Which lithium battery is Best for fishing boats in 2022?

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Which lithium battery is Best for fishing boats in 2022?With the development of lithium battery technology and materials, in order to meet the environmental protection needs of water areas (lakes, rivers and oceans), the power of fishing boats will be changed from fuel to electric. However, according to the current battery technology analysis, lithium battery is the most suitable battery for fishing boats. Let’s talk about which kind of lithium battery is good for fishing boats from the type of lithium battery?

According to the classification of raw materials, lithium batteries mainly include lithium iron phosphate batteries, polymer lithium batteries and ordinary lithium-ion batteries. According to the cell packaging, lithium batteries are mainly divided into cylindrical steel shell lithium batteries, soft wrapped lithium batteries and square aluminum shell lithium batteries.

1、General lithium ion battery

Ordinary lithium-ion batteries are inferior to lithium iron phosphate batteries in terms of high temperature resistance, polymer lithium batteries in terms of low temperature resistance, and nickel hydrogen batteries in terms of safety performance. They are generally used as lighting energy storage power supply to meet emergency lighting. The placement position is generally a place that can maintain normal temperature. Most of the round steel shell lithium batteries are ordinary lithium-ion batteries, and some are customized lithium iron phosphate batteries. The shape and capacity of cylindrical steel shell lithium battery are greatly limited, and its volume and weight are also very large and heavy. It is not an ideal choice for marine battery.

2、Polymer lithium battery

Polymer lithium batteries are basically in the form of soft packed lithium batteries. In terms of volume, they are the preferred marine lithium batteries with small volume, light weight and larger capacity. However, due to their relatively high manufacturing cost, high energy density and difficult to ensure safety performance, it is difficult to promote and use in the field of fishing boat batteries.

3、Lithium iron phosphate battery (Which lithium battery is Best for fishing boats)

The performance of lithium iron phosphate battery is better than that of ordinary energy storage lithium-ion battery. It has high temperature resistance and high current discharge capacity at a certain rate. The low-temperature performance of ordinary lithium iron phosphate battery is relatively poor, but the improved lithium iron battery is slightly better than nickel hydrogen battery in low-temperature performance and slightly worse than polymer lithium battery, but the high-temperature performance will decline. In terms of installation cost, lithium iron phosphate batteries are more expensive than NiMH batteries and lower than polymer lithium batteries. Therefore, most types of marine batteries are lithium iron phosphate batteries, because it is more economical to use lithium iron batteries under the same normal temperature conditions.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have different production technology levels and materials used by manufacturers, and there will be differences in performance effects and cycle life. Keheng company takes the lead in R&D and production of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the industry. It has many years of export experience. The product specifications of marine batteries are complete, 12V 120AH/24V 60AH/36V 15AH/48V 30AH, etc.

Which lithium battery is Best for fishing boats
48V 20AH boats-lithium-iron-phosphate-battery-keheng company

There are low temperature lithium iron phosphate batteries, high rate phosphoric acid There are three types of lithium iron batteries and conventional lithium iron phosphate batteries. A complete set of backup power systems can be designed and customized according to the actual application requirements of ship batteries. According to the matching voltage specifications of ship motor power, Keheng engineers can provide free battery series connection for ship owners. and parallel guides to match vessel voltage power and current capacity.

Through the above comparison, I believe that many fishing boat owners know how to choose a ship battery. Welcome to learn how to choose specific specifications, as well as installation and purchase guides. I hope that ship users in Venice and around the world can leave a message to discuss and share your purchase experience and evaluation of ship batteries.

Choosing the Right Battery for Your Motorized Fishing Kayak and Accessories

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