What are the parameters of lifepo4 battery?

What are the parameters of lifepo4 battery?Lifepo4 battery parameters are mainly divided into two types, one is the parameters of the battery itself, and the other is the finished battery.

1. Lifepo4 battery cell parameters

The important parameters of lifepo4 battery cells mainly include voltage, capacity and size. Others are the attributes of whether the cells belong to high rate cells, low temperature cells or conventional cells.

There are two voltage parameters of lifepo4 battery cells, one is a nominal voltage of 3.2V, and the other is a custom high-voltage cell with a voltage of 3.65V, which is a high-energy density type of cell.

The capacity of the cell has a certain relationship with the size of the volume. For the same type of cell, the capacity is large and the volume is small.

Read the parameter table of lifepo4 battery cells of Keheng new energy manufacturer to help you quickly understand the parameter knowledge:






As for the low temperature parameters of lifepo4 battery cells, it is mainly defined according to the temperature range of the low temperature environment of the application. The current, the amount of battery that can be effectively discharged, etc. are customized for reference, and there is no fixed data.

2. Lifepo4 battery parameters

As for the parameters of the finished lifepo4 battery, it is basically determined by the parameters and properties of the battery cells. For example, in terms of battery application properties, if it is a low-temperature battery, then the finished battery is a low-temperature battery. If it is a high-rate battery, then it is High rate discharge battery.

The finished battery is composed of a certain number of cells connected in series and parallel by welding and then added with a battery holder, a battery protection board and a shell. It can be used directly in the application equipment. After the series and parallel connection, the voltage and capacity can be changed. Large, can meet the needs of larger electrical equipment.

For example, an electrical device requires a battery voltage of 36V or higher. If a single cell is used, it cannot be done, and it can only be achieved by connecting multiple cells in series.

If you want to keep the voltage constant and just want the current to increase, it can be achieved by connecting multiple cells in parallel.

From the above analysis, lifepo4 battery parameters are mainly determined by cell parameters, that is to say, lifepo4 battery cell voltage is determined, 3.2V or 3.65V, and the capacity of a single cell is also limited. It is below 20000mAh; but the voltage and capacity of the finished battery can be customized according to needs.


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