What are the global battery certification standards?


Battery certification requirements around the world

Battery transportation standard: UN38.3

International: CB Certification

China: CQC certification

EU: CE certification

India: BIS Certification

Vietnam: MIC certification

Malaysia: SIRIM Certification

Taiwan: BSMI certification

Japan: PSE certification

North America: WERCSmart Certification, cTUVus & ETL Certification, CTIA Certification

Thailand: TISI certification

India: CMVR Certification

Korea: KC certification

Brazil: ANATEL certification

UK: UKCA certification

Russia: Gost-R certification

battery standard

1. UL2054:2008 battery standard

2. UL1642:2008 Safety Standard for Household and Commercial Batteries

3. Four parts of IEC60086-4:2007 primary battery, battery safety

4. IEC62282004 Safety of primary and secondary batteries and accumulators during transportation

5. IEC61960-2 ion accumulators and battery packs for portable equipment

6. UN38.3 United Nations Manual of Tests and Standards for the Transport of Dangerous Goods-Battery Air Transport Regulations

7. GB/T18287-2000 General specification for ion batteries for cellular phones

8. GB21966-2008 Safety requirements for primary batteries and accumulators during transportation

9. SN/T1413-2004 Import and export primary battery safety inspection method

10. GB/Z18333.2001 Ion batteries for electric road vehicles

11. GB/T2502000 General Specification for Ion Batteries (Light Industry Standard)

12. QC/T743-2006 Ion battery for electric vehicle

13. /T744-2006 Nickel hydrogen battery for electric vehicles

14. MH/T1020-2007 Specifications for air transport of batteries

15. YD1268-2003 Safety requirements and test methods for mobile communication handset batteries and chargers

16. GB8897.4-2008 Safety Requirements for Batteries

17. SN/T1414.3-2004 Part 3 of Inspection Methods for Import and Export of Batteries, Ion Batteries

18. SJ/T11170-1998 Safety Standard for Household and Commercial Batteries

19. QC/T742006 Lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles

20. GB/T6491986 Standard solar cells for aerospace

21. /T2389-1998 manganese dioxide button battery

22. /T3747-1999 alkaline manganese button battery

Power battery UL2580 certification standard range

The UL2580 standard covers internal energy storage devices for electric vehicles such as battery cells, battery modules, and battery pack systems. This standard evaluates the ability of batteries to withstand simulated abuse and to protect personnel when abuse creates a hazard. At the same time, the standard evaluates the reliability of charging and discharging parameters of batteries and battery modules within the operating temperature range specified by the manufacturer. However, the standard does not take into account the interaction of other control systems in the electric vehicle with the battery.

The power batteries used in light electric vehicles (such as electric bicycles, electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, etc.) have separate requirements in the UL2271 standard, so they are not within the scope of the UL2580 standard.

In the UL2580 certification of power batteries, all the test items are for the test of power battery packs and battery modules for electric vehicles, and there are no test items for single cells, but the standard also specifically states that the cells must meet the corresponding battery standards. For example, lithium-ion cells must pass UL1642, and nickel-based cells must meet the requirements of cell testing in UL2054.

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