24v 200ah forklift lithium battery manufacturer

Nominal voltage:24.0V
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name:KH OEM
Model Number:KH-LFP-24200
Price: Negotiable
Support: Wholesale, OEM.ODM
Warranty: 10 years

24v 200ah forklift lithium battery manufacturer

The 24V 200AH Forklift Lithium Battery system harnesses the robust technology of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP), designed in a rhombic configuration to ensure heightened safety.

Distinctively engineered, the 24V 200Ah series boasts a significant design advantage, granting fourfold energy density while maintaining a comparable weight and size, effectively supplanting lead-acid batteries.

Leveraging its technology, the 24V 200AH lithium battery systems offer versatile mounting options, accommodating placement in any position—be it vertical, sideways, or low-lying installations.

The electrical parameters of the 24V 200AH lithium battery system bear complete compatibility with those of the 24V AGM lead battery. In most scenarios, the existing charging systems can remain unaltered, requiring no supplementary accessories for replacement.

Lightweight, space-efficient, and operationally efficient, these systems find wide-ranging applications and uses. Tailored to supplant older generation 12V batteries (such as lead VRLA, AGM, or OPZ batteries) notorious for their subpar performance and environmentally harmful composition (involving heavy metals and acidic electrolytes).


The 24v 100Ah lithium-ion battery is applied across various industries, including:

– Electric Vehicles: This battery type is commonly integrated into electric cars, buses, and motorcycles, serving as a dependable power source for propulsion.

– Renewable Energy Systems: Lithium-ion batteries stand as optimal solutions for storing energy harnessed from solar panels or wind turbines, ensuring a sustainable and consistent power provision.

– UPS Systems: Uninterruptible Power Supply systems rely on lithium-ion batteries as a backup power source during electrical outages.

– Marine and Recreational Vehicles: Thanks to their lightweight nature and high energy density, lithium-ion batteries are well-suited for energizing boats, yachts, and other marine applications.

Our Service:
We offer OEM & ODM capabilities, tailored to your specific requirements:
- Battery voltage, capacity, and size
- BMS charging and discharging current
- Connectors, housings, and wires
- Custom logo integration, such as silkscreen printing

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do lithium batteries perform worse when cold?
Ion deep cycle LiPo batteries have built in cold weather protection - in our case, they will not charge if the temperature drops below -4C or 24F. Some variation in part tolerances.
Our Ion Heater Deep Cycle batteries warm up the battery so that the charger can be enabled after the battery has warmed up.
The life of lithium deep cycle batteries can be extended by not discharging the battery to 1Ah capacity or the BMS lower voltage cutoff setting. Discharging to the lower BMS voltage cutoff setting will quickly shorten the life of the battery. Instead, we recommend discharging the battery to 20% of its remaining capacity and then recharging.

How do LiFePO4 batteries perform at high temperatures?
LiFePO4 batteries will provide their full capacity and performance until the Battery Management (BMS) protection level is reached, with a maximum BMS temperature range of 60-80°C (140-176°F). See the data sheet for your specific model to find the exact upper temperature limit. LiFePO4 batteries generate less heat than other lithium chemicals, but if the upper limit is reached, our BMS will protect the battery by shutting it down.

How do LiFePO4 batteries perform at low temperatures?
Low temperatures can be a battery's worst enemy - fortunately, ionic LiFePO4 batteries are better adapted to colder temperatures than lead-acid batteries. As a result, when temperatures drop, these batteries maintain their capacity and voltage better than traditional lead-acid batteries. If you are charging below freezing (below 0°C or 32F), be sure to drop the current all the way down to 0.0lC; if the temperature drops below 14° F (-10° C), it must drop even further, to 0.05 C. Following this rule will keep your lithium ion batteries happy for a long time.

I've heard that lithium deep cycle batteries are unsafe and a fire hazard. Can they explode or catch fire?
Batteries of any chemistry can fail, sometimes catastrophically or catch fire. In addition, lithium metal batteries are more volatile and non-rechargeable, so do not confuse them with lithium ion batteries. However, the lithium ion chemistry used in lithium ion deep cycle batteries, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), is the safest on the market and has the highest thermal runaway threshold temperature of all the different lithium types. Keep in mind that lithium ions come in a variety of chemistries and variants. Some are more unstable than others, but all have made progress in recent years. Also note that all lithium batteries undergo rigorous United Nations testing before being shipped around the world to further ensure their safety.

Do lithium deep cycle batteries generate more heat than lead acid batteries?
No, they do not. One of the advantages of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry is that it generates its own internal heat. During normal use, the battery pack itself will not generate more external heat than a lead-acid battery.

Why do batteries stop working a few seconds after a high current draw?
Can I use my lithium deep cycle battery in cold weather?
Lithium ion deep cycle batteries have built-in cold weather protection - in our case, if the temperature drops below -4C or 24F, the battery will not charge. Some variations in part tolerances.
Our ion heater deep cycle batteries can be preheated to enable the charger after the battery has warmed up.

  • The working temperature can reach -20°C
  •  LCD display optional, real-time understanding of battery voltage and capacity.
  •  200A continuous output current can continuously charge big-power devices.
  •  The intelligent BMS system can accurately control the battery to improve the lifespan, no explosion, no fire.
  •  Drop-in replacement for heavy lead-acid(AGM / GEL) battery,1/3weight but same capacity.
  • 2000times cycle life@100% DOD , 7000times cycle life@50% DOD , 10 years design lifespan.
  • Maintenance-free, fully sealed, and waterproof.


Intelligent Battery Management System(BMS)

  • Over charge protection function
  • Over discharge protection function
  • Over current protection function
  • Short protection function
  • Over temperature protection function
  • Automatic cell balance function


Technical data

Nominal Voltage 25.6V
Rated Capacity 200AH @0.5C to 21.6V
Stored energy 1536Wh
Cycle life@100%DOD 2000 Cycles
Approx. Weight 14kg
Internal Resistance ≤35.0 mΩ
Max. Charge Current 60 A
Max. Discharge Current 60 A
Charge Cut-off Voltage 29.2V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 21.6V
Dimensions L260mm×W180mm×H247mm
Low temperature self heating Avaliable(0~-20°C)
Operating Temperature Range





-4°F (-20°C) to 113°F (45°C)

-4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C)

59°F (15°C) to 95°F (35°C)

Self-Discharge Rate ≤3%/month
Life Expectancy (years) 15 years @25°C in 80%DOD
Self Discharge Approx. 2% per month @ 25°C
Long Term Storage Charge every 6 months
Short Circuit Protection Automatically recover after removal of short
Terminal Type Female Copper Insert M8 (M8/mm)


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