The future of LFP batteries in the most important areas

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The industry predicts that by 2025, the shipment volume of LFP batteries in the three major application fields of automotive power batteries, energy storage, and ships will reach about 243GWh.

In the future, LFP lithium iron phosphate batteries will show their talents in three major fields.

The future of LFP batteries in the most important areas
The future of LFP batteries in the most important areas

1. Vehicle power battery field

With the gradual start of the rigid needs of the market such as miniature electric vehicles, electric online car-hailing vehicles, and electric logistics vehicles, this will also bring considerable imagination to the development of lithium iron phosphate batteries. Micro electric vehicles are all cost-effective models, and the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries is more in line with their comprehensive performance requirements than ternary batteries. In the future, the installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries in these special vehicle fields will further increase.2.

2. The field of energy storage

Whether it is in the fields of base station energy storage, backup power supply, power grid and user-side energy storage, the application of lithium iron phosphate batteries is being opened on a large scale. Due to the longer life and safer lithium iron phosphate batteries, and the cost of modules that domestic lithium iron phosphate battery companies can achieve in power storage projects.

 3.marine batteries field

Thanks to the improvement of power battery technology and the continuous reduction of costs, the trend of ship electrification has gradually increased in recent years, and lithium batteries have been vigorously promoted and applied on ships. At present, the requirements for lithium iron phosphate batteries for ships are basically the same as those for lithium iron phosphate batteries for new energy vehicles. However, the requirements for ship lithium battery systems are higher, and the requirements for safety and fire protection systems are higher than those of electric vehicles. Lithium iron phosphate batteries used in electric ships will also face more technical verifications and require stricter specifications. It is foreseeable that lithium iron phosphate batteries for ships will also develop in the direction of higher performance in the future.

With the continuous iteration of mainstream lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers, continuous innovation in cell design, material selection, process matching, production equipment, and pack lightweighting, new opportunities for lithium iron phosphate batteries will be broader.

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