How To Customize Lithium Batteries For Your Needs?​ —— Custom Battery Pack Manufacturer Definitive Guide

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Lithium battery customization can meet the specific needs of various industries, Keheng has the industry leadership in battery engineers, battery design, and after-sales service, as well as a lithium battery solution provider that can turn what you want into reality.

Next, a CT from Keheng will bring you an in-depth understanding of the customization options for lithium batteries, and the customization services you can get at Keheng.

Keheng deep cycle battery Customization

How to customize lithium batteries for your needs?

Lithium battery customization should provide specific power consumption parameters, including voltage operating range, operating current size, operating ambient temperature range, operating time requirements, charging method, etc.. As well as the required battery size and style. The technicians of the lithium battery manufacturer will propose a design according to the customer’s requirements, explaining the overall size and shape, interface mode, raw materials used, important technical specifications and parameters, as well as the required cost.

What customization do you support?

1. Battery shape customization

You can choose the regular battery shape design according to the application scenario e.g. round, trapezoidal, prismatic, et. If you need irregularly shaped lithium battery packs you can contact the professional technical team to provide the battery shape to meet the demand.

2. Voltage customization

Whether you need 12V lithium batteries, 24V lithium batteries, 36V lithium batteries, 48V lithium batteries, 60V lithium batteries, or high voltage lithium batteries can be found here to find solutions. Our batteries are made of 3.2V LiFePO4 cells and 3.7V Li-ion ternary cells, all the above voltages can be connected in series according to this nominal voltage to reach the required voltage. Of course, all voltage decisions require you to work with product designers and battery engineers to meet the optimal voltage of the equipment, which will not affect the normal operation of the equipment.

3. Capacity customization

After you determine the voltage of the battery, you need to consider the capacity of the lithium battery, the capacity determines the running time of the equipment, at this moment you need to pay attention to the larger capacity of the battery size and weight will be the larger, in Keheng can be customized conventional 10ah, 20ah, 50ah, 100ah, 200ah and other conventional capacity, at the same time, you can customize a specific capacity to meet the equipment.

4. Multiplier customization

Special applications such as drones, starter batteries, power tools, and other equipment have high requirements for high-multiplication rate batteries. In automotive emergency starter power, electric supercars, high-current charging, and discharging performance are the primary considerations for batteries to meet the needs of fast charging or high burst power. This can be based on the final application to decide whether a high rate battery is needed.

5. Temperature customization

The operating temperature of lithium batteries is from -20℃ to 40℃, you use lithium batteries in this temperature range then there is no need to worry, normal battery packs will be able to meet. When you are located in high altitude or high dimensions of extremely cold areas then you need to hustle a battery pack that can work in ultra-low temperatures, whether you choose lithium ternary cell composition of the battery or the battery with heating function. Keheng has a wealth of experience in low temperatures but also meets the needs of the special industry.

6. Special function customization

The above features are the first thing you need to consider, special features mainly include waterproof, Bluetooth, and LED energy supply, these features can help you better monitor the battery status, if you are in the energy storage system then these features can help you at any time to detect the battery’s data, enhance the convenience.

What things should I pay attention to when customizing lithium batteries?

1. When you already have product design

battery Customization-Service

You already have a product design, space, size, need to customize a battery

  • Whether the factory can meet your needs.
    How about the quality of the products produced?
    Whether the product can meet the import conditions.
    Whether the lithium battery pack has various safety certificates.

2. No product design

You have no product design but need to customize a battery, involving program experience. It is recommended to find a professional customized battery manufacturer, and the company needs to have a strong R & D team support, that can provide reference cases.
Points to focus on at this time:

  • Whether the manufacturer can customize a product that meets your needs.
  • Whether it supports samples.
  • Whether the product quality can meet the conditions.
  • Whether the product certification is complete.

3. Other places to pay attention to

Multiplier, voltage, capacity, internal resistance, temperature, cycle times (life), qualification and certification of the battery factory, product transportation, price.

About Keheng BATTERY CO., LTD

KEHENG BATTERY CO., LTD Established in 2008, is mainly engaged in the research, development, manufacture, and sales of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, lithium in-line replacement batteries, standard lithium battery modules, lithium battery energy storage systems (ESS).

Our products have obtained international certificates such as UN38.3, MSDS, CE, UL, IEC, and so on.

We can provide you with OEM or ODM service from small capacity to large quantity.

With 8 advanced production lines and more than 500 engineers and assembly line workers, we can produce 400,000 batteries a day in an area of 60,000 square meters.


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