scooter battery suppliers, such as PHYLON、CNTNNARADA、Greenway、COSLIGHT、Keheng、BAK, etc. These companies not only provide all kinds of high-quality battery products, but also offer a series of innovative solutions to serve a wide range of fields, such as new energy vehicles, energy storage applications, and electrified equipment.

In summary, with the continuous progress of battery technology and increasing market demand, the electric scooter industry is expected to continue to maintain strong growth momentum and become an important part of future urban transportation.


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