10KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall Mounted Energy Storage System

Inverter: 5kw
Nominal voltage:48.0V
Brand Name:KH OEM
Model Number: 10KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall
Support: Wholesale, OEM.ODM
Warranty: 10 years
Delivery Time: 7-14 days for samples, 35-60days fpr mass production
Packaging Details: Carton
Shipping Terms: Shipping Support: Air Freight, Sea Freight

10KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall Mounted Energy Storage System

Crafted out of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, this is a battery built to last. With 3,000+ recharge cycles (and up to 7,000 under ideal charging conditions,50%DOD) the 10KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall provides 5 X the lifespan than your typical SLA battery. Built-in self-heating system, Built-in smart BMS, which can realize real-time monitoring the battery, Compatible with inverters of multiple brands, which can support 16 units parallel connection.

KeHeng lithium batteries provide more energy for high consumption than traditional lead-acid batteries. They also offer ultra-fast charging and discharging, high efficiency and a longer cycle life – plus no maintenance!

Not all lithium batteries are created equal. All KeHeng Batteries use the safest and most stable components, including a LiFePO4 cathode and a built-in Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS ensures a long lifetime, safe handling – and high-accuracy State of Charge (SOC) calculations.

Superior Opportunity
10KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall for home Energy Storage System is designed and engineered in the china by KeHeng, the world’s leading supplier of deep-cycle batteries for nearly 20 years. You can be confident KeHeng is the highest quality product on the market—backed by KeHeng’s extraordinary customer support.

Primary Competitive Advantages
Origin Guarantee/Warranty Price Product Features Product Performance Prompt Delivery Quality Approvals Reputation Service Small Orders Accepted

Internal structure of 10KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall for home Energy Storage System
KeHeng caring every details of the lithium battery pack to assure you get the most safe and durable battery using experience,Strictly select battery cells and battery pack accessories, strictly implement production ISO specifications.

5KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall for home Energy Storage System Quality comparison
5KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall for home Energy Storage System Quality comparison

Main Export Markets
Asia/Australasia Central/South America/Eastern Europe/Mid East/Africa North America/Western Europe

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5KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall For 2022 Best Alternative To Tesla Powerwall
10KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall For Best Alternative To Tesla Powerwall 2022

AC Coupled Solar System
Power Base X1 can compatible well with energy storage inverters

Residential grid-tie solar with backup power
Secure power for your home during grid outages by retrofitting your grid-tied system with backup power using proven ZRGP’s solutions.

Extra PV power for battery charging. When PV power is low or none, load consumption should take power from the battery first, and from the grid as little as possible.

Off-grid power supply
Cut your consumption peak and save money by reducing loads.When the grid is offline, the storage system should automatically switch to off-grid powering in less than 1s, for external emergency load powering.

Backup power
Respond to external power code control in less than 1s, which is sufficient for frequency regulation and peak shaving among areas.

Community electrification
Cut your consumption peak and save money by reducing loads.

5KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall for home Energy Storage System application
5KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall for home Energy Storage System application
5KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall for best alternative to tesla powerwall 2021

Compatible Inverter List

Wide compatibility

Kh-es5kpw lithium ion battery  had been debugged and matched with the mainstream brand inverters in the market and can be directly connected for use.the supported inverter brands are as follows:
Goodwe,pylon,solarfam,victron,growatt,solax,sofar,luxpower,pv1800f,ltw,sorotec,megarevo,voltronicpower,srne,pylon tech,deye. If you have other inverters, you can also contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

510KWH LiFePO4 48v Powerwall for 2022 best alternative to tesla powerwall Inverter Compatible Brands
510KWH LiFePO4 48v Powerwall for 2022 best alternative to tesla powerwall Inverter Compatible Brands

Product project

The market demand for kehehng house Energy Storage Powerwall battery is hot, the company has standing inventory, small batches are sold in stock, and the delivery time for large batch OEM orders is only 7-15 days.In Southeast Asian countries, the installation rate of our products reaches 5%.

In Lebanon, Turkey, South Africa, the Middle East, West Asia and other countries and regions, most of our customers purchase CKD, SDK, finished product purchase, and the shipment volume is more than one container per month. The quality has been well received by customers. Keheng has planned to set up after-sales service in the Middle East. and installation department, as well as storage bases and branches, to better serve local customers.

5KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall for home Energy Storage System Project
5KWH LiFePO4 Powerwall for home Energy Storage System Project

Product process

Keheng new energy has 6 production lines in its own factory, with a production capacity of 100,000pcs per month, its own r&d technical team, and its production of 100% new grade A Battery cells , to ensure delivery and quality to the greatest extent, own batteries shell mold factory, injection molding factory, develops more than 50 Battery Boxes with proprietary appearance patent of private mold every year, the material technology includes black abs material and full transparent, translucent pc material.

KH-ES10KPW is best 48v 200ah lifepo4 battery pack, the monthly output can reach 50,000 units. Spot stock wholesale supply, no moq requirement.

Product shipping

Keheng has many years of experience in customer service in foreign trade of lithium batteries. He has rich experience in customer service in skd, ckd and finished product delivery, and can do safe and reliable packaging according to sea and air transportation.

10KWH LiFePO4 powerwall packaged and shipped

Similar Recommend


  •  LCD display optional, real-time understanding of battery voltage and capacity.
  •  200A continuous output voltage can continuously charge big-power devices.
  •  The intelligent BMS system can accurately control the battery to improve the lifespan, no explosion, no fire.
  •  Drop-in replacement for heavy lead-acid(AGM / GEL) battery,1/3weight but same capacity.
  • 2000times cycle life@100% DOD , 7000times cycle life@50% DOD , 10 years design lifespan.
  • Maintenance-free, fully sealed, and waterproof.


Intelligent Battery Management System(BMS)

  • Over charge protection function
  • Over discharge protection function
  • Over current protection function
  • Short protection function
  • Over temperature protection function
  • Automatic cell balance function
  • Cell balance function

Technical data

Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Rated Capacity 200AH @0.5C to 42V
Stored energy 10240Wh
Cycle life@100%DOD 2000 Cycles
Approx. Weight 100kg
Internal Resistance ≤60.0 mΩ
Max. Charge Current 200 A
Max. Discharge Current 2200 A
Charge Cut-off Voltage 58.4V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 42V
Dimensions L420mm×W259mm×H700mm
Low temperature self heating Avaliable(0~-20°C)
Operating Temperature Range





-4°F (-20°C) to 113°F (45°C)

-4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C)

59°F (15°C) to 95°F (35°C)

Self-Discharge Rate ≤3%/month
Life Expectancy (years) 10 years @25°C in 80%DOD
Self Discharge Approx. 3% per month @ 25°C
Long Term Storage Charge every 6 months
Short Circuit Protection Automatically recover after removal of short
Communication port RS485/RS232/CAN






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