What battery type is a marine battery?

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What battery type is a marine battery?There are many kinds of ship batteries. In the past, lead-acid batteries were used at first, and then nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries appeared, and most of the lead-acid batteries were gradually replaced.

Due to the requirements of environmental protection development, the batteries produced by ship battery manufacturers have basically turned to Jin hydrogen batteries and lithium ion batteries. Therefore, the current ship batteries mainly include Jin hydrogen battery, energy storage lithium ion battery and lithium iron phosphate battery. For large ships, due to the variety of electronic equipment, they may be installed and used for actual equipment application requirements at the same time. Many different batteries. So what are the characteristics of these ship batteries?

What battery type is a marine battery?

1. marine batteries types: General energy storage lithium-ion battery

The energy storage lithium-ion battery is not as good as the lithium iron phosphate battery in high temperature resistance, the polymer lithium battery in the low temperature resistance, and the safety performance is not as good as the Jin hydrogen battery, so its equipment price is relatively low, of course, it is generally used for lighting energy storage The power supply is good for emergency lighting. The placement location is generally a place where room temperature can be maintained.

2. marine batteries types:Lithium iron phosphate battery

The performance of lithium iron phosphate battery is better than that of general energy storage lithium-ion battery. It has high temperature resistance and high current discharge capacity at a certain rate. The low temperature performance of ordinary lithium iron phosphate battery is relatively poor, but the improved lithium iron phosphate battery can be used at low temperature. The performance is slightly better than that of Jin hydrogen battery and slightly worse than that of polymer lithium battery, but the high temperature performance will decrease. In terms of installation cost,

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are more expensive than Jin hydrogen batteries and cheaper than polymer lithium batteries. Therefore, most of the types of ship batteries currently used are lithium iron phosphate batteries, because it is more cost-effective to use lithium iron phosphate batteries under the same normal temperature application. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have different production technology levels and materials used by manufacturers, and there will be differences in performance effects and cycle life. Battery manufacturers can design and customize a complete set of backup power systems according to the actual application requirements of ship batteries.

3. marine batteries types: Jin hydrogen battery

The Jin hydrogen battery used on ships is not the common cylindrical battery, but a relatively large hydrogen energy battery system. A set of Jin-Hydrogen battery equipment is relatively large and bulky, and it is basically impossible to move after installation. It is mainly used for emergency power conversion for some larger electronic equipment that requires stable power supply. (Storage the AC power generated by the fuel engine, and then convert it into stable DC power). The ship battery system is a relatively complex energy storage system, which needs to be designed and constructed by relevant electronic engineers. At the same time, the specific use and transportation environment of the ship must be considered to determine the selection and installation of ship battery types.

What kind of Batteries do I need for my Boat? Marine batteries explained!

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